Marketing Goals foe Paintball Company

Marketing Goals

The primary goal of this marketing strategy is to guarantee that Paintball Company will be recognized in the industry as a business entity that gives excellent paintball services for its target market. Aside from this, Paintball Company has the mission to determine the most effective strategy to be utilized in order to transform the Paintball industry into becoming more recognized by the public consumers.

Paintball Company has four primary marketing goals:A)Manage its position as one of the primary businesses regarding Paintball.

Being the leader of the Paintball industry will propel this Paintball Company to earn the respect and trust of its customers. Therefore, the organization will have the power to widen its functions through the acquisition of other Paintball organizations.

B)Become more financially stable than other Paintball organizations. The raw technologies that are being used in the production of Paintball equipments have to be able to attain excellent standards. If this is achieved, the organization will have the capability to become more financially stable as against other rival Paintball organizations.

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C)Establish an excellent Paintball technology profile, with Paintball Company as the global label of flagship; andD)Establishing its freedom. Being a free organization will enable Paintball Company to go on with its reputation of excellence in both its Paintball technologies and products by establishing fresh innovations and measures.

Geographic MixThe Paintball industry can be found at one of the biggest suburban areas and the most densely populated areas. Therefore, this implies that with regards to the territorial elements, the Paintball Company has been able to properly select an environment or site that may give tremendous potential for the Paintball industry to be come famous.

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Marketing Strategies – OverviewThe marketing idea has been identified as ‘the element to attaining company objectives’ and the marketing idea depends on ‘market emphasis, client likes and dislikes, excellent marketing and stability. In a financially stable organization the company definitely has to make efforts and attain this level of client satisfaction as a means of being on top of the rivalry and earning so much. In attaining so, an organization must be able to determine an excellent and sustainable marketing plan for their goods and services (Godin, 1999).

In the situation of the Paintball Company, the marketing plan that can be utilized by the organization to propel itself in the industry will involve the utilization of advertisements. To be able to inform the target of the organization regarding the presence of the Paintball industry, the organization will utilize media advertising, online and other media and news advertisements. These marketing procedures will be supportive to propel the Paintball Company at the top of the industry.

Marketing Strategies – PriorityThe primary emphasis of the marketing plan is to enable the Paintball Company to be recognized in the market. In order to attain this, the utilization of an excellent marketing plan through an effective marketing interaction plan will be but into emphasis. In addition, interaction is an essential element of companies. Through excellent communication, the marketing company is able to transfer knowledge and learn from each other’s capabilities and knowledge.

In this specific plan, the essential aspect that must be given priority is the advertisement and interactive campaign of the Paintball Company. Normally, advertisement or interactive campaigns are well known as an open sponsorship of given goods, products and any concepts through the utilization of any channels of interaction. In this respect, there are various types of channels that can be utilized for advertisements and interactive campaign objectives. Generally, in this IMC perspective, the emphasis will be put on advertisement and Paintball promotion.

Marketing Plan – By SegmentAn excellent marketing interaction plan reflects a continuous process and style to all activities a specific organization perform. Marketing plans have arrived to signify the new emphasis of marketing field in incorporating the interactive elements to connect to all of the company’s clients and not just its basic consumers (Levinson, 1998). Aside from this marketing plans proceed with the objective of determining and improving the mutual connection of the organization to its clients by giving means to establish relationship with clients through advertisements.

The target market of the Paintball Company involves international clients and local clients as well. In this way, in order to guarantee that the target market will be able to know the presence of the Paintball Company, the marketing plan will be utilized in putting priority to each of the target market in both local and global scenes.

Quarterly Action Plan – SalesIn this plan, the Paintball Company will be implementing the marketing procedure in attaining interactions and promotion of the organization and the products that it gives. This plan will be implemented quarterly. In performing this, the following interactive media will be used:•TV, print, and communication mediaSome of the marketing channels that are normally utilized by various industries in order to make their goods and services well known are the TV, print, and communication media. In connection with the Paintball Company, it may utilize these media channels in order to be recognized by various clients anytime and in any place.

AdvertisingA very famous process of promotion is through advertisements. Advertisements can be very expensive but like all marketing plans, it is not to be classified as a cost but an asset. The expenses for excellent advertisements may be significantly high but the good outcomes will all be worth it (Silk, 2006). Advertisement is the right approach for the Paintball Company for the similar reason of improving awareness and making an impact towards client perceptions. Also, advertisement through media can be felt by larger groups of people all over the world, therefore the information will be transferred to a larger part of the target market.

