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Essay on Respect

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Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults

It is essential that we reassurance parents that all of their information is kept in confidential manner. Assure them that information will not be discussed with anyone. If for some cases, information of a child needs to be share with other professional such as the social service, parent consent would need to be given. Although not all information is confidential. There may also be cases where inf...

Women Deserve More Respect

Devor H. Aaron. “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender.” Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing. Ed. Gary Colombo. Robert Cullen. Bonnie Lisle. 9th ed. Boston: Bedford/St.Martin’s, 2013. 387-396 Kilbourne, Jean. “Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertisng and Violence.” Rereading America: Cultural Contexts or Critical Thinking ...

Hamartia with Respect to Oedipus in the Play ''Oedipus Rex''

The tragedy of Oedipus is his pride in his nobility and ability to a certain extent, had he not tried to avoid the divine oracle, he would have remained in Corinth and the oracle may never have been fulfilled .Had he not been prideful and rash in his actions, he would not have slayed Laius out of wounded pride. He is full of self –confidence that makes him blunder consistently. “I am a child o...

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Temple Grandin

Alice also indirectly demonstrated the virtue of temperance. Temperance refers to being happy and having everything you need to pleasure yourself. These things may include delicious food, a girlfriend or a house. In Temple’s case, she needed pleasure in the form of a hug. She couldn’t hug people due to her autism therefore she built a machine to satisfy her needs. Alice indirectly provided thi...

Lack of Respect for Nurses

Because of that it decreases the rate of taking Nursing course in college. Some people says Why do you take up Nursing?, you can’t get job when you graduate or you will end up working on a Call center. They don’t know that nursing students study hard, practice a lot to improve skills and other things that other people can’t do. Respect is the word that is missing here, respect for the people...

Disrespecting a NCO

But if a person is standing in front of them and dont go to parade rest before talking with the person who they are talking to is disrespect. Now an example of when it is on the line is when you are in a group typesetting and you are just chafe jacking and whatever you can say that could be disrespect but it also could just be a jester of acculturation (IE getting to know your soldiers and what th...

Respecting the environment

Something as simple as turning off the water while brushing your teeth makes a HUGE difference for Planet Earth. Doing this one thing can help save up to 25 gallons of water each month! By just doing such a simple thing, you are doing a huge part to save Earth! Keep Your School Free of Garbage. The more we keep our Earth clean the happier it will be. Do your part by making sure you don’t leave y...

Compare and Contrast the Demographic Perspectives of Thomas Malthus and Karl Marx with respect to the causes and consequences of population growth

Therefore, in Marx’s eyes, Malthus’ theory in the capitalist’s attempt to rectify social phenomena and blame the poor for something that is not their fault. In closing, both the Malthusian and Marxist theories on demographics have their similarities and differences. There are tenets of their ideas coming through in all aspects of modern society. However, to apply only one to the current situ...

Army Core Values

Without respect not only would the United States Army be in ciaos, the entire world. Growing up everyone knows the phrase “Treat others how you want to be treated”. Taking that phrase to heart means a lot to yourself, and the others around you. Also, being loyal in everything that you do shows the amount of respect you have for yourself and others. Having Honor and discipline shows what kind o...

Why I Love Disrespecting My Elders

To sum everything up, all I want to say is: the reason why I love disrespecting older people is because I care for them. I want them to become better individuals for themselves and for the people they are interacting with every day in their own personal lives. All that for the hope that someday, everyone would become aware of how they affect their community and see their mistakes and realize what ...

Importance of Core Values

It is essential for anyone spend time thinking about what are his or her core values. Once we have clearly defined our core values, we can understand ourselves better and consequently understand the people we deal with in our lives. In our personal life are the decisions we make that define our destiny. The same concept applies to the business world. A company is guided by its Core values. “Core...

A Letter for My Future Husband

I want a husband who will unconditionally love and trust me, like the “Star-Crossed Lovers”, who loved each other to the point where they died for one another. I expect my husband to have a good personality that who can support my emotional, physical and mental needs. However, I want a husband who will not lose his temper easily when I flare up in an unreasonable manner. I want a responsible h...

