Motivation and What Really Drives Human Behavior
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A person’s act because of something is called motive, and the motive behind doing anything is called motivation. It can be considered abstract, that is it is not tangible. Motivation drives a person to do certain activities or work in a positive or negative manner. The examples of motivation are endless. Sachin Tendulkar, Nelson Mandela, Roger Federer, Mahatma Gandhi, Morgan Freeman, and so on, are the examples of the people whom we consider highly motivated. They changed their destiny by…...
How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation
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Motivation in an organization plays a very significant role due to its impact on the success of the company; this has allowed companies to attain a competitive advantage in the market environment through an increase in performance by members of staff 200018 according to 200018. Motivation is a way of identifying a need by staff and making it attainable in an orderly manner. 200018, goes further to state that motivation is crucial since it enables the employees to open up…...
Maslow’s Theory of Motivation: Driving Your Teams to Success
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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid In relation to motivation, Maslow stated that each level in the hierarchy must be substantially satisfied before the next level is activated and again once those needs are met, one might not necessarily be further motivated. The next level in the hierarchy will be dominant only post fulfillment satisfaction level. This theory has a lot of implications specific to managers. He classified these five needs into two broad categories as higher-order needs and lower-order needs.…...
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Motivation & Productivity in the Workplace
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Motivation is the most important factor that determines employee performance and the retention of employees. According to Kian and Yusuf (2012) as cited evidence from Wregner and Miller (2003), motivation is described as something that energizes individuals to take actions and which is concerned with the decisions the individuals make as part of his or her goal-oriented behavior. In recent, Saraswathi (2011) stated that motivation is the consent to give a high level of effort to achieve organizational goals, conditioned…...
The Influence of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Employee Engagement
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Introduction Motivation is internal and external factors that motivate a person to achieve their goal. Employee Engagement is a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. Therefore, it was important to know the different types of motivations. This assignment will be highlighting intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and some theories of motivation. Intrinsic Motivation According to Sophia Bernazzani (2017), Intrinsic Motivation is When you're intrinsically motivated, your behavior is motivated by your internal desire to do something for…...
Employee Engagement and Motivation
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Introduction Motivation: motivation is the processing of an individual willingness to exert a high level of effort to reach goals. Motivation comes from the enjoyment of the work itself and/or from the desire to achieve certain goals e.g. earn more money or achieve promotion. “A simplistic overview of motivation theory says needs drive behavior to reach satisfaction and avoid dissatisfaction. There are many types of needs. Consider Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: physiological, safety, love or belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.” (Galloway,…...
Six Classical Motivation Theories
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Abstract This paper explores the six major theories of motivation, the prescription for criminal justice management, and the integrated model of motivation. The authors, the criminal justice organization, of the book, vary their definitions of the topics above. Stojkovic, Kalinich & Klofas (2014) suggest that the six major theories of motivation impact other areas of criminal justice administration and management. Other books suggest that other factors impact the areas of criminal justice administration and management which offer different outcomes. This…...
The Behavioral Neuroscience of Motivation
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Motivation is an internal process where it can be a drive or a need that can help an individual to start, guided, and continued the activities in order to ensure their needs are met. It can be influenced by the satisfaction of needs that are either crucial for sustaining life or even important for well-being and growth. On top of that, there are two different types of motivation which consist of intrinsic motivation, that arising from internal factors, and also…...
Theories of Motivation and Their Application in Organizations
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Introduction “If you fail to motivate, you fail as a manager.” (Greenidge, 2019). Motivation is essential in the work environment because employee performance has a direct relationship with a company’s outputs. Motivation when executed effectively can have a positive effect on a company’s abilities to achieve budgeted goals as motivated employees are known to increase productivity. This then leads to increased levels of output and efficiency, but on the contrary, unmotivated employees can display counterproductive work behavior, laziness and loafing…...
Expectancy Theory and Procrastination
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Introduction Rationale Habits play important roles in our life. Aristotle, one of the greatest ancient philosophers, once said that “we are what we repeatedly do.” Hence, excellence is not a single act but a habit. Filipinos by extension are known to have acquired habits both virtue or vice. (Latumahina,2016) purported that taking decent behaviors would guide a person towards an active life. While acquiring poor behaviors will lead a person to fail. Although Filipinos are known of having desirable habits…...