Quarterly Action Plan – Public RelationsPublic relations and publicity are different plans established to inform or secure an organization’s reputation or its goods and services. The benefit of this mechanism is that it may improve the organization’s reputation and it may allow the organization to be recognized due to the excellent image than its rivals. In this way, the Paintball Company may do a publicly connected endeavor every quarter to guarantee that the organization follows its social roles in the site. One of the excellent means to implement this is through sponsorship. The Paintball Company may sponsor a well-known organization every quarter.

Contingency PlansPromotion budget is the large cost for the Paintball Company. The proper means of using promotion budget must be carefully analyzed. The study of promoting endeavors has to be done due to the feedback that can inform the organization as to what promotional tools are the correct ones to use. These assessment outcomes can secure the Paintball Company from wasting its financial resources for the incorrect promotional tools and procedures. Monitoring or assessment involves the application of tools to evaluate promotional appropriateness.

The plan can be assessed with regards to the development in sales that is attained at a quarterly and yearly basis. This would immediately connect to the goal of establishing demand and improving sales. Nevertheless, it is essential to put into emphasis that it can be hard to manage for other elements that are likely to bear effects in the market industry, which include the choices of rival companies to improve prices, a change in client likes, or a shift in the entire demand.

Luckily, other tools can be utilized to evaluate promotional appropriateness, which connects upon the variance of the marketing goals that have been mentioned earlier. For instance, surveys can be done, which ask regarding the Paintball game, identify any development in behaviours regarding the Paintball game, and identify whether or not there has been a development in client information or awareness of the Paintball game.

Paintball Company SWOT AnalysisStrengths:•has Paintball technologies that have a reputation for gaining a very strong retail. This involves an emphasis for the value of quality, comfort and various range of games and updated technologies•has expanded tremendously over the past years, and has been in the procedure of growth all over the world.

•Primary capability relies on the use of information technology (IT) to significantly aid its world Paintball sales system. In short, the Paintball Company can monitor their individual Paintball goods and their status within the site, or even at other locations. IT also aids the Paintball Company’s excellent procurement.

•is able to provide excellent client satisfaction, as the few levels of work would imply lots of time to dedicate to their clients.

•Its personnel have formulated a powerful legacy within the market.

•Has the capability to shift direction immediately if its management realizes that their marketing plan is not working properly.

•has no debts and financial losses. In short the organization can provide excellent Paintball technologies to clients on a continuous basis.

Weaknesses:•is one of the biggest organizations in the Paintball industry but has a meager control of its organization, in spite of its advantages in updated Paintball technologies. This could result to a decline in profitability in some locations where they have lesser managerial powers.

•Since the Paintball Company sells its Paintball technologies over different markets, the organization does not possess the versatility that some of its recognized rival companies have.

•Functions al over the world, but its existence can be found in only selected areas all over the world•Some of the organization’s less famous locations do not possess market legacy or reputation•Some of the organization’s employees do not possess the important Paintball knowledge base in many aspects.

•The Paintball company is still severely hampered to the temporary absences of its employees.

•The organization’s budget is unstable particularly in the early aspects of a new Paintball product innovation.

Opportunities:•Taking over, acquisitions, or establishing mergers with other Paintball organizations while prioritizing on powerful markets like North America or Europe.

•The establishment of new locations and branches provide the Paintball Company the chances to explore market improvements. This could result to the diversification of the company’s branches.

•Chances are present for the Paintball Company to go on with its existing tactic of founding huge extensions all over the globe.

•The Paintball Company is continuously growing, with lots of future developments to explore for success.

•The local personnel of the Paintball Company are in the process of persuading local Paintball business entities to join them if possible.

•The rivals of Paintball Company may be unable to cope up with the new Paintball innovations particularly the ones that the organization establishes.

Threats:•Being a top Paintball organization means that the Paintball Company is the one to beat in both local and global markets.

•Being recognized worldwide implies that Paintball Company might be immersed to political chaos in the nations where the company has operations.

•The manufacturing expenses of most Paintball products have the chance to decline because of the limited manufacturing costs. Production expenses go down due to the outsourcing to low-cost countries all over the world. This situation could result to fighting in prices, which in turn would lead in the fall of prices in different levels. Tremendous price rivalry must absolutely be classified as a threat.

•The current changes in Paintball technology which could probably alter the markets might test the organization’s capability to cope up to these developments•A slight change in the priority of a huge rival might destroy any market dominance that the Paintball Company has attained over its existence. This could lead the organization to specialize in quick response but excellent quality Paintball products to local companies. This would place intense pressure on the organization’s employees to be knowledgeable with the current developments in Paintball technology where possible.


Godin, S, 1999. Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers. Simon & Schuster; 1st editionLevinson, J, 1998. Guerrilla Marketing: Secrets for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business. Houghton Mifflin; 3rd editionSilk, A, 2006. What Is Marketing? Harvard Business School Press

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