Army A Way Of Life I Choose

In closing, I learned a lot after reading and researching several articles and capturing how I became what I am now. It had took me back to when my mom instilled the importance of being responsible for my actions, be a leader not a follower, and take the initiative and learn how to work independently and with others. With those values as you read earlier in this memo, carried me through out my car...

Good And Bad Manners

In the world we can see many of this awful behavior but each day we can see it more in our community its becoming part of our daily life to be disrespectful with others and don´t minding about if the other person would feel bad about it. As your parents probably told you not so many years ago this “Bad Manners Acts” where severally punished with very strict sanction but now we can see a teen...

Respect Essay

To sum up this point, Self-respect is necessary for the happiness of Man. In the final analysis, every person has his own standards of judging people. Yet, there are certain set of qualities that are common and popular to gain respect in society. An individual who possess high moral values and shows compassion and solidarity towards other human beings is respected by a large section of society. Th...

Lawyer Ed Masry on a referral

She talks in a non-polite way, she always goes straight to her point and she is not afraid of saying what’s in her mind, she is brutally honest: “That's all you got, lady. Two wrong feet and ugly shoes!” She also loves ironies: “I just went out there and performed sexual favors”. Erin is always able to get the evidences she needs by using the means she has, she is extremely confident....

Respect Towards an NCO

Respect towards NCO's is one of the Army's most important values because it could prevent any failures in communication between the soldier and the NCO. If there is no respect then there would be no discipline within the junior enlisted. To an NCO they are a leader and to be a leader they must live and be the Army values. When a soldier starts being disrespectful to their NCO's, anyone in their ch...

The Purpose of Education

Be polite and good manners when you are a kid, practicing good manners is a way to be respectful of other people. These customs function as a way to keep society running smoothly. Education helps students know, care about, and act on core ethical values such as fairness, honesty, compassion, responsibility, and respect others. Students will study and discuss core ethical values Education is import...

Disrespect in the Military

NCO's feel good and feel like they have the power when they are respected and tend to be less disrespectful to their fellow soldiers. There’s an old saying among Army leaders which goes as follows, “Take care of your people, and they will take care of you.” The army strength lies in its people, more than any other single factor of combat readiness. A former Chief of Staff of the army once no...

The importance of respecting other cultures in the military

Right now our county is working of building something the world has never seen or experience. We want a place where everyone is free to be who they are, free from judgment and persecution. As an American soldier it is my job to serve the country and what I do, what I say and how I behave reflects my country. Whether or not I mean to be disrespectful, the way I am perceived is reality. The US is su...

Respect Toward Your Superiors

It is extremely easy to sit back and say that parents should teach respect, but it is not as easy to actually teach it. For there is really no way to teach a child to respect others. Parents can tell their children to respect others all they want, but the only way a child will actually learn respect is from observing their parents as well as others showing respect. This is why teaching respect is...

Importance of Respect

Back in Singapore, when I was still young and youthful, the whole class had to stand up when the teacher came into the classroom. Now, you may think that standing up to welcome the teacher may not seem like much but to the teachers, it may mean the whole world to them. Think of it this way, the teachers give up their time and effort to teach us, so in return, all we have to do is to give up a bit ...

Creating Respectful Classroom Environments

However this article motivates me to use cooperative learning groups to teach the children how to work together and respect for each other. These small groups can be set with children of various backgrounds and abilities to work on activities together. As they work together I will accomplish at least two things- help them to learn how to share and respect each other, and learn from my modeling as ...

Code of the Streets

In the streets your nothing without respect and people will do anything to get it. They do many things to get respect like fighting, jumping someone, or even shooting someone. If you live in the streets and you did not have respect people would try every day to get at you or you would be tested by people who saw you as vulnerable. Without a reputation in the streets a person’s credibility would ...

The Phases of Life

Just like our life is like a riding bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving. In order to be healthy emotionally and mentally, you should move past any bad memories. And look towards the future. I also think it might be about not over thinking things as well. At the end of the road your taking off, that is your future. Believe in yourself, your confidence will lead you to success and ha...

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio

The poverty of culture seemed to be connected with the idea that the people lived through the hard times with drugs primarily. Though Philippe Bourgois book is not about the problems of racism and ethnic discrimination, but about the underground economy of El Barrio with its effect on life of the rural inhabitants of East Harlem, the underlying foundation for the development of this type of econom...

