If You Want to Be Respected, Respect Others

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Reciprocity is the process of verbing someone. Being honest and trusted by others shows that he is an honorable and trustworthy person. For example, according to Haidt’s TED Talk, individuals must treat others the way that they want to be treated, so they can change “other people” (Haidt 26). This proves that an honorable person will be kind and honest to others. He will treat others with respect and also treat others how he would want to be treated. In comparison, having honest and close friends are needed to feel important to others.

For instance, when you are playing on a basketball team, you must be truthful to each other and tell other teammates when someone is messing up.

This will make you an honest person by calling out someone’s flaws no matter whether or not it will help them or hurt their feelings. In addition, you also must be able to tell your teammates when they are doing good so that you can encourage them.

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If you are an honorable teammate, it will improve your overall team chemistry and prove your importance to the team. On top of that, being honorable will show your team that you are a leader of the team. If you are honest, people will trust you as a person, and you will start to see that more and more people will be hanging around you. Reciprocity is important to society because if everyone is treated fairly and equally, society will be united as one and respect one another.

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Loyalty is the process of giving firm and constant support to someone. Being an affectionate and faithful person shows that he is an honorable person overall. For example, according to Haidt, adaptation evolved both by cultural and biological evolution to make groups to cohere, in part for the purpose of trusting each other, and being more effective at competing with other groups (Haidt 21). A loyal person will be faithful towards their cultural and biological groups, so they can stay loyal to their friends and family. If you are a loyal person, people will respect you much so more because they know that they can trust you to stay with them through thick and thin. In comparison, when playing on a basketball team, being faithful and affectionate towards your teammates is necessary to be successful when playing a team sport. For example, when playing a team sport like basketball, you must stay loyal to your teammates to earn their respect as a teammate. It is important to stay loyal to your team because when your team is on a losing streak, they need your support and help. When you are winning, you stay loyal to keep encouraging and helping with your team. To be loyal, you must respect your teammates, and your teammates will respect you. Being a loyal person is crucial to gaining someone's trust. If they cannot trust you, they will not respect you as a person. Loyalty is important to society because if you are affectionate and faithful to someone, they can build a sense of trust with you and appreciate your loyalty.

Individuals make decisions based off of fairness and loyalty, according to Jonathan Haidt’s 2008 TED Talk titled “The Morals of Liberal and Conservatives”. Reciprocity is when you are being an honest and honorable person that can be trusted by others. Loyalty is when you give firm and constant support to someone or something. If you practice reciprocity and are a loyal person in today’s society, you will be highly respected as a person.

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