Chinese Dining Etiquette: Unveiling Traditions

China is a country which has a long history and tradition dealing with food, especially eating habit. There are lots of rules or customs about how to eat in a polite way. First of all, the way you eat can sort of show your social. The funniest habit is that Chinese people share food; this means that all the dishes are placed on the table and everybody can eat whatever they want.

Moreover, Chinese dining customs are built on tradition; they are not casual.

People should talk less while eating when it is an official situation or the atmosphere is really serious because when you have food in your mouth and you want to talk, there is high possibility that the food is splashed from your mouth, then it would be really rude and impolite to others. In addition, Chinese people never place those chopsticks vertically in rice even they are eating at home because Chinese people incense dead person by inserting two sticks of incenses upright into sand or rice.

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Therefore, it looks like people who place those chopsticks like that are wishing death upon other people at the table. What people should do is place those chopsticks on the dish or rest them on the chopstick stand. At the same time, any kinds of sounds are not allowed either. People should eat quietly and slowly in order to show politeness and respect, this means people shouldn’t tap on the bowl with chopsticks or spoons. Following these eating habits can help people feel comfortable and relaxed when they are eating with others.

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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