Do You Prefer to Eat Out or at Home

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Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants while others prefer to prepare and eat food at home. I have a predilection of eating food at food stands and restaurants because there is a lot of variety of food, the food is cooked and prepared more professionally and it helps in giving a change in the atmosphere. In restaurants, there is so much variety of food to choose from while at home it is always the same kind of food.

Whenever I go to a restaurant, I can choose my food from burgers to Asian food.

In a restaurant, one can order whatever one likes without having to go through the trouble of cooking. When I feel like eating a burger or an Italian dish or some complex dish, all I have to do is go to a restaurant. On the other hand, at home there is no diversity of food and I have to eat the same types of food everyday.

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Food cooked and prepared at home is never as tasty as food in restaurants. In restaurants food is made very efficiently. Once I ate pizza at home but it was no way near the delicious pizza at the restaurants.

Not only that, when my sister eats at home she always complains that either the food is too spicy or not salty enough. In contrast, at food stands and restaurants the food is perfect with the right amount of spice and salt. Food in restaurants is delicious and cannot be compared to the food made at home.

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Eating everyday at home becomes very drab and dull. Furthermore it takes away the opportunity for an outing. However, eating in a restaurant changes the dreary environment to a cheerful and delightful one.

When my sister and I eat at home, we lose our appetite at times because of eating the same thing daily in the same place. But eating in a restaurant gives us the opportunity to explore new places and new foods. I prefer food at food stands and restaurants more than food prepared food at home because it is tastier, I can eat whatever I please and I can have some outing. Without restaurants, there would be no enjoyment and the world would lose the opportunity of experiencing and exploring all sorts of foods from all over the world.

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