The Content Theories of Motivation
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Content theories interrogate the question of what are the things that motivate people. They are also referred to as need theories and assume that everyone has certain needs or desired outcomes that can be satisfied through work. Within the work environment, they have had the greatest impact on management practice and policy. The process theories address more the issues relating to how the process works and sustain itself over time. “Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Maslow put forward the idea that…...
Vroom’s Expectancy Theory – Motivating your Team
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Victor Vroom's (1964) expectancy theory is also commonly known as the Expectancy Theory. This theory’s main emphasis is on the process and content of motivators, and also integrates this with needs, equity, and reinforcement theories. This human motivation theory tries to explain how persons choose from available actions. Vroom defines motivation as a process that controls or governs our choices among alternative types of voluntary behavior. The main rationale of this theory is that motivational drive originates from the belief…...
Self Improvement Through Motivation
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Do you feel depressed or unconfident? Well, there might be various reasons causing this unpleasant state of emotion. However, you should overcome the negative emotions and beliefs that they can make you a stronger person. You should think positively and know that every single obstacle that faces upon you is a great way of achieving your best self-improvement. In order to be successful, you should also be energetic and motivated. Motivation plays a main role in your path of future…...
Organic Foods Motivations Factors for Consumers
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Consumer motivation is an internal state that encourages people to purchase goods or use services that fulfil their desires and needs. The satisfaction of those services can lead to repeating the same purchase even if is not needed at the moment (Consumer Behavior and Marketing Action; Henry Assael; 1992). Nowadays the general aim is to produce new food that can satisfy consumer needs or to be healthy and to fulfil the nutritional and ethical criteria (Bäckström, Pirttilä-Backman & Tuorila, 2002).…...
Google’s Employee Motivation
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Abstract Motivation is a vitally significant part in all private and public organizations. Organizations cannot operate smoothly and accomplish their desired goals and objectives without motivating their employees as they are the heart of the organization. Each employee is working for a need and they search for a way to satisfy it and then evaluate to what extent they’re satisfied. So, this paper will show the impact of motivation on organizations using the technology company Google as a real example…...
Age-related Differences in Motivation
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Older adults were described as a population who are physically challenged, perceptually degraded, and cognitively impaired in previous sections. However, many older adults actually are in work even-aged above 65 (as shown in Fig.1), plus, most chief executive officers of Fortune 500 companies are aged around 60 years old (Salthouse, 2012), which indicated that older adults did well in daily functioning rather than screwed up. According to Hess (2014), the disconnection between empirical research and the actual daily life of…...
Winning Isn’t Everything – It’s The Only Thing
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I strongly do not agree with this statement because, Yes, it’s a happy feeling once a person wins, but there is much more to life than winning. I think without teamwork and good sportsmanship and putting your best foot forward would not be good winning. “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.’’ It is like saying Chris Gale is the most important person on West Indies team. “Winning isn’t everything but making the effort to win is” (Maraniss,2000). This phrase…...
Self Confidence and Motivation
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According to Barbara, (2018), Self- Confidence can build your motivation and you will easily do the job that you will do. And It can be your great motivation. In addition she said that there are different five key reward of self-confidence like less fear and anxiety, greater motivation, more resilience; improve relationships and lastly the stronger sense of your authentic self. Confidence is believing in yourself. Confidence can change throughout your life and across different areas of your life. It…...
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in “The Other Wes Moore” by Wes Moore
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Every event or accident a person does happens by some type of motivation, whether good or bad. Regardless of the intention, there are two types of motivation Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation. Intrinsic is being motivated by self-satisfaction, and an external reward drives extrinsic. In the memoir The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore, there are a series of events or incidents in the second half of the book that displays that variety of motivation that exists. Having read the book,…...
Workplace Motivation
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In the Effectance Theory of Motivation, Robert White and Susan Harter argue that human motivation is driven by the inherent pleasure that we can derive from exploring our environment. The theory also espouses the idea that motivation is driven by our curiosity, mastery and attempts to deal with the same environment. The theory, therefore, suggests that employees in a workplace can be motivated if they are able to get pleasure and are able to cope with their workplace situations, whether…...
Motivation & Control
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The amount of control aimed in a police organization is highly associated with the capability of police officials to motivate other officers. Too much control may tighten the environment and pressure everyone to attain a common goal at a small amount of time and this would most likely fail the objective of motivating. However, if the organization is controlled in a way that the officers are not being invasive or not being too hard on subordinates but still maintains the…...
