How engineers change the world?

From all the time, technology has been the main key that helped the development of industrialization and civilization of the world. During this process, scientists have made a great contribution. However, engineers were the ones that put all the theories into reality such that they could actually benefit the society.

Besides the development of economics, massive education, peace and freedom of religion are important symbols of civilization. And engineers have contributed to the society’s needs for that.

Engineers from different fields cooperate to solve all the technical problems met during the process of satisfying the society’s needs for education.

They work together to build comfortable environments for students to learn. Meanwhile they also consider about the safety, cost and practicality. Civil engineers design and construct schools, colleges and universities such that citizens have places to accept different levels of education. In order to let students have a better understanding of knowledge, mechanical and electronics engineers help with the multi-media devices such as projectors and computers so that professors can use PowerPoint and other software.

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Electrical engineers help with electricity such that students can learn at night. Hydraulic engineers make sure that the water supply is sufficient and sustainable for all students of schools. Without engineers, massive education would not be possible all over the world.

Not only education, but Peace within and across communities also depends on engineers. Within the community, engineers produce weapons such as guns, so that police can stop criminals and keep the society secure and peaceful.

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Across communities, engineers develop defense systems for their countries to resist and more importantly prevent the invasion from other communities or countries. The most famous example is the America space protection system built by NASA. This system is able to monitor the US territorial air space, detect any unidentified objects and destroy them if needed, no matter aircrafts or meteors. Such defense systems actually can warn whoever wants to invade the country to stay within the line and such that the peace of the country can be achieved. Without weapons and defense systems, the country will be vulnerable and there will be no peace.

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How engineers change the world?

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