Failure Lead to Success

“Failure” is a word that has been around the world for many thousands of years. It is defined as, “the lack of success one has in his or her life.

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” (Webster) Many people have different takes on failure. For example, one may think failure defines the person he or she is by letting it get him or her down. In other cases, some see failure as the closing of one door that leads to the opening of another. How failure define one as a person, how one can overcome failure, how failure lead one to take more chances in his or her life, how failure leads to growth in one life, and how to become successful through failure.

One may fail many times throughout his or her life, but failure does not define the person one is. What defines the person is the way he or she responds to the lack of success he or she receives. One may choose to deny that he or she has failed; however, failure is a huge part of being able to be successful.

In today’s world the media loves to display any type of so-called failures anyone has in his or her life. Celebrities know all about this life. When something is going good one hardly hears about it, but when he or she fails it is blasted all over social media.

One will hear more about the mistakes he or she has made far more than the successful moments he or she has had during his or her life. As one goes throughout life, he or she will soon find out many people want him or her to fail. One does not need those people in his or her life, and if one has these people in his or her life one should get rid of them. Most of the time these people are worried one might take something he or she deserves such as a job, an important role, or just his or her status. With this being said, one should not let failure be a setback in his or her life.

However, overcoming failure can be hard. It is not easy being knocked down and having to get back up again and continue on with life. One has to realize it is okay to fail. He or she will fail many times no matter if that is in a relationship, at work, or self-goals one sets for himself or herself. If one is not experiencing failure, he or she might not be pushing himself or herself hard enough. The first step to overcoming failure is realizing how it happened, so one will not repeat the same task twice. The second step is to develop a new way that can better the chances of success. One way of doing this is asking others who have done whatever it is that one is doing in order to help find success. The third thing is to prepare for the task one is trying to achieve. An easy way to do this is to go over the new plan to work out the kinks. The final step is to attack the failure head on with the new strategy. While one still might not find success trying a new way, he or she has simply found a way not to do the challenge he or she has set out to conquer. One then needs to repeat the process. One may find that the valuable life lessons come through failure. It will also help one to recognize the areas he or she needs to improve in and help to never be afraid of failing when there are many ways to overcome it.

Consequently, failure leads to taking more chances in life. One who has experienced failure will not be scared to fail again because he or she will realize that it is okay to fail because he or she made it through that particular trial in his or her life. How can one succeed if he or she does not take chances? If everything was easy in life there would be no challenge and with each challenge one faces it helps to shape him or her into the person, he or she is becoming. Figuring out the chances to take in life can be hard and scary. There is no reason not to take a chance, if there are no worries about failing; therefore, someone should not be afraid to try new things.

One should adventure out and find something new in life. Everyone should always know one can always do the things he or she sets his or her mind to and no one can stop him or her. While facing a new obstacle one will find that he or she needs a lot of practice, practice is controlled failure. One should always practice a lot; therefore, when it comes time for the actual task he or she will be well prepared for what is going to happen. One will miss a thousand of the shots he or she does not take during life. Thus, being said take the shot even if one misses it will be a learning experience.

Failure will lead one to grow in his or her life and will gain more experience on the task he or she is trying to take on. For instance, when one fails he or she is just realizing how not to do the challenge he or she is approaching. It helps one to gain more knowledge by pushing one to study up on the challenge he or she is facing. This will help in the future to cut some of the other unsuccessful tasks one was going to face during the challenge. Also, one may gain respect for others who have already completed the task or are currently completing the task. Realizing it is not as easy as he or she perceived it to be. It will also help reach the highest standard he or she may set for himself or herself, by allowing one to become the best in the place of work. One should never stop trying to grow there is always room for improvement. No matter how successful one is there is a person out there failing trying to become better than the successful person.

Accordingly, some of the wealthiest celebrities did not start successful. Most successful people fail a whole lot more than they succeed. For instance, Shara stated that “J. K. Rowlings’ first Harry Potter book was rejected by twelve publishers before Bloomsbury picked it up.” (Kids Read 1) Now Rowling has twenty- three books published and is still writing to this day. Elizabeth Andal reported that “Michael Jordan was trusted to take the game winning shot many hundreds of times in his career and 26 of those times he missed.”(Andal 1) Did that stop him from going on and becoming the best NBA player ever? No it did not, Jordan did not let the little setbacks in life bother him.

He continued to chase the success he had and did not fall to failure. Jordan now has the largest production of basketball shoes and is known to be the greatest of all times. Sebastian Kipman said, “Walt Disney was told by the Kansas newspaper editor that he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” (Kipman 1)That pushed Walt Disney to go onto create two of the world’s biggest theme parks and animations. He designed characters no one in the world would have ever heard of if it was not for the Kansas Newspaper editor. In this case one can realize there will always be setbacks in life but pushing through them can get one to a place in life he or she never dreamed of.

Failure does not define a person, but how he or she responds to the lack of success does. One can easily overcome failure as long as he or she creates a plan and carries it out. Not being afraid to fail can lead one to take many chances throughout his or her life. If one fails at first, never give up because he or she may stumble into a life one never dreamed could be achievable. Therefore, one should enjoy life, never be afraid to do something wrong, or worry about failing. Always keep on keeping on and striving to be the best. No matter if no one believes that one can achieve his or her task, one should prove them wrong and never give in. One should always strive to do bigger and better things that may further his or her life.

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