The Negative Effects of Fast Food

Along with the accelerated development and significant prosperity of international fast foods all over the world, there are quite a lot of traditional dishes are gradually disappearing. It is widely believed that the nuisances fast foods have caused to both of families and societies far outweigh the benefits they have brought.

One of the best ways to illustrate the negative effects fast foods have on us is the health problem they render. For instance, high fat diets, typical of fast food meals, contribute to a variety of costly health outcomes, including high cholesterol, heart disease and some cancers.

Simultaneously, fast food is the main cause of obesity. Not only does fast food degrade these obese children physically, but also mentally. They may be targeted at school and be picked on because of their appearance, which may lead to low self esteem and depression.

Secondly, critics condemn fast food industries that increased litter is a big problem. Fast food industry always sells their food in paper wrappings and paper bags.

People eat up the food, then throw the paper wrappings and bags, so involuntary the white pollution would greatly increase.

Equally important, some labor activists criticize fast food chains because they only hire teenage workers but pay a little to them. The fast-food chains find it very difficult to hire adults so they target ignorant teenagers’ temporary employment because there are no health benefits. The work is fast paced and stressful but low pay which is totally unfair for these teenage workers.

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In conclusion, although fast food fulfills the needs of the busy people since it’s very convenient, and has gained substantial economic benefits in many countries, one thing incontestable is that fast foods do have a adverse impact on both families and societies.

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