Fast food Essay Topics

Why Fast Food Restaurants are Popular

Fast food restaurants, or as quick cook restaurants, as it is sometimes referred to, serves meals and cuisine in a no-frills, fast, and efficient manner. Food served in fast food restaurants is cooked in advance: kept hot to order; is usually available ready to take away, though seating is provided. They began with changes in… View Article

Fast Food, Fat Food

Nowadays, fast food is a very popular trend in Thailand. Teenagers think it is very smart when they go into the fast food restaurant, especially, the restaurant which is a part of foreign franchise restaurants. Not only teenagers that like fast food but also children and adults. In the busy schedule of modern times people… View Article

Fast food industry

Fast food industry has been in existence for the past years. The growing popularity of the industry gave way for many businessmen to put up many branches or chains in different parts of the country. This leads to the birth of fast food chains, by which Jollibee, McDonalds, KFC, Mang Inasal, Chowking, WOK Express and… View Article

KFC Holding Malaysia

KFC began with Colonel Harland Sanders who discovered his penchant for cooking when he was only 9 years old. Through the years he grew up to become a personage the world knows as Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC. He reached celebrity status in 1952, when he decided to franchise his famous Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe… View Article

KFC Corporation

KFC Corporation, or KFC, founded and also known as Kentucky Fried chicken is a chain of fast food restaurant based in Louisville, Kentucky. KFC is a brand and operating segment, called a “concept” of Yum! Brands since 1997 when that company was spun off from PepsiCo. KFC primarily sells chicken in form of pieces, wraps,… View Article

Hidalgo Resturant, Inc: Succeeding As An Entrepreneur

I. VISION A. Vision Statement “For everyone who works with us to discover in themselves their talent and their potential and to build relationship with each other” B. Comments Vision statements should answer the question “What do we want to become.” But Hidalgo’s vision statement does not answer that question. It doesn’t even mention what… View Article

Wendy’s Company Analysis

In the competitive fast-food business, Wendy’s is known for the quality of their food and low priced value menu. Their full page ad published this month in Sport’s Illustrated supports this view. The use of color, food items, bold lettering, slogans, and a beautiful woman helps the ad grab a viewer’s attention. The creator of… View Article

Fast Food Nation

The idea of “fast food” has been around since before the 1920s. However, the real emergence of the industry was not until the late 1940s following the Second World War. Military based towns were desolate during the war. Once the war was over, there were many more mouths to feed and more places to put… View Article

Fast Food Facts

Fast food is any food that is quick, convenient, and usually inexpensive. You can buy fast food just about anywhere that sells food and snacks. Vending machines and drive-thru restaurants are probably the most common places to find fast food. It’s so popular because for under $5.00 you can usually get a meal that’s satisfying…. View Article

Fast Food in Malaysia

Restaurants have been around in some form for most of human civilization. But they usually catered to travelers. As far back as ancient Greece and Rome, inns and taverns generally served food to people who had a reason to be away from home. This trend continued until relatively recently. Although taverns and coffee houses were… View Article

The Bad Effects of Fast Food

Today, there are over thousands and millions of a same type of place that ruins your health severely around the world. These things are called fast food restaurants and almost everybody in the world visits it at least ten times in their lifetime. Fast food restaurants are not good for your body and you do… View Article

Analytical Essay Super Size Me

Welcome to At the Movies on ABC 1 and as usual I’m your host, _______. Tonight we’ll be reviewing the socially critical 2004 documentary, “Super Size Me” directed by and starring Morgan Spurlock. The film documents the 30 day period in which Morgan Spurlock ate three meals a day consisting of nothing but McDonalds whilst… View Article

Peer Response: An Almost Pure Empty Walking

Selected Poems: “Immigrant”, “Almond Tree”, “Watering”, “I Will Sweep”, and “My Mothers Room” In Tryfon Tolides poems he alternates his life experiences in his homeland and in the United States. The author does this by choosing careful words to describe his experiences in such a way that allows the readers to imagine the image he… View Article

Fast Food Nation Summary and Reaction

Eric Schlosser wrote the book “Fast Food Nation” to prove that the fast food industry is solely responsible for many problems that affect today’s society. He begins his argument by explaining how the fast food industry came to be and who made it happen. Carl Karcher was the biggest starting pioneer of this new industry…. View Article

Fast Food Nation

One thing that most people don’t seem to understand about fast food restaurants is the harmful and unethical practice that comes with an order of a double cheeseburger with a side order of medium fries and a drink. Eric Schlosser, the author of “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal,” had made… View Article

Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating at Fast-Food Restaurants

Life is moving at a very fast pace in today’s world. Everyone is striving hard to compete with others and get to the top because of which a rat-race is going on all the time. Adults are busy with their careers and children with their academics because of which people rarely have time for one’s… View Article

Popeyes vs Kentucky Fried Chicken

Popeyes: To be the world’s best quick service restaurant. Being the best means providing outstanding quality service, cleanliness, and value, so that makes every customer in every restaurant smile. SWOT Analysis: Strengths: The strength of Popeyes is based on its distinctive brand and style of Louisiana spicy chickens that it provides on its menu along… View Article

McJobs Are Bad for Kids

I thought Amitai Etzioni’s article: The Fast-Food Factories: McJobs are Bad for Kids,” was both accurate and convincing. His assertion that fast food jobs, “impart few skills useful in later life,” and “skew the values of teenagers,” is correct. At first blush, these jobs seem idea for teaching young people responsibility and self-discipline. But, when… View Article

Chick-fil-A Customer Service

Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy greeted employees at the newest Charleston area restaurant with a Bible verse, a prayer and a message about doing business the “Chick-fil-A Way. ” Most people recognize the famous Chick-fil-A cows and their misspelled pleas to “Eat Mor Chikin. ” But not everyone may be aware of Chick-fil-A’s unique way of… View Article

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Looking at the graph above we can see that Yum! Brands, the parent’s company of KFC are the third biggest firm in the fast food industry. By serving more than 12 million customers in 21000 stores in 109 countries every day, KFC has become the world most popular chicken fast food franchise. (1) However, over… View Article

Mcdonalds – Operations Mgt

1. What characteristics of McDonald’s production system have been most important in building its record of success and growth in the industry? McDonald’s unique production system has been central to their corporate strategy. Ray Kroc immediately saw value in the McDonald brothers’ production methodology. The McDonald brothers controlled the preparation of each menu item, regulating… View Article

Industry Analysis Chipotle

The fast food, or quick service restaurant industry (QSR), represents approximately 200,000 restaurants and $155 billion in sales in the U.S. alone, they are one of the largest segments of the food industry (Hoovers, 2011). This segment of the restaurant industry is “highly competitive and fragmented… number, size and strength of competitors vary by region,… View Article

Mcdonald’s vs Burger King

Let’s look at fast food restaurants. When you hear someone say, “Let’s go to McDonalds or Burger King,” what comes to mind would you consider the Big Mac or a Whopper? Think of how many calories that goes into each one. When you look at the Big Mac your calorie count is, “540 with 29… View Article

Junking the Junk Food

In this article the author is trying to show us how our country has become very unhealthy nation. Warner believes that to end the obesity in the country the government needs to be involved. They should make healthy food more appealing while making the junk food less appealing. There are a lot of people whom… View Article

Chooks to Go Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Chooks to Go oven roasted chicken is the trade name under Bounty Agro Ventures Inc. a conglomerate of the Bounty Fresh Group of Companies with more than 1,100 rotisserie outlets nationwide, is aiming to increase its sales in the province of Misamiz Occidental by 10% this year. The company is outsourcing its workforce… View Article

Distance Still Matterthe Hard Reality of Global Expansion

CAGE Distance Framework Distance Still Matters analyses several factors that impact both success and failure in global expansion strategies. The challenges discussed are dimensions of distance. The four dimensions of distance discussed are cultural, administrative, geographic and economic. Cultural distance is essentially the differences in communication, interaction, religion, race and social norms. Administrative or Political… View Article

Kentucky Fried Chicken

The report is mainly focusing on Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) company and has been divided into three categories at the aim of identifying the leadership and management issues in the company and suggest appropriate solutions to it. The tool that will be used in the first phase is the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis… View Article

Is the Job in Fast-Food Restaurant Exploitative

Exploitation is a term to describe person that are being mistreated. Karl Marx used it to explain the relationship between the capitalists and workers. It is claim that the value of a product is depended by how much labor has paid on it such as time, energy or ideas. Therefore the price of a product… View Article

Fast Food Nation: Chapter Four

“Becoming a franchisee is an odd combination of starting your own business and going to work for someone else” (Schlosser 94).In Eric Schlosser’s Non-fiction book, Fast Food Nation, Schlosser reasons that fast food has widened the gap between the rich and the poor, started an obesity epidemic and propelled American cultural imperialism abroad. While the… View Article