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It is not an exaggeration to say that superhero characters are very popular nowadays, among both the older and younger generation. However, if one looks into why they are so universally appealing, one reason would be because they represent a form of modern mythology that people can relate to.

Superheroes are a Form of Modern Mythology
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While there are many differing interpretations of the term ‘mythology’, whether superheroes are a form of modern mythology or not depends on the version of mythology we are analyzing. This essay will examine the functions and cultural influences of mythology and argue against the view that superheroes are a form of modern mythology. While superheroes share similar characteristics with mythology with respect to our classical understanding of the latter, these similarities are largely superficial. Superheroes, to a large extent, do…...
Avengers: Endgame – Marvel’s Blockbuster Machine
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Pages • 6
Very few superhero films are able to have a continuous storyline that have spanned out for years. Marvel Comics is one of the few who have been able to have its own universe surrounding the stories of multiple heroes. It reels in the audience with the action-packed adventures and they stay for the story and relatable characters. Those two of which fit the criteria that keep movies such as Marvel Comics around for so long. Some other criteria that have…...
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What Superpower Do You Wish You Had?
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Pages • 10
Have you ever wanted to have superpowers? Or Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? The one who flies around and saves people from villains? Superheroes are known for being good, fighting evil and saving the world from villains. Spiderman, as we all know, is one of the well-known Marvel heroes which acquires the power to shoot webs, wall-crawling, and swing from one building to another without even touching the ground. He could technically fly with the use of…...
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The Incredibles Conflict Theory Essay
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A film by Pixar. The Incredibles was really good thought of by audiences. In 2005. it won an Academy Award for “Best Animated Feature Film of the Year” crushing the films “Shark Tale” and “Shrek 2” . The movie starts off as an interview with three superheroes known as Mr. Incredible. Elastigirl. and Frozone speaking about why they have secret individuality. They all love their function as superheroes and bask assisting people.While the start doesn’t needfully demo struggle it does…...
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Words • 1052
Pages • 5
The abundance of superhero movies today is unmistakable. Movie posters bombard social media platforms, and franchises seem infinite. Contemporary pop-culture fans are entranced by stories of enhanced humans with exaggerated characteristics, and the box office numbers don't lie: superhero movies make billions of dollars. Though these characters- that span from enhanced strength to telekinesis- are a valuable asset to movie studio executives, they also provide a service to the fans who watch them. They grant an escape from the everyday…...
Superheroes: Marvel Comics
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Very few superhero films are able to have a continuous storyline that have spanned out for years. Marvel Comics is one of the few who have been able to have its own universe surrounding the stories of multiple heroes. It reels in the audience with the action-packed adventures and they stay for the story and relatable characters. Those two of which fit the criteria that keep movies such as Marvel Comics around for so long. Some other criteria that have…...
ComicComics and animationHeroSuperheroes
Batman And The Punisher
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We have the idea that superheroes represent all that is good, and that a superhero must possess strength beyond a normal human being as well as superhuman abilities. There is the idea that superheroes are supposed to be considered role models. Batman and the Punisher are only human, not mutants, and possess no super human strength or powers. Thus both of these heroes must rely on gadgets, tactics, and a sure will to survive due to their lack of superhuman…...
BatmanDark KnightSuperheroes
Captain America as a Rhetorical Superhero
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Paper Type:Rhetorical essays
Half of the person we become is an impression of the ones we admire. Growing up in the United States every child has someone they look up to. This most likely is an individual that represents success and the values we are taught to respect. Superheroes have always served as something good in our lives because they make us want to help the world and feel like we can do anything. Superheroes represent qualities that we should all attempt to…...
The Incredibles Conflict Theory
Words • 1216
Pages • 5
A movie by Pixar, The Incredibles was very well thought of by audiences. In 2005, it won an Academy Award for "Best Animated Feature Film of the Year" beating the movies "Shark Tale" and "Shrek 2". The film starts off as an interview with three superheroes known as Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone talking about why they have secret identity. They all love their role as superheroes and enjoy helping people. While the start doesn't necessarily show conflict it does…...
An Existentialism View Toward Batman and Naruto
Words • 2007
Pages • 9
I. Theory of Existentialism Existentialism is a philosophical movement that posits that individuals create the meaning and essence of their lives, as opposed to deities or authoritites creating it for them. It emerged as a movement in twentieth-century literature and philosophy, though it had forerunners in earlier centuries. Existentialism generally postulates that the absence of a transcendent force (such as God) means that the individual is entirely free, and therefore, ultimately responsible. It is up to humans to create an…...
My Favorite Superheroes
Words • 439
Pages • 2
In the world of comic books and fantasy literature, there have been a multitude of amazing superheroes. Each superhero has their own unique set of skills and personalities. My favorite superheroes are Captain America, Batman, and Iron Man. These three superheroes have come to their powers in different ways, yet they all use their awesome talents to fight for good. Captain America, Batman and Iron Man all have extraordinary abilities, which make them unique and special. Captain America has been…...
BatmanHeroMy FavouriteMy heroesSuperheroes
Classical Hero’s vs Contemporary Hero’s
Words • 1478
Pages • 6
Classical heroes, both in their characteristics and their missions, heavily influence contemporary superheroes. Like most modern works of literature, comics are also influenced by some of the greatest sagas ever told. Many comic authors base their hero’s and villains off of ancient Greek and Roman stories. The stories are very easy to adapt to modern circumstances because they all deal with ageless lessons. Although the ancient authors created their characters hundreds of years ago, they were used to teach the…...
My Life as a Superhero
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Pages • 5
I just want originality, I want to be different from the people around me. The conventional life – go to school, go to college, be a nurse like the other cousins, get married, be a good Catholic wife with three children and be completely conformative – never once appealed to me. The ability to become superhuman, to be able to go down in history for making a difference, that’s the kind of life I want. Whether it be by musical…...
Corporate analysis research paper for Marvel Entertainment
Words • 1185
Pages • 5
Research and Discussion Topic - Studio Entertainment & Media Networks Imagine time traveling within the last few decades – even present day and asking a young boy who he looks up to the most, or who he wants to be when he grows up. Unsurprisingly, he would blurt out, “Spiderman,” “Iron Man,” or “The Incredible Hulk!” These superheroes are only a few of the thousands of inspirational characters Marvel Studios has created in the last 70 years. Marvel World Wide…...
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This essay hence seeks to argue that superhero characters can be considered a form of modern mythology because their characteristics are very influenced by both biblical and ancient myths. In addition to this, superheroes and myths share a similar purpose in their creation and what they represent to people.

