My Personal Motivation to goals

In an essay ot 300 words or less, explain your motivation to transfertrom your current/former institution to lllinois and how your academic interests and/or protessional goals will be tultilled in your intended program ot study. As I turn toward my future and make lite-delining decisions, I look back upon my preVious experiences tor inspiration and direction. This past Winter break I was given the opportunity to participate in the Boys to Men Upward Program. where I worked in conjunction with several social psychologists in the research oi extrinsic and intrinsic motivators and the relationship to leadership ability, This internship proved challenging but l truly embraced the research program and discovered how much l enjoyed my work.

l was able to create my own research proposal and get hands-on assistance in the preparation at my own experiment, In short, I became captivated wrth the research that psychologists do. Upon my return to University at lllinois at Springfield, l realized that the school does not otter the exact path I now want to pursue.

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While the psychology program otters several great focuses, most at the specializations entirely revolve upon the humanity aspect ot psychology, rather than the research aspect. Therefore. lteel that UIUC better appeals to me because it presents a path to my goal oi becoming an industnal-organizational psychologist.

In particular, this is because UIUC’s unique approach to research is centered on the incorporation ol interdisciplinary ideas in research, such as its determined research program in which students are able to gain experience tor PhD, graduate classes, Essentially, l know that by attending University of Illinois Champaign I will develop the skills and knowledge in psychology necessary to develop a higher level ol thinking and reasoning skills, which in turn will help me broaden my understanding ol techniques used in the tield, Though I have enioyed my time in Springfield, l feel I must do what is right to reach my career objective and I believe a transfer to UlUC would help me better reach that goal.

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The research environment at UIUC is top»notch and I would be honored to be part at such an incredible program. l look torward to moving on to a new environment which tits my ideals more personally.

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