What I Learned From A Book How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success

Have you ever dreamed of something only to see it slowly drift away? Scott Amyx explains that these situations sometimes simply occur because people do not put the work, effort, and motivation into the dream they are the most passionate about. Amyx explains that one may need to reevaluate their failed passions in life in order to gain the perseverance, determination, and willpower to achieve those passions. Living in a routine every day of your life maybe some people’s goal, but according to Amyx, it is the graveyard to every dream one has dreamt.

To truly become passionate about an ambition, Amyx simply suggests trying a routine or task that is completely outside of your comfort zone. It may be there where you find something you desire. Without the uncomfortable approach that the person is not used to, they could be stuck with a dream that has an expiration date. Continuously throughout the text, Amyx makes a statement that it does not matter where someone came from, who they are, or even if they were born with a “silver spoon” in their mouth, the one gateway to success is simply rolling your sleeves up and getting the job done.

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This idea correlates with a chapter from the book titled “The Idea That Only Exceptional People Become Successful is Wrong.

” Amyx made a remarkable statement that explained wherever someone goes in the world, whether it be to the United States or a Third World country, there are always rich people and there are always poor people.

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There are also people who are bestowed with talent such as musical gifts, athletic abilities, or intelligence. The interesting fact is that their talent does not have anything to do with their wealth or lack thereof. Amyx admits that wealth may give someone a boost in their long trek to success, but what really builds one’s achievements is stepping outside of their comfort zone. Clearly, Amyx’s goal is to have his readers realize the key to success is to escape from the place that makes them feel the most comfortable. The fact that Amyx includes his own path to success in the book adds an extra sense of reality to the plot.

Amyx includes how he was raised in a poor immigrant family, did not speak English, and was later placed in foster care, but he accepted that and worked extraordinarily hard to become the award-winning author he is today. Amyx makes very clear that his success did not come easy. He had to encounter many fails before he could celebrate his success. I think because Amyx also includes his many stories of failure, his story can relate to more people who read his book. Amyx also emphasizes that because this strategy has worked for many people, including himself, he realizes it may not work for everyone. I appreciate that he included this bit of information within the book so when his readers finish the book they will not think they will become an overnight success story. It also eliminates the claim many people could have of the book being misleading.

Amyx included many well-known people throughout the book: Mark Cuban, a man who came from a poor childhood who is now a multi dollar billionaire and Violet Jessop, a woman who not only survived the Titanic sinking but put her fears aside to climb on another ship as a nurse during World War I only for that ship to sink. Luckily, she survived the sinking and continued to help others after she survived. The Wright Brothers also are included in the book. Amyx explains how the brothers experienced one fail after another and did not have the education most did; however, they took risks and it eventually paid off in the end when they created the first flying machine. By explaining extraordinary people’s ordinary upbringing, Amyx lets his readers know most aspirations are achievable when someone steps outside of their comfort zone.

Through the 210 pages of Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success, there was no doubt in my mind that Scott Amyx has a hope for his readers to leave their everyday habits behind them and open a new jar full of hopes and dreams and add the extra hard work it takes to become a success. While Amyx included many different representations of what it takes to become successful, I had a sense about halfway through the book that it was becoming very repetitive. Nonetheless, the text contains many inspirational stories that pertain to the achievements of others by doing the things which are the most uncomfortable to them. If the only achievement gained from this book is to get someone to do something they usually would not and to maybe become a success story that could be included in a book like this someday, then I would say this book and the author has fulfilled its purpose. The book is a very stimulating experience that I would recommend to anyone who feels “stuck” in their life and who wants to become a successful person but does not know the steps to take to achieve their dreamt triumphs.

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What I Learned From A Book How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success

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