The Land Of The Free, And Home Of The Brave

When you think of United States of America, the first thought should be “The land of the free, and home of the brave.” Over the time span of the last few centuries, the United States has been through a lot of drastic history, such as, early European settlement in 1565; forming the Declaration of Independence in 1776; abolishing slavery in 1865; stock market crash of 1929; the first world war in 1917; the second world war in 1941; racial desegregation in the 1960’s; president Nixon’s Watergate scandal in 1973; attacks of September 11, 2001; and much more significance that has arise on American soil.

The nations economy has benefit from historic times, and it has also suffered through drastic failure. Ettlinger & Erickson (2011), discuss that the United States currently has 360 million residents, and will increase an additional 50 million by 2030. Our nation continues to become more culturally diverse, which brings a larger variety of background that helps encourage innovation. Only problem, 1/3 of workers could be jobless due to replacement by technology.

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Ever since humanity has first roamed the earth, we have constantly innovated new concepts that have a beneficiary affect in our daily lives. In modern times, technology is rapidly changing the workforce, which has a high demand for understanding in order to survive the world. According to Jezard (2018), the demand for higher cognitive skills in the US in 2030 will rise 9% above the 62 billion hours recorded in 2016, and the 78 billion worked in Western Europe would notch-up a further 7% in the same period. Advanced technology in the workforce leave organizations the need for individuals who are qualified candidates in data science, IT and programming, engineers, maintenance workers, or scientific researches that understand how programs work, innovate, develop, adapt, and service problems in the workplace.

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Bughin et al (2018), discuss the demands for technological skills and how the expectancy for advanced IT and programming skills will rise 90 percent between 2016 and 2030.

Many individuals are afraid of their job security, and often report adapting to the rapid changes is a frightful future. Technological breakthrough and the power to improve our lives, raising productivity, living standards and average life span, allow people to focus on personal fulfillment; demographic shifts of population due to ageing puts pressure on business economy as older workers are retiring later; rapid urbanization by 2030 is projecting 4.9 billion people will be urban dwellers migrating to larger cities; shifts in global economic power as emerging nations face challenges of advanced AI technology causing erosion to the middle class, wealth disparity and rapid job losses; and resource scarcity and climate change is forecasted to increase as much as 50% by 2030 (PWC, n.d.). Personal skills in the workforce such as critical thinking to analyze various situations, and detect multiple solutions are a dire need for tomorrow. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are required as technology progresses; the workforce expectation is to posses problem solving all scenarios. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (n.d.), training and development specialists are projected to grow by eleven percent over the next ten years. Many industries will develop and introduce new media technology into their training programs. Training and development specialists will be required to modify their programs in order to fit the new generation of works, for which technology will be a major part of daily life and work.

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