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The In N Out Burger There are many enjoyable fast food restaurants in California. No matter where you are or what your direction you can find a fast food restaurant. One of the types of fast food restaurants are pizza . Another type of fast food is Mexican style fast food. The largest type of fast food in California hamburgers. Some of the smaller fast food places are the chicken fast food restaurants and hot dog fast food restaurants. they are easy and inexpensive with good food.

Among all these fast food restaurants, there is a restaurant distinguishes between them and became a Californian style. I t is In-N-Out Burger. founded in 1948 by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther . Has never franchised, and plans to remain privately owned. located in the Western United States. Started in Southern California and then expanded outside to the rest of the state, and to Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. This restaurant usually packed with customers. The menu is very simple with only a hamburger, heese burger, double cheese burger, and french fries to eat; and sodas and milkshakes to drink.

What makes this restaurant famous and always packed with customers despite the limited menu and big competition, where there are different kinds of fast food in California? In my opinion, that the limited menu, freshness and customer service are main reasons for its success. With this simple menu In-N-Out is able to focused on a few items so they can provide excellent quality. As is it said “Jack of all trades, master of none”!

If you are able to do a lot of things fairly well, you will not have time to learn to do one thing extremely well.

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Take a look at most fast food restaurant there are lots of food on their menus but how successful can they be? In fact, most fast food chains change their menu on a consistent basis. Although, this restaurant packed with customers but you will get out the order in within a couple minutes that because of the limited menu, which you do not need a lot of time to decide. In contrast, ther restaurants you need a long time to decide and wait long . If you notice inside In-n-Out stores you will never see microwave or infrared lamp because everything made fresh including the french fries where you can watch how they cut it. The workers in the In-n-Out Burgers get a dollar allowance to smile. You can easily see that when you visit any store, they are always smiling and looking to your eyes. Finally, I think that the reasons for the popularity of In N Out Burger return to the simple menu, great service and freshness of their food.

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