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Computer technology: Friend or Foe? Essay

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As we are living in a digital world, computer technology has become a huge part of human life. We use computers in almost every situation to study, to work or to relax. Despite the useful helps from computer technology, it also has some negative effects on people. The effects of computer technology in daily life are to make people lazier, to affect the personalities of children and on their education, and to cause health problems.

Computers are useful tools that make people lazier.

Since people are working with technology every day, they are relying more on their computers. They depend on the technology in every work even in a simple calculation. By that way, they use their brain less, they don’t have to think and study more and develop themselves only because they have computers to help them. Next, people are lazier to talk with others face-to-face. They use e-mail instead. As a result, they find it hard to express their feelings when they talk with others in person.

Computers can have massive effects on the personalities of children and on their education. In modern life, computers are so popular that even young kids know how to use them. As a consequence, children become addicted to computers at very young ages. They spend too much time playing on computers instead of doing their homework or playing sports with other kids. Moreover, parents cannot control what their children do with their computers. There are some bad programs or websites that are not suitable for kids. Lastly, children don’t use their imaginations because computers have offered them the whole virtual world. Therefore, they cannot create picture in their own minds and that limit their creativity.

Using computers also causes health problems. The more people spend time with computer the less time they have for exercises. In fact, some people prefer surfing the internet more than playing sports. In addition, more people have to deal with illness such as obesity and eye problems because they use computers without discipline. Many people suffer problems related to sitting incorrectly, or for too long in front of their computers. Headaches, back pains and sleeping disorders are the main problems. These health problems by using computers incorrectly can lead to a person `s poor attention, they cannot concentrate on their work that they may cause accident to themselves or others. In conclusion, it is good to know some effects of computers on our life style, our health and our children `s behaviors to avoid. Nowadays, computers play an important role in life. Computer is essential by the ways we using it. The computers become a most significant priority in every house. People use computers in different type of work but using it in a right way is also important. A computer may help us in some parts of life and it also has some negative effects. We should consider using computers effectively and not rely on them too much.

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