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Evaluative Essay on fast food restaurants

Categories: Fast Food Restaurants

Walking into some fast food restaurants can be exciting. As soon as you walk in you start to smell their prize winning food, you can feel the heat that is coming from the grills that they use to make your favorite fast foods. You can see the whole restaurant just with one look, there is always people ready to help you order your meal and fast service. That’s the quality’s every fast food restaurant should have and Burger King has all those.

Burger King has many competitions from McDonalds to any other small business fast food restaurants, but I can’t seem to like any other fast food restaurant than Burger King. Other fast food restaurants might taste good but still not as good as Burger King grilled whoppers.

Many fast food restaurants have their own phrase of words that they like to use like Burger King has “Have it your way” and McDonalds has “i’m lovin’ it” first McDonalds phrase word is already spelled incorrectly and doesn’t make sense.

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Burger Kings “Have it your way” is true because you can have it your way when you order a whopper you can pick what you want on it.

Not many fast food restaurants grill their hamburgers, but Burger King does. Each Whopper you buy has the grill marks on the meet you can’t find that in any other fast food restaurants, nothing in Burger Kings is micro waved everything is grilled and cooked. In McDonalds they microwave their food so you get a saggy hamburger that breaks up when you bite on it so instead of having food in your mouth you have it all over the table.

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When you order something from Burger Kings menu and you look at the picture on the menu you actually do get what you see on the menu and the size of the whopper that you see is really the way it does look when you get it. Not like McDonalds has a picture of a big hamburger but you actually get a small hamburger that doesn’t fill you up at all.

If you like grilled whoppers Burger King is the choice for you, because you can “Have it your way”. From grilled whoppers to good tasting french fries and onion rings that have their own special sauce, that’s Burger king for you. If you decide to go with “i’m lovin’ it” that’s your choice because there is really nothing to love.

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Evaluative Essay on fast food restaurants

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