Essay On Motivation In Life
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Motivation is not a one size fits all. It can be difficult to stay motivated. I think the best thing a person can do to stay motivated, is through small steps with life towards their goal or purpose. Here's a quick summary of 3 primary forms of motivation that works in my life. They are: Purpose in my life Achieve goals Growth I am doing what makes me happy in the present moment. Today I know what forms of motivation…...
Factor Theory of Motivation
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Wolfram is possible one of the most valued member of staff and if he left we could possibly see a decline in the quality of food produced leading to a decline in customers. If Wolfram was given the responsibility of training new chefs for the two new caf's then his motivational level may improve, bringing back his desire to push the caf forward. If we look at Wolfram's job from Frederick Herzberg's Two Factor Theory of Motivation (1966, 1968), we can…...
Employee Motivation and Productivity
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Like any other sphere of modern socio- industrial activities, banking too, is a potent and purposeful monetary- based media that nurses and nourishes the socio-economic growth of a developing country such as, the role it plays in present day commerce, trade and industry and undoubtedly constitutes an integral organ of overall development. Banking in fact is as primitive as the human society, for ever since man came to realize the importance of money as a medium of exchange; the necessity…...
The Impact of Motivation on Student’s
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The results revealed that highly motivated students perform better academically than the lowly motivated students. This finding corroborates that of Aireand and Tella [2003] and Bank and Finlapson [1980] who stressed that successful students’ have significant higher motivation for achievement than unsuccessful students. Similarly, the report by Johnson [1996] that academic achievement is highly correlated with student’s motivation lends a good support to the present findings. It should be noted that some studies have found little or no significant relationship…...
The Self-help Craze: Motivational Speakers And Solutions They Sell
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"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me," says Guy Smiley as he looks at himself in the mirror. This is how each Guy Smiley skit opened on Saturday Night Live, with actor Mike Myers playing Smiley. The character is a comic interpretation of a motivational guru, who tried to use mantras like the one above to over come insecurities. Although Smiley is fictional, the self-help genre Myers was making fun of has been growing…...
Problem Four: Develop Intrinsic Motivation
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Medtronic is very particular about giving adequate compensation to its employees. The benefits program mainly involves financial rewards which are acceptable to employees but it has its limitations. Along with financial rewards, employees need non financial rewards also to develop intrinsic motivation so that employees internally love their job. Intrinsic motivation occurs when an individual is turned on to one's work because of the positive internal feelings that are generated by doing well. (Schein, 2004) It can be achieved through…...
Personality, Motivation and Leadership in Economic Slowdown
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Personality, Motivation and Leadership in Economic Slowdown Because of global economic crisis since early years of this decade, every industry includes hospitality industry suffered by economic slowdown. While financial experts were trying to control and monitor the situation, dismiss and restructure across industries was happening at the same time. The action of reducing number of employees or even anticipation of them can have a dramatic impact on employees' behaviors and motivation. As a result, affect the productivity. Nevertheless, in order…...
Human motivation and motivational theories
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The subject of human motivation is quite complicated for a number of reasons. Firstly, humans mature more slowly than any other organisms on this planet, and for this, the motivational tendencies are acquired more slowly too. Secondly, the individual is dependent on many of his fundamental satisfactions on other people; this is illustrated on his/her use of symbolic language to communicate these needs to others. Motivation is defined as the concept that represents the fundamental influence that drives behavior and…...
Maslow’s Motivation Theory
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Maslow and Herzberg both came up with motivation theories which have been widely used in explaining human psychology over the years. These theories however differ and a proper understanding is required in order to determine the ideology in each. While Maslow concentrated on personal motivation factors, Herzberg makes use of job related factors to explain motivation. There are also some concepts in Herzberg’s hygiene/motivation theory that interrelate with Maslow’s motivation theory. This article will address the theories, comparing and contrasting…...
Iago’s Motivation
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Describing the force behind the evil deeds of Iago, a character in Shakespeare's "Othello". Iago's Motivation Iago is a "moral pyromaniac." Harold C. Goddard writes that Iago consciously and unconsciously seeks to destroy the lives of others, especially others with high moral standards (Goddard 76). However, Iago is more than just a "moral pyromaniac," he is a moral pyromaniac whose fire is fueled by pure hatred. He is a hungry powermonger whose appetite for destruction can only be satisfied after…...
