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Civil engineering design Construction and Maintance

The starting salary of civil engineering is relatively less than the other engineering disciplines such as computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and so on. However, the chances of getting a job is higher because civil engineers are always in demand as civil engineer’s job is important for the function of a society. Even with bad economy the society does not stop functioning, for example ...

Engineering Ethics Violated and Upheld In the Fukushima Disaster

E. Ho. (2011, March 16). “Reactor Redux: What’s happening at Fukushima-Daiichi?” TIME. (Online article).http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/03/16/reactor-redux-whats-happening-at-fukushima-daiichi/(2013). “Code of Ethics.” ASCE. (Online).http://www.nspe.org/Ethics/CodeofEthics/index.html (2013, September 20). “Japan Earthquake - Tsunami Fast Facts.” CNN. (Onlinearticle).http://www.cnn.com/...

A comparative analysis of traditional software engineering and agile software development

When the size of the project is large, the software development approach is based on the cost or budget limitations, timeframe taken by the approach, and the flexibility of the approach. This is because, the organizations designs information systems that are economical in that they does not affect their profitability and operations. Approaches that are cheap and are executed in a short span of tim...

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Motivation to Study on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

In view of such experiences, I feel that I will be able to fit into leadership roles in research and also in my career. Given my deep research interest in mechanical engineering, the next step for me is to pursue the highest academic accolade, i.e., Ph.D. from a reputed rigorous program that can shape me into a complete independent researcher. I believe that the research opportunities and resource...

Contribution of an engineer to develop a country

Megaprojects include bridges, tunnels, highways, railways, airports, seaports, power plants, dams, wastewater projects, Special Economic Zones, oil and natural gas extraction projects, public buildings, information technology systems, aerospace projects, weapons systems and, more recently, large-scale mixed use waterfront redevelopments; however, the most common megaprojects are in the categories...

Mechanical Engineering

Some mechanical engineers go on to pursue a postgraduate degree such as a Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of Science, Master of Engineering Management (MEng.Mgt or MEM), a Doctor of Philosophy in engineering (EngD, PhD) or an engineer's degree. The master's and engineer's degrees may or may not include research. The Doctor of Philosophy includes a significant research component...

Statement of Purpose for MS in Civil Engineering

Having made this statement of my objectives it is my belief that what your university looks for, in a prospective student, is a strong academic background and the will to perform and deliver. An extremely distinguished faculty, a milieu replete with academic activity and the state of the art research facilities in the field of Civil Engineering are the most important factors, which motivated me t...

SOP for master of engineering

Since all fields in Engineering are highly interlinked with my final project. I am aware that the department of Engineering & IT at Murdoch University is one of the best in the world, being particularly strong in Instrumentation (my primary interest). In my B.Sc. Project, my guide and I are concentrating on developing better methods for measuring energy in at various purposes and sectors. The ...

Computer Engineering personal statement

At college where I studied my O’Level ZGCE I achieved very good grades in all my subjects, which provided a real boost to my confidence levels. I also excelled at sport related activities in the field. I was a member of a football and cricket teams. I found sport to be perfect way to stay fit and keep healthy. My goal is to attain a career where I can express my talent and passion for computers ...

Genetic Engineering Pros/Cons

Then we are back to square one. Also, If the developed creation has this effect on insects, what effect would if have on humans? Is this why others countries ban the use of GMO(genetically modified food)? There are instances when we go too far forward and as we’re creating advancements we also create dangerous complexities. So as scientists, engineers to these creations, I believe they must alw...

A Report on Career Path to Become a Civil Engineer

A bachelor's degree in engineering is required for almost all entry-level engineering jobs. College graduates with a degree in a natural science or mathematics occasionally may qualify for some engineering jobs. After getting a degree, graduates must get field training. A province license is also needed before they can be professional engineers in private practice. Most provinces require about fou...

Civil Engineering

The bridges have served as communication routes, and have had a lot of impact on society and commerce. Bridges are very important in the area of civil engineering, because their work as engineers is to build and make sure that their work is good to use, and efficient. In addition, the bridges have made the civil engineer to worry about the design of buildings and to show them that is important the...

Engineering Ethics of Titanic Sinking

or pleasure. This resulted in many thing being pleasurable up until the crash, but when designing a product where people lives may be at risk it is important to base your decisions on what would cause the greatest pleasure for the greatest number of people in all possible situations and outcomes. The hubris of the engineers clouded their vision and they failed to do this which resulting in the dea...

