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Book Report “Life at the Bottom”
Words • 1116
Pages • 5
Life at the Bottom is a group of self-written essays by psychiatrist, doctor, and writer Theodore Dalrymple. These self-written essays are mostly about moral obligation, the mindset of society, and the difficulties of the underclass. The book is mostly about what life is like living in the underclass. The title of the book says that in a simpler way. The word bottom in the title of the book is meaning the underclass. In this book, Dalrymple is describing the poverty…...
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The curious incident at the dog at night time was a good novel
Words • 1613
Pages • 6
It was also a little bit sad at the same time because the ending was not how I expected it would be. The author of the novel wrote good descriptions of the characters and you could easily form a picture of how they look like. He wrote the story as a monolog, where Christopher expressed exactly how he was feeling about people and what was happening around him. A part of the novel I disliked was when Christopher feared his…...
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Cemetery of every dream a man dreamed of
Words • 864
Pages • 4
Have you ever dreamed of something only to see it slowly drift away? Scott Amyx explains that these situations sometimes simply occur because people do not put the work, effort, and motivation into the dream they are the most passionate about. Amyx explains that one may need to reevaluate their failed passions in life in order to gain the perseverance, determination, and willpower to achieve those passions. Living in a routine every day of your life may be some people’s…...
The Book I Like MostThe Book ThiefThe Importance Of BooksYour Favourite Book
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My Favourite Book or the Book I Like Most
Words • 571
Pages • 3
I can unhesitatingly and boastfully claim that ‘my never- failing friends are they, with whom I converse day by day.’ And these friends, with whom I talk, converse and gossip as a matter of routine, are the BOOKS, that are stacked in our family-library. Their sweet, long company has made me a true book-lover in the real sense. Without any doubt or reservation, I can frankly say that blessed are those, who are in constant company of books. Books never…...
My FavouriteThe Book I Like MostThe Old Man and The Sea
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