Appropriate Behaviour and Respect for Others

Explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others (ref. 2.2) As learning take place in a social enviroment it will be fundamental to create a good atmosphere helping everyone attending to feel at ease in a space where learners feel safe and comfortable to express their opinion. Each student may have different background, culture, beliefs, experiences and needs, so it is very important to be open minded and to establish ground rules so to avoid any animosity, unrespectful behaviour and any kind of discrimination.

Any inequality and discrimitation should be challenged to guarantee fairness, decency and respect beteween students. Creating a safe and relaxed enviroment, learners will be more motivated and focused, able to participate, voice their opinions, ask questions and be actively involved in determining how they will learn, allowing them to use their potential and achieve their goals.

Ways to promote equality and value diversity (ref. 1.3)

Equality is about the learner's rights to have the same opportunity, access and partecipate in their chosen course/training regardless of age, ability or circumstances understanding that everyone are different but have the same rights.

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Promoting diversity means value and respect differences between students regardless of age, ability, circumstances. An open discussion at the first meeting within students and teacher allows an opportunity for everyone to contribute and know each other bringing up cultural or behavioural differences which can be expressed and may raise issues not previously considered by some. Each person can write out for themselves which types of appropriate behaviour they believe more important.

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This will give the chance to evaluate each individual’s preferences and gives an overall view on how to maintain a level of courtesy and respect establishing ground rules adequate for the group. Being a teacher means also to be a role model and my behaviour will reflect on my students. For this reason I will treat my students with respect and dignity, ensuring to be non-judgemental, to give same attention to each learner and that particular groups will not
be offended (i.e. faith or religion). When planning lessons or activities I might use pictures in handouts and presentations representing different cultures, gender, age and ability in order to embrace all aspects of equality and diversity.

The importance of identifying and meeting the needs of learners (ref. 1.4) Identify learners needs is one of the most important aspect of teaching as it will allows to differentate lesson's plans. Learners needs can vary, they may have specific issues like lack of finance or challanges like English as a second language, knowing this a teacher will be able to provide learners support suggesting them points of referral to get help and advice (i.e. interpreters; Citizen Advice Bureau). Some may have special needs like dyslexia or diabetes, others may need advice before enrolment to know if the qualification will meet their career aspirations. In certain case it can be important to find out those informations in advance avoiding some learners to take a course which is unsuitable for them.

For this reason an initial/diagnostic assessment will be carried out before the programme starts ensuring learners are making the right choise towards their expectations, results become a teacher's tool who's gainig an overall understanding of learners capability, aim, knowledge and specific requirements enabling the teacher to plan and facilitate individual learning and so meeting individual needs. Other aspects to be considered, for instance, are the classroom facilities and accessibility (i.e. layout of tables and chairs) to guarantee safety and meeting the needs of a learner who's a wheel chair user. Feedback and informal formative assessments can take place throughout the course to ensure learner needs and learning styles are met and satisfy at all times.

Ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning enviroment (ref. 2.1) As it is likely that learners will be a diverse group of students (from various backgrounds, with different levels of prior learning and expectations, as well as different learning needs), once ground rules have been established, taking an inclusive approach when teaching will help to ensure that your teaching meets everyone’s need enabling students to learn effectively. An inclusive approach to learning and teaching that aims to meet every individual student’s learning requirements would benefit all students, as a result learners will feel they belong in the classroom. Using an inclusive approach means the teacher will not exclude anyone directly or indirectly, learners will be treated with fairness and trasparency, called by name and making eye contact whenever possible.

All students will be involved in activities which may see them working in pair or groups, promoting socialization, tolerance, equality and valuing diversity. ‘’A suitable learning environment is crucial for effective learning to take place. This involves not only the venue and resources used, but also your attitude and the support you give to your students’’ ( Gravells A. 2012, pg 24). Delivering lessons with passion can help to motivate learners, however making sure the environment is clean and safe, at the right temperature, being considerate and open doors or windows is important as much. The lesson's quality will tells learners when teachers are professional and serious about their job. If there is a break time it is good practice to inform learners right at the beginning of the lesson when this will take place. Knowing this can help your learners focus on their learning.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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