Engineer's Day Quotes

These are large employment generators and contribute significantly to India’s GDP. All these are the fields where engineering has done well. But that does not mean we can afford to sit back and enjoy our moment in the sunshine. There are numerous fields where India is still a minnow compared to other countries. Our Power sector requires major reforms and thrust. A major percentage of rural India...

Values, Mission, Vision of some Engineering Companies

In meeting our goals for quality, cost and schedule, we do not compromise safety. We value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our diverse team. We foster a collaborative workplace that engages all employees in finding solutions for our customers that advance our common business objectives. We act with integrity, consistency, and honesty in all that we do. We value a culture of openness and ...

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

"The curse of our country is laziness. At first sight every one seems to be working. But in fact, one man works and the others watch him. As someone said with contempt, 'it looks as if five men are working. But really only one-man works. One man will be doing nothing. One man will be resting. Another man will be watching them. Yet another man will be helping these three." - Bharat Ratna Mokshagund...

Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering

The pathogens can kill the target organism or could spread into the environment with unpredictable and dangerous consequences. Even crippled vectors can recombine DNA and therefore genes with their normal counterparts in their surroundings and thus suddenly and unpredictably become infective. | Molecular biologists acknowledge that they are only modifying one aspect of an organism's totality. Howe...

Comparison between five process models of software engineering

Continuous Integration: As soon as work on a task is complete, it is integrated into the whole system. After any such integration, all the unit tests in the system must pass. Sustainable pace: Large amounts of over-time are not considered acceptable as the net effect is often to reduce code quality and medium term productivity. On-site Customer: A representative of the end-user of the system...

Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Getting acquainted is of most concern at this initial stage of team development. It usually includes polite dialogue of a superficial, information-sharing nature. Based on first impressions or past experiences, group members develop stereotypes in an attempt to categorize each other and anticipate future responses. Ideas are simple; emotions and feelings are kept in tight control, and controversy ...

Essay for petroleum Engineering

Moreover, in petroleum also there are number of fields such as drilling, reservoir engineering and project manager. With these fields, I have number of opportunities in my hand. My career aspirations, to work and succeed in the Petroleum field and work as a Petroleum engineer with world leading companies like Apache, Burlington Resources or further go into Research can be realized by obtaining the...

Underwater Welding

Wet MMA is still being used for underwater repairs, but the quality of wet welds is poor and are prone to hydrogen cracking. Dry Hyperbaric welds are better in quality than wet welds. Present trend is towards automation. THOR – 1 (TIG Hyperbaric Orbital Robot) is developed where diver performs pipefitting, installs the trac and orbital head on the pipe and the rest process is automated. Develop...

Case Study: Elio Engineering, Inc.

The advantage is founder members have previous experience dealing with tier-one seat manufacturing company. The tier-one suppliers have strong relationship with OEM, easier to get US federal safety standard, and high volume manufacturing and distribution. The disadvantage is Elio only have less control over the core ABTS technology and lower profit margin. If Elio build the relationship with OEM, ...

Role of engineers in Nation Building

Some should move into engineering management and sales. In sales and management, an engineering background enables one to discuss the technical aspects of projects/products and assist in the planning, installation and product use. With such a vast and varied nature of their job, they are really the backbone of a nation’s building and development, and their role should not be neglected in a natio...

Different aims in life

Many scholars think for hours & hours that what their aim in life is terms of the best profession which suit their lifestyle. Across the wings of time few of them discovers their aim. But there are many others who are ambitious in their very childhood and find their professional goals. These people pick up their professional aim due to their interest gathered from books, passion, and parent’...

Electronic engineering

The tree grows with leaves, branches, root and trunk. But water, sunshine, soil and all of the nature resources also lead to growth. Computer design is like the sunshine, and it is a crucial part but cannot develop the systems alone without management as well as organizations. In a word, information systems should not only be functioned by computer designers, it need a team, which combines advanta...

Biomedical Engineering

In the 1990's, there were more than four thousand biomedical engineers in the United States. They are employed in all parts of the country in hospitals, colleges and universities, medical and engineering schools, federal and state agencies, and private industry. "It is expected that there will be greater need for skilled biomedical engineers through the 1990's" (2). Prospects look particularly goo...