Superheroes are a form of modern mythology, because though they were created in the modern period, they possessed very messianic like characteristics and conformed to what scholars termed as biblical myths, such as Jesus. For example, just as Jesus was seen to be a savior and messiah of his times, Superman was also termed to be the mythical archetype of Messiah. (Should footnote here) Similar to Jesus being sent from the heavens to rescue mankind from evil, Superman was also depicted to come from another planet to earth to save the people from evil and monsters. Superman is seen as a secular mythical hero that acts as a moral compass for the current generation. Joseph Campbell also supports how Superman is similar to biblical mythology. When comparing superheroes to Jesus, he asked the readers to focus on the pattern of Jesus life and not his teaching, placing great emphasis on the rebirth or the return of a superhero’s journey. He states how a superhero’s journey was similar to Jesus’s life on earth. Jesus, for example, sacrificed his life to die for the world but resurrected from the dead within three days. In a very similar way , Superman ultimately sacrificed his life to save the world from Doomsday, but he managed to resurrect from the dead again, proving that even death could not stop him from fighting. Hence, it can be seen how superheroes like Superman contain the same characteristics and themes found in biblical mythology. Both emphasizes on the themes of heroism and sacrifice for the people. In addition, superheroes like Superman seem to draw their influence from biblical figures like Jesus, in the form of his origin, death and resurrection and acting as a messiah for his generation. Hence, superheroes are a form of modern mythology because the storyline and their characteristics conform a lot to the themes and personalities contained in myths, especially biblical ones.

Superheroes also have very similar characteristics to Greek mythology and both Greek mythological heroes and superheroes espoused similar themes, being created with the same purposes for the people. Similar to Greek mythical heroes like Hercules and Thor, Superman was born of divinity (from another world) but also belonged to the human world. In addition, both of them, being born of two sources, still used their powers for the common good. The supernatural abilities and weapons of superheroes were also similar to those used in war in Greek mythology. For example, Hawkeye, like Artemis and Apollon, used archery skills for combat. Hence, it can be seen that superheroes draw their skills and origins from ancient mythical heroes.

Not only so, both myths and superheroes were created with the same purpose. Ancient myths were created to allow humans to have models for human behavior and were used to explain the events around them. Similarly, superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are still heroes many think of as encompassing the ideal human virtues. This is because they always display the themes of heroism and selflessness in their actions. In addition, they too represent human ambitions. During WWII, Superman and Batman were depicted to be participating in the war actively. Both of them supported America and reinforced the message of needing to protect America from its opponents. The superheroes hence not only encouraged the soldiers to fight in the war, but also gave the Americans hope that the war would be won.

Furthermore, just like folktales, fairy tales and ancient myths say something about the culture from whence they spring, superheroes are part of a unique American mythology. Superheroes revealed the American popular culture and its ideals. They represented the aspirations and optimism that the Americans had toward the future. Superman, for example, was seen fighting for ‘truth, justice, and the American way’, and this revealed that Superman represented the nationalistic pride of the Americans and their desire to adhere to liberty and achieve happiness. Hence, superheroes should be seen as just a modern reinvention of the major hero myths that have existed many years before superheroes were created. They are simply a modern resurfacing of the mythological hero, mythical heroes we have created in our time to explain the current events in society and demonstrate our ideals and who we aspire to become.


In conclusion, superheroes should be seen as a form of modern mythology. This is because their characteristics and their journey often correspond to biblical myths, showing that superheroes are influenced by them. In addition, superheroes characteristics, origins and even weapons draw influence from several Greek mythological characters. Furthermore, the goal of the creation of superheroes are identical to why ancient myths were also created. Just as ancient myths represented the culture and ideals of their society, superheroes also reflect our current aspirations and ideals, and are an important part of our culture. Therefore, superheroes should be seen as simply the modern reinterpretation and reincarnation of ancient mythical stories and heroes.

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What Superpower Do You Wish You Had?
...The article is indeed, a must-read for all. One must see this article because it serves as an eye opener to all of us with regards to holding judgments to an action whether it is a moral or immoral thing to do. Also, it can be able to widen our persp...

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