Spider-Man’s Use of His Stola for Good

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People believe that if a person that was raised with good morals and behavior were given power, they will automatically use their powers for good. In a sense it is understandable why people believe that, but despite a person being raised properly every person has the capability of being either good or evil. There are many aspects that people have to consider when it comes to the people that are given super powers. Let's take Spiderman for example, when Spiderman was given powers after the death of his uncle Ben he chose the side of good when people would've thought that he was going to become evil for revenge.

This shows that the outside environment can really affect a person’s decision. It could also be just the superpower itself that could decide whether a person becomes good or evil. Whether a person turns good or evil doesn’t depend on their upbringing, but on what the superpower is associated with and the person's environment.

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If a person is given a super power that is associated with a superhero then they will feel the responsibility of using their powers to help people. The Stanford researchers decided to make a simulation of giving a few people powers and the other few no powers. After the experiment they decided to test out the effect it had on people’s sense of heroism. One of the researchers decided to knock of their pens to see the reaction of the two groups they were gathering information.

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This unnamed researcher stated that, “The volunteers in the helicopter group took an average of six seconds to start helping …. But those in the Superman group jumped up right in, with most coming to the experimenters aid even before she started gathering the pens herself” (39). Clinical psychologist Robin Rosenberg stated that the “outcome supported her hypothesis that people might treat an extraordinary ability as a sort of gift that brings with it a responsibility to help others” (39). This information shows that people will in fact get a sense of helping people if they are given powers associated with super heroes like Superman.

This doesn’t completely mean that if the power is associated with a super hero they will automatically become good. There are many powers associated with super heroes but when people think about having them they don’t necessarily think of goods, such as the power of invisibility. There are many super heroes with the power of invisibility such as Invisible Woman, Doctor Strange, and Miss Martian but even so, people don’t think about good things when they think about invisibility. Invisibility is a stealth power that when people have “pondered invisibility couldn’t resist premeditating a slew of illicit deeds” (40). In general, powers that violate other people privacy or being can honestly lead to people doing illegal things or things that might not be illegal but nobody would want to happen to them.

The outside environment also has a great impact on how a person would use their powers depending on their personality. While some people do good deeds without having the need of people watching them, there are in fact some that only do it to look good in front of people eyes. Researchers found that when people think they’re being watched they behave much better compared to when they feel they’re completely alone. Newcastle University did a study in 2010 where “researchers found that just by hanging posters of a pair of staring eyes on the walls of a cafeteria was enough to cut littering in half” (40). This shows many things such as not everyone is the way they seem or behave.

While people think having super powers is a really cool thing, it’s also double-sided blade. This means that having superpowers can either be a good thing and it can also be a bad thing. In every person on this world there is a seed for either good or evil, the one that sprouts is decided by the person. A person’s environment, the way they grew up, and the persons state of mind can all come together to have the person make their decision. At the end of the day, it honestly depends on what person associates the specific power with, either super hero or super villain.

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Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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