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Book Review River God by Wilbur Smith
Words • 769
Pages • 3
Of the three books we were asked to read, I chose River God by Wilbur Smith. This book was published in 1993 and comes in at approx. 644 pages. Wow! Quite a read. I found out later that this book is the first of four ‘Egyptian Series’ books written by Smith. The setting of the story is ancient Egypt and follows the life of the main character Taita written in a first-person perspective. I chose this book because it focuses…...
BooksMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
Book review “Dog Medicine”
Words • 440
Pages • 2
My book Dog Medicine by Julie Barton explored mental illness in a different way. This book was a memoir about her struggles with mental illness in the late 1990s. Julie was only 22 when she collapsed in her Manhattan apartment. Julie had been experiencing crippling depression, during this time mental illness was seen as a negative thing so this was hard for her to cope with. She ends up going home to live with her parents where she gets her…...
BooksBooks And ReadingMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
Book Review Summary
Words • 1154
Pages • 5
Have you ever felt like the odd one out of your siblings? Ever feel like maybe you ended up in the wrong family? Julia Reyes, the main character of this book, felt this way. At the beginning of the book, you find out that Julia’s older sister, Olga, who was seemingly the ‘perfect daughter’, passed away in a tragic accident. Throughout the book, Julia finds out more about Olga’s secret and not-so-perfect life. After Olga’s death, Lorena, Julia’s best friend,…...
BooksMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
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Essay Malgorzata Muserovich – star
Words • 1165
Pages • 5
In their essay, many of my colleagues will certainly present the great names of serious literature, commonly considered to be beautiful, relevant and important. In my opinion, plunging into authors such as Tokarczuk or Satrapi is the easy way. Considering that not only do such authors deserve the honour of being called writers of the century, in my essay Małgorzata Musierowicz is the star. Małgorzata Musierowicz was born in Poznań, in Jeżyce district, on 9 January 19451, where she lived…...
BooksBooks And ReadingMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
Book reoprt on earl love by Funso Aiyejina
Words • 752
Pages • 3
Earl Lovelace is an award-winning Trinidadian novelist, journalist, playwright, and short-story writer. He is particularly recognized for his descriptive, dramatic fiction on Trinidadian culture. Lovelace one of the few from his generation writings was based exclusively on the region, with sharp observation and even sharper wit, his writing pulses with the rhythm, flow, and vibrancy of the lives of “ordinary” people, whose culture and language he champions. “Earl Lovelace,” a novel coined by Funso Aiyejina and published in 2017, portrays…...
BooksBooks And ReadingMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
History Book Analysis
Words • 1674
Pages • 7
Introduction There have been many primary sources left for historians and civilians alike to read and analyze the Holocaust and to possibly begin to imagine what life was like for the Jews who had to suffer through the Holocaust, many of which did not make it. The book Between Dignity and Despair: A Look into Jewish Life During the Holocaust is a compilation of such sources. The author of the book, Marion A. Kaplan, is a scholar as well as…...
Book ReportMy Favourite Book PanchatantraSelf Analysis
Smith diagnosed with cerebral embolism
Words • 487
Pages • 2
The topics for essays are given below.  It will be counted as a part of your quiz. Ms. Jones has an annual Pap smear and gynecologic exam. Three years ago immediately before their third pregnancy, the pathology report of her Pap smear indicated she had hormonal hyperplasia. Her current Pap smear indicates she has atypical hyperplasia or dysplasia. What is the difference between these? To begin, hyperplasia is defined as “an increase in the number of cells in an organ…...
My Favourite Book PanchatantraStroke
Book Report “Life at the Bottom”
Words • 1116
Pages • 5
Life at the Bottom is a group of self-written essays by psychiatrist, doctor, and writer Theodore Dalrymple. These self-written essays are mostly about moral obligation, the mindset of society, and the difficulties of the underclass. The book is mostly about what life is like living in the underclass. The title of the book says that in a simpler way. The word bottom in the title of the book is meaning the underclass. In this book, Dalrymple is describing the poverty…...
Book ReportMy Favourite Book PanchatantraThe Book I Like Most
My Favourite Book Review
Words • 949
Pages • 4
In Living a Feminist Life, Sara Ahmed explores the multifarious forms feminism is experienced, positively and negatively. Sara Ahmed unpacks the complexities of the obstacles of always being ‘the feminist’ in the room and dedicating one's life to “asking ethical questions about how to live better in an unjust and unequal world”. To Ahmed feminism is about creating relationships, being an ally, and breaking down historical systems that have created walls against tolerance. Divided into three different sections, Becoming Feminist,…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cur
Words • 889
Pages • 4
The book outlines the critical integrated principles that any leader requires to be more successful. All these principles reflect on the present day concept of life and liberty as well as the quest for happiness from the founders of America. The author believes that most of the economic issues directly result from the actions of leaders who have forgotten about their sole purpose in the organizations they serve. Allison drew his conclusions from both the Objectivists and the libertarian philosophies…...
My Favourite Book Oliver TwistMy Favourite Book PanchatantraMy Favourite Book RamayanaYour Favourite Book
Quote by Panchatantra
Words • 559
Pages • 3
For facts; known things, one could say that knowledge is the only true organ of sight. This because if one does not know red is red he/she could call if differently. The color red had to bed named initially to see it as being red; we depend on our knowledge to tell us it's red. When looking at something new, something that is not factional we depend on our eyes to tell us these facts, these facts are told to…...
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