Effects Of Fast Food On Health and Body

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More now than ever, most people, especially adolescents and young teens prefer to eat fast food, such as burgers, pizza, fried food, etc, over a home-cooked meal. Over the years, fast food has become very popular. The reason for the fast-growing of fast food companies is because it’s cheaper, quicker and more convenient for those with busy lives. There are many reasons why people eat such foods; such as lack of knowledge of what they are consuming and the effect it can take on their bodies over the years.

Some of the effects of fast food on health include obesity, depression, health problems, and in severe cases death.

Although fast food is easy and quick to grab it is the cause of many diseases. While your brain is telling you to go ahead and eat the juicy burger your heart is begging you to stop because it can no longer breathe. Fast food can cause many diseases like obesity. Being obesity not only lowers your self-esteem but also puts you at a higher risk of hypertension, high blood pressure, Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

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There’s still a big question unanswered, why does fast food cause obesity? I'm here to tell you why it’s because most of the fast foods we are consuming contain large amounts of sugar, fats, carbohydrates and fewer minerals and vitamins. This means that we are consuming large amounts of unhealthy calories and this is all because of fast-food This eventually leads to weight gain and ultimately obesity.

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A study showed that 1 and 5 people who are obese blame it on fast foods. According to studies, the intake of fast food has increased over the past 4 years at a fast-paced. This increase in calorie intake is the leading cause of obesity in America. If it is not controlled, health issues in America are going to start to rise in the upcoming years as many people become obese by eating fast food. Another study said that by 2020, more than 75 percent of the American population is likely to be overweight because of the recent growth of fast food.

Another factor that plays into eating fast-food is heart disease. Fast food causes clogging in the arteries by using trans-fats in their foods and this causes a decrease in heart function. Heart disease and heart attack are higher in neighborhoods with more fast-food restaurants, according to the report for every new fast food restaurant in the neighborhood, there were 4 additional heart attacks per 100,000 people per year.

Something else you may not is that fast food can also make you depressed. According to a recent study was done by the scientists at the University Of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, eating fast food is linked to depression. The study shows that consumers of fast food are 51 percent more likely to develop depression than those who eat little to no fast-food. The food you eat plays a big part in your daily life, and your mental stability.

Fast foods are usually high in saturated fats. High saturated fats can negatively impact your brain function and memory. Saturated fatty acids can impact your memory speed and prospective memory, prospective memory is your ability to remember to do what you intended to accomplish that hour or that day.

Wondering why your skin looks the way it does well your skin has to do with the way you eat, so if you're eating fast food every day what can you expect from your skin. It's sugars, flour and empty carbs to blame like pizza, and French fries. Stop eating fast food for a month and look what it does for your skin.

Eating carbs and fast food can raise your blood sugar. White flour-based foods such as the bun on your burger, or the French fries you get with the burger your body takes in a lot of white sugars. Eating these types of food will eventually lead to diabetes.

Consuming fast food frequently can extremely damage someone's health. It's important to be aware of the short-term and long-term effects of eating fast food. If there's anything I wanted you to gain from this paper fast food is bad and it should always be your last option and remember to keep a well-balanced diet.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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