Respecting Others Religions

To be a good person is the choice you have to make on your own. I think we should all respect each others beliefs and treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated. Religions may seem silly to some people, and sometimes it seems silly to me too, but it is what gives people hope,what keeps them on the right path to be a good person,what inspires them to try to learn and try their best and i...


You can gain so much through life with respect such as trust, friendship, and just overall great deal of acceptance throughout your friends, colleagues and peers. Respecting your family teaches you obedience, integrity, and selfless service. Respecting yourself teaches you, perseverance, courage, and confidence. Respecting your peers teaches you integrity, loyalty and duty. With all these meanings...

Disrespecting an NCO by SPC BUTLER

You can’t cock your eye brows you can’t roll your eyes, you have to pretty much have no facial expressions. You have to look them straight faced not laughing nothing. And now one of the last things about respecting a NCO is the way your voice is towards the NCO. When you talk to someone like I said you have to be like yes SGT, no SGT, roger SGT, and when there talking to you. You can’t have ...

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois – A Reaction Paper

Philippe Bourgois comes across as a very credible source, having lived and interacted with the people who have engaged in drug dealing, and have experienced drug-related violence as well as hardships in striving to find their place in mainstream society. In chapter 7 of In Search of Respect, Selling Crack in El Barrio, Philippe Bourgois was able to convincingly show how the very culture spawned by...

Understanding Relationships

Days are less chaotic and arguments more infrequent if a child knows what is expected of them. Consistency helps children and young people develop a sense of responsibility in that they know exactly what is required of them. Children are also less likely to test boundaries or push limits that are firmly set when they know that there will be consequences for deviant behaviour. They learn that "no" ...

Lord Of The Flies And Animal Farm

They have similar attitudes when reading and comparing these two books. This dictatorial style of leadership to me wouldn't be an ideal system of living under due to the stresses and conflicts that occur. In George Orwell's Animal Farm, it represents a newly formed society with proposed ideals that don't always end up working out. Both texts also display how a seemingly perfect democratic system c...

Overview of Short Story Summer Solstice

Guido lifted Dona Lupeng's skirt whilst she was looking for her children. Dona Lupeng then tells Don Paeng about the incident and tells him that Guido had even kissed her feet. Don Paeng is disgusted that the woman has been shown adoration, as he feels that love and respect are more befitting. Dona Lupeng and Don Paeng go to witness the ritual and Dona Lupeng joins in with the ceremony.Once home, ...

FAQ about Respect

How to establish respectful, professional relationships with children

...When your in a discussion with an adult it is fair to say everyone will have different views, some adults expect you to have the same views as themselves, your not always going to agree on matters, as long as you show mutual respect and be profession ...

Why we should not talk during class

...If a teacher has to tell the class to be silent more than three times there is a problem because that means that the students are totally disrespecting the teacher by not listening to her, choosing to just ignore her. Students should never ignore a t ...

How Can Respect Make Me A Better Student

...Once you have self-respect, you have the ability to gain others’ respect as well. In conclusion, the question: “How can respect make me a better student?” made me think of a myriad of real situations dealing with respect. Not only do you need t ...

Why teachers deserve more respect

...In conclusion, there’s no doubt that self-respect is important. We need a certain amount to get what we need out of life, and get the respect that we need from others. But, respecting others is equally important. Ultimately, if the world were a mor ...

How to be a good son or daughter

...In order to do that, Children will try to work hard and to understand their parents. As you can see, this final quality is the most important quality, and it also concludes two others qualities. To sum up, a child needs three important qualities to b ...

Why should animals be treated with respect?

...A very long time ago, animals and humans lived in peace and harmony but now everything has changed. Humans and animals fear each other and I don't think this will ever change. If we want the animals to respect us, we have to treat them the same way o ...

Why I Should Not Disrespect An NCO And The Consequences

...Respect. The online dictionary defines it ‘to show regard or admiration of something or someone”. I see respect as a universal characteristic. Respect to me is a way of showing someone that you think highly of them and very well respect them. It ...

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