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Essay on Cuisines

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About Bangalore

Not just the places, the food of Bangalore also form a key area of interest for many. South Indian food is one of the healthiest as it is mostly non-greasy, roasted and steamed. A large selection of popular food is vegetarian. Rice is cultivated extensively and it forms an integral part of people's diet. You can have your fill at any popular restaurant or eating joints in Bangalore. If you feel ho...

Project Scope Statement

Several deliverables will be produced as a result of successful completion of this project. The project will be considered successful only on the meeting of the following deliverables. These deliverables are: All the requirements described by various licensing bodies of Ontario must be met. It must be effective and efficient in food preparation and ensure better customer service It must generate e...

Speech on Indian Cuisine

Saag is a popular Kumauni dish made from any of the various green vegetables like spinach and fenugreek. The food from Uttrakhand is known to be wholesome to suit the high-energy necessities of the cold, mountainous region. It is traditionally cooked over wood fire. The cuisine mainly consists of food from two different sub regions—Garhwal and Kumaon—though their basic ingredients are the same...

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History of Auguste Escoffier and Marie Careme

First of all, I would like to thank both Auguste and Careme’s effort for what they have done in the food industry especially in the culinary field. Because of them we can now use or apply the things and knowledge that they had contributed to us in the late 18th century. Without them just imagine what a normal Restaurant kitchen would be without Escoffier’s Kitchen Brigade System? I guess it wo...

Food and Agriculture in Mauritius

The vegetable crops that produced in Mauritius are , maize, onion, garlic, potato, tomatoes, carrots,chiles, green leafy vegetables, egg plants. There are also herbs like thym, mint, parsely and corriander. the local fruits that are produced are pineapple, letchis, mangoes, papaya, goyavas . hese fuits and vegetable are mostly sold freshly in the market but those that are sold in the hypermarket m...

Chinese Food

In the future, I believe that Chinese food will go on a new stage and can be appreciated by people all over the world. Reference Wikipedia. (n. d. ). Shumai. Retrieved November 19, 2012, from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Shumai#Serving About. (n. d. ). Cantonese cuisine. Retrieved November 19, 2012 from http://chinesefood. about. com/od/cantonesecuisine/p/profile. htm Z&Y restaurant. (n. d. ...

British Cuisine in Europe

As a conclusion, we can say that British cuisine’s bad reputation is not justified. Even if some clichés are still persistent, and are stuck in collective memory, after recent different transformations, a great evolution English gastronomy truly exists. Now, Great Britain can boast about their many star chefs, and its famous, tasty and legitimate cuisine. It is now fashionable to like and eat B...

Roadside Dhaba Case Study

In spite of being technically equipped to take down orders, mismanagement is evident, with only a selected few staff actually doing the rounds. I was looking for real dhaba food with rustic, homely preparations, but something was missing. Ambience and atmosphere took over over taste at some point. English sound tracks played between bhangra tracks, sure signs of a compromise — as I see it. Cosme...

French Food

" Serious Seats. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. . "Famous Chefs In History. " Street Dictionary. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. . "French Christmas. " Santas. net. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. . "French Dinner. " Wise Geek. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. . "French Wine. " Wikipedia. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. . "List of French Cheeses. " Wikipedia. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. . "List of Christmas Dishes. " Wikipedia. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. . Lowen , Nancy. Food i...

The Differences Between Chinese Food and Japanese Food

There is still a lot of Muslim influence in many parts of Chinese cooking. Japan has incorporated more modern gourmet food from the West in recent history. - Tea – Japanese green tea tends to be steamed while Chinese green is often roasted in the production process so they have very different flavors sometimes. - Alcohol – Japanese sake tends to be less strong then Chinese rice wines. Chinese ...

Chinese Food

Therefore, it looks like people who place those chopsticks like that are wishing death upon other people at the table. What people should do is place those chopsticks on the dish or rest them on the chopstick stand. At the same time, any kinds of sounds are not allowed either. People should eat quietly and slowly in order to show politeness and respect, this means people shouldn’t tap on the bow...

Cultural Difference and Influence in Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's Esmond in India

Neither Shakuntala nor Gulab and Ravi mean anything to him. He has a negative response to love and life in India. The women who cross his path do not aid him in discovering an inner core of fulfilment. His restlessness drives him onward. One wonders whether Shakuntala would retrieve her balance and get settled down to married life with an arranged partner after Esmon...

Analysing Chinese Food Culture Cultural Studies Essay

Over the old ages, Chinese nutrient has been germinating from the traditional family nutrient into a more fresh and originative nutrient but still retaining the traditional thoughts and spirit. Food continues taking a great portion for Chinese people 's life and is a symbol for Chinese civilization. Nowadays, Chinese people might be losing the old traditional values or had forgotten the significan...

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