Spider-Man Far From Home

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I believe Spiderman Far From Home raised the level of comedy dramatically compared to Spiderman Homecoming. The first scene, which is actually the funniest in my opinion, is on the plane ride to Europe. Basically, Peter and his friend Ned Leeds were assigned seats together on the plane. The problem was that Peter wanted to sit next to M.J., so that he could tell her how he felt about her. Peter thought that if his friend could switch seats with M.

J., then he would be next to her. However, when Ned Leeds attempted to switch seats with M.j., he only made everything much worse. M.J. ended up sitting next to this Peter’s enemy Brad, who didn’t blip, and ended up becoming an athletic super star. Peter was stuck with his teacher for the rest of the plane ride, and Ned Leeds sat next to Beatty Brant, who actually became his girlfriend at the end of the plane ride.

When they all got off the plane, Peter, who had the worst time of his life, found out that apparently Ned Leeds and Beatty Brant were now a new couple. This part of the movie made me break into laughter so hard. Another scene, which was extremely funny too, was on the bus ride from Venice, Italy to Prague, Czech Republic. During the trip, they made a short temporary stop, where everybody got out for a while. Peter was stopped by an odd looking woman at an empty bar.

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He soon realized that she was one of Nick Fury’s assistants. She ordered him to change into his stealth suit, which she provided for him.

Kind of startled, Peter quickly attempted to change, but right as he had his pants down, Brad secretly took a picture. He told Peter that he was going to show M.J. the picture. In order to prevent that from happening, Peter used Edith, which were Ironman’s previous high tech glasses happy had given to him, and told the glasses to delete Brad’s picture. In reality, It was not easy for Peter to delete the picture, as he almost made the bus explode, and had to stop the glasses from activating the killing machine on Brad. The last scene, which I thought was pretty funny too, was broken up into two parts.

The first part happened in the beginning, and the second part happened towards the end of the movie. In the very beginning, at May’s charity event, Happy and May talked to each other, and although it was obvious that they had been hanging out, they thought that Peter was too young to notice that they were in a relationship. Peter, who had no idea before, looked at both of them with his face of confusion. Then, towards the end of the movie, Happy and May were discussing about their relationship in a room with Peter. However, that just made the conversation even more awkward, because they began to describe to Peter, their feelings towards each other. Before it got any more weird, Peter got out of the room.

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