Role of Fast Food in Obesity Epidemic in America

Fast food has been the ‘norm’ for quite some time now. Originally, McDonald’s’ had sent the industry in full motion. However, being founded at such a time set America on the tracks of a serious epidemic, obesity. The triumphant start of the fast food industry has ow spiraled into a tragedy of human health.

A brief definition of obesity is when the mass of a human body is much higher than the average it should be. Obesity can be caused by several things, however the most common one is by over eating, or eating things that are extremely fatty.

Fast food has very high calorie counts, so it is of no surprise to hear that it is the cause of such an epidemic. High calorie counts typically cause weight gain after consumption of too much. It is not the only fast food place on the block, but McDonald’s has been a leading cause of the rise of obesity with its high calorie counts.

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It has become alarming to many, and has been on a steady rise in America which will eventually become a serious issue and threatening to all.

Most commonly when we think of obesity, we refer to it as adults in our minds. However, this is no longer true as it has even began to poison the childrens population as well. In fact, from the years of 1980 to 2013, childhood obesity has increased to nearly 50%. Many local and private schools have began to offer more healthy choices in school campuses, but once schools let out this effort is lost.

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Many children have access to more food than a school would allow, and can easily hop their ways down to a local fast food joint and order any food. As we know, students go to these places after school a lot, and it is not a once a month thing. Commonly, students will do this more than once in a week, and after a while the calories begin to rack up, and eventually become weight gain.

Obesity levels have more than one depending factors. The biggest ones are race and ethnicity. Religion has shown it can tie in a little, but has not shown any statistical prevalence. Men and women who had obtained college degrees had the lowest obesity rates than of any lower levels. The same applies to non-hispanic men, both black and white, and hispanic women where obesity was at its lowest in the highest educational degrees. However, the levels where obesity stands at its highest is the middle classes. The middle class people has statistically the highest obesity numbers than the low or high class.

Obesity has become a serious epidemic. It is spreading through America like wildfire, and if not fixed soon it could be deadly for us as Americans. With obesity steadily looming above us, fear will arise, and people will react. Fast food plays a key role in this, and we should either shut it down, or strongly regulate it.

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