Barlow’s and Jefferson's Declarations of Independence


The paper discusses the similarities between Barlow’s and Jefferson's declarations. It shows how their dedication and commitment led to the change of cyberspace and political freedom respectively. It also analyzes the importance and outcome of being firm and fighting against an oppressor. For instance, both fought against their governments in order to achieve their freedom which later turned to be the pioneer to greatness. Barlow was able to achieve the growth of cyberspace culture and Jefferson declaration led to American fight for independence.

The paper also displays the importance of unity when championing for a common goal. For instance, Jefferson enjoyed support from his fellow members who helped him to draft an independence declaration document. Notably, the same unity helped Barlow to champion and develop a digital culture that championed for cyberspace independence. The paper also shows the contributions of Barlow's and Jefferson's towards the freedom we are enjoying today and some of the challenges they faced in order to emerge winners.

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Barlow declaration sought to establish the freedom of cyberspace so that people can enjoy the internet without the government’s restrictions (Kozinski, & Goldfoot, 2008). He believed that the government had no role in whatever takes place in the internet world and its effort were of no help to the improvements of the digital world. Notably, he claimed the government was more conversant with matters to do with the industry world which was far much different from the internet world. On the other hand, Jefferson drafted a declaration that ignited the fight against the British government.

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He claimed that all human beings were equal and the United States people’s rights were being infringed by the British government (Jefferson, 2014). 

Barlow knew that the government would offer no improvements to the cyberspace world which made him to oppose all moves to govern cyberspace by the government. He made it clear that the government would slow down the growth and diversification of the cyberspace because it had no prior experience with cyberspace matters. He claimed that cyberspace only needed a collection of like minds and not a government to govern policy implementation. On the other hand, Jefferson believed that all people were equal and the British citizens should not enjoy rights on expense of the Americans. He claimed that the American’s were able to govern themselves and his declaration led to a revolution which later liberated the American’s (Jefferson, 2014). 

Barlow believed that through his declaration, the government would stay away from cyberspace matters which would create an enabling environment for the growth of technology (Kozinski, & Goldfoot, 2008). On the other hand, Jefferson believed that through his declaration, all American’s would unite and fight for their independence in unity. He knew that it was only through unity that the British government would grant the Americans their political freedom.

In conclusion, Barlow and Jefferson used similar tactics to oppose the government. Barlow believed that the government acted as a limiting factor towards the achievement of cyberspace freedom while on the other hand Jefferson believed that the British government was the limiting factor to A Americans greatness.


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Updated: Jan 25, 2024
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