Independence Essay Topics

Divided Loyalties vs Independence of a New Nation

Considered as one of the major events in modern world history, the American Revolution of 1775 was a battle for equality. As the first major rebellion of European emigrants against its mother country, the revolution set the pace for other political cataclysm (Jordan and Litwack 109). With mounting economic, social and political problems, such as… View Article

British & independence

Through this education, Douglass witnessed and later identified the hypocrisy that came from a country that fought the British for independence, yet was unwilling to extend that right to his own people as well as the hypocrisy that existed in Christianity in which the religion was used by slave owners, to justify the continuation of… View Article

The Declaration of Independence

The ideals and goals of early American life that are expressed in the original documents that were written concerning the early years of American history are a fascinating insight into what the visions of various people were during the beginnings of the new country that was developing across the ocean from Europe. These documents give… View Article

The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence maintained that the purpose of government is to protect their “unalienable rights,” chief among them being “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ” As such, government is merely an institution crafted by the people, whose existence is entirely contingent upon the people it is designed to serve towards these ends…. View Article

Mindanao should not be an independent state

Mindanao should not become an Independent State “One of the essential attributes of a state under International Law is external sovereignty, the right to exercise freely the full range of power a state possesses under international law. Recognition of a state as independent necessarily implies that the recognizing states have no legal authority over the… View Article