Genetic Engineering

A society of pretty, healthy, and intelligent people may sound reasonable and even favourable, until the full social implications are considered. Genetic engineering is a great step on our journey to helping those in need. It shouldn't be wasted on vanity. Whilst I understand how parents want their children to be perfect it is not moral to completely determine and change the future of an unborn ch...

Global Engineering Challenges

The global challenges covered in this paper from ways to lessen our dependence to oil and protect the environment to ways to improve our surroundings and open our reality and minds. A lot of these challenges will need engineers with vision and passion in order to come up wit the solutions needed to improve the world around them. Technology and engineering techniques are always improving and evolvi...

Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology

While it is important and good to volunteer and give back to the community. You should also try to find volunteer opportunities that pertain to your career goals. Lastly, one of the things that resonated with me the most was how they keep themselves motivated. They responded that it is important to figure out why this is a problem. Is it because you don't like and enjoy what you are doing or that ...

Engineering Ethics

There cannot be a mechanism to justify some moral values as more righteous than others since everyone is entitled to his or her point of view which has been formed by his or her experiences and environment. However, evaluations of moral competence are still necessary since as engineers, we have to build a consensus on the standards which can be termed as mutually satisfactory and recommendable for...

Environmental Engineer

Furthermore, the geology of Nunavut can span most of Earth's history with great economic potential yet it is still very underdeveloped, and yet, they are actively advertising extreme sports tourism which could cause environmental as well as safety concerns. In all, there is a balance in the naturalistic Aboriginal-based society and community and the raw environment of this jurisdiction that gives ...

Advantages of Human Genetic Engineering

Human genetic engineering - the application of scientific methods, procedures, and technologies that allow manipulation of genetic material in order to alter the hereditary traits - is a topic that had been debated about for many years. The field of human genetic engineering is growing and changing at a tremendous pace. Future advance in genetic engineering could possibly eliminate diseases, defor...

Statement of Purpose Engineering Business Management

The faculty's reputation for excellent teaching, challenging coursework and the excellent facilities as well as the flexibility of lecture periods and timetable are added attractions. I bring along a strong grasp of Information technology background and knowledge in Microsoft Systems Engineering, Information Security, IT Service Management, Linux systems administration and web development, an apti...

The Importance of Engineering Drawing

From 4 steps above, we can conclude that engineering drawing has important role in the industrial engineering as a way to communicate products between everyone in purpose or between companies either national or international. Because by engineering drawing, we can make a product become communicative, affective and accurate. Also, with engineering drawing, we have facilitate to make a new idea, a n...

The Salient Features Of Corporate Governance On Financial Engineering After The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Most of the directors and officers are required to hold a certain percentage of their shares for the long term This has replaced the options which they previously had whereby they could dispose off their shares at will (Northrup 2006: 211). The issues required by corporate governance are complicated and costly for many companies and it remains a challenge (Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto 2004:50). With...

Engineering management

We are currently evaluating potential course resources for this class. We anticipate gaining campus wide approval for the course effective for the Fall 2011 semester. It should also be noted that our Academy of Engineering Management has been very supportive of our efforts and has contributed constituent input in this process. One final note to be made to this report is that even though we will pe...

Air Force Brake Case

Vandivier approached his counsel but was advised that he too was guilty of fraud. Goodrich announced that the qualification report was recalled and the brakes replaced with the five disc design. Vandivier resigned giving the A7D as the reason. The case was investigated with Vandivier and the technician as the government witness. The case prolonged and there was no conclusion. Soon after,the A7D we...

Mokshagundam Vishveshwariah

He was rightly called the "Father of modern Mysore state" (now Karnataka): During his period of service with the Government of Mysore state, he was responsible for the founding of, (under the Patronage of Mysore Government), the Mysore Soap Factory, the Parasitoide Laboratory, the Mysore Iron & Steel Works (now known as Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Limited) in Bhadravathi, the Sri Jayachamaraje...

High Frequency Omnidirectional Range

A ground-based navigational aid operating at very high frequency and using a wide-aperture radiation system to reduce azimuth errors caused by reflection from terrain and other obstacles; makes use of the Doppler principle to solve the problem of ambiguity that arises from the use of a radiation system with apertures that exceed one-half wavelength; the system is so designed that its signals may b...

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