Employees only motivation is money
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I understand that the School does not tolerate plagiarism. Plagiarism is the knowing or reckless presentation of another person's thoughts, writings, inventions, as one's own. It includes the incorporation of another person's work from published or unpublished sources, without indicating that the material is derived from those sources. It includes the use of material obtained from the internet. (Senate Regulations 6. 46) By completing the above details, I confirm that I adhere to the School's Policy on plagiarism. Continue writing…...
Argumentative Essay On Employee Motivation
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Of many of the problems that the organizations face these days, one of the vital one is of employee dissatisfaction and lower motivation for work. Employees feel dejected and demotivated when their basic needs and requirements are not met; those needs might include hygiene and motivating factors that involve the presence or absence of working conditions, salary, empowerment or authority, job status, social relationships, etc (McShane & Travaglione, 2003). (more…)...
Employee Material and Non-Material Motivation
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We will introduce the series of work stimuli and contests, and all sales teams will be encouraged to participate in them. We will introduce individual and team contests, with appropriate material and non-material rewards. We will gather customer feedbacks, to evaluate the quality of customer service in each store (each sales team). The best teams will be offered discounts, free products from Mario Badescu, or an opportunity to have a paid day off work. The best performers will be offered…...
Different types of motivation
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This suggests that different people are motivated by different factors, when we are presented with choices, our decisions will be influenced by our level of performance. Atkinson recognised that most of us want to be challenge and are motivated by the need to achieve, nAch. This type of personality will take the difficult option as they want to be challenged. While other people will take the easier option (naF), these people will do this because they are afraid of failure.…...
McClelland’s Achievement Motivation Theory
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The last component of content theories is the McClelland's achievement motivation theory. This theory includes four parts: the Achievement Motive, the Power Motive, the Affiliate Motive, and the Avoidance Motive. The first three parts correspond, roughly, to Maslow's self-actualisation, esteem, and love needs. If put this theory into the really work situation, the achievement motive is very important, in this theory's view; for people with high achievement motivation, money is not an incentive but may serve as a means of…...
Consumer Motivation – The Biggest Loser
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Hot topic:    Consumer Motivation - The Biggest Loser Presenters: Nattapong   Pan-ekwong (Moss)                     Yutthachai   Suwanmanee (Yutty) Why is this hot topic? Overweight and obesity have become world-wide concerns, especially in Australia. Over 7.4 million people aged 18 years and over (54% of the adult populations) were classified as overweight or obese. This imbalance has been linked to lifestyle factors such as increased consumption of foods, as well as a reduction in physical activity. (more…)...
Compensation And Employee Motivation
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Compensation and motivation are two things which go hand in hand in business management. Motivation is important in any field, whether it is a business, armed services or even in sports. On the other hand compensation is an effective lever used world wide to inspire and motivate an individual. It orbits around a common principle of taking extra than the current market standard and giving a performance of hindered and ten percent. It is seen that without motivation an individual…...
Temporal Motivation Theory
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Introduction Temporal motivation theory was developed by Piers Steel and Cornelius J. Konig. This theory has acquired the greatest support and it is the most promising theory on Procrastination. This integrative motivational theory emphasizes the impacts of time and deadlines on motivation or ability to focus on goal-setting and task completion. Steel and Konig has derived the following formula: motivation = (Expectancy x Value) / (Impulsiveness x Delay) According to this formula what are the motivation, Expectancy, Value, Impulsiveness and…...
How to Become Stronger
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In 7th grade, I remember kids fooling around in class and one of them threw a piece of paper across the room. Our teacher, Mr. P, saw it and became upset. 'Who threw that paper?' he asked and a few moments later, a hand shot up. It was one of my classmates—let's call him X— and he said, 'I'm sorry Mr. P, I won't do that again.' The events that had just unfolded fascinated the 11 year old me. I…...
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Motivation and What Really Drives Human Behavior

...3M utilizes an R&D concentrate and a distinctive '15% rule' to guarantee continued effort to extend the pie. 3M spends about 6% of its R&D revenues, far more than a typical production business. This has led to the development of new sectors a...

How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

...Similarly, employees should be provided with opportunities to improve and shouldn’t be locked out. This involves offering higher positions in the company or increasing their salaries. Therefore, to become an effective supervisor, it deals mainly wi...

How to Become Stronger

...As we speak up, we must realize that there will be obstacles in the way. The people we accuse will defend themselves aggressively and call us liars. We will be slandered and charged with treachery. But I believe a few accusations and a little bit of ...