What Motivates You: Being Goal Oriented

As a child of refugees, I have learned to utilize opportunities that may benefit the struggles my family has been enduring for years. My parents passed down the important lesson of the value of education. Seeking education is an obligation on people who are blessed with opportunities of that nature. Because of social and financial struggles, no one in my lineage had the opportunity to attain a high-level education. My parents have dedicated their lives to eliminate any obstacles there are in the way of the education of my siblings and me.

I have gone through extreme times in life because of resettlement, financial instability, political and religious oppression. As my father was associated with a religious movement in Pakistan, physical abuse of my family, including myself, was becoming life-threatening. We managed to flee to Saudi Arabia, but our lives were still in danger due to religious subjection. Resettling from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and now to Canada, my family has gone through a great deal of suffering and hardship.

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Being able to support them and be a beacon of hope for a better future for my family members and other people in need is what motivates me to keep pushing through the challenges of life.

My father currently works at a local 7-Eleven store on low income, and my mother manages our family of six members. Whatever the monthly household income is, it is all utilized in rent, internet, groceries, and other expenses and no saving are made. Despite the odds, we still manage to send money to our family members every month or so in Pakistan who are going through their trials and hardships.

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My parents never compromise in educational matters as they continue to sacrifice their lives in the hope of a better future for myself and my siblings. I strive to make my parents and family members proud by devoting efforts to accomplish the dream my parents did not have the opportunity to. As I have parents who have lived their lives in efforts for a moral future, I want to be able to do the same for other people. My goal is to support people who bear patience regardless of the circumstances. I want to dedicate my life to serve others as the happiest of all people are the ones in service to others. Without scholarships and educational endowments, I have no chance of achieving my dreams. Financial support is the barrier that stops me from receiving a quality education. I want to eliminate my family’s financial and social struggles with whatever I can. I am graduating two years early to pursue the opportunities that would contribute towards a better future.

I strive for mastery in my passion for computer technology in the hope of utilizing it to benefit the lives of people who are in immediate need. As technological advancements are one of the means by which civilization develops and progresses, certain applications of Artificial Intelligence have the potential to tackle poverty, climate change, health care, and many of the global crises. My desire to be at the forefront of innovation has motivated me to advance my passion which has blessed me with recognition around the world. I am recognized as the “World’s Youngest Certified Android Application Developer” and as the “Youngest Nanodegree Recipient” by Google and Udacity. Furthermore, contributing to and enhancing aspects of local communities is important. For instance, I am working with the B.C. Muslim Association to provide them with innovative mobile app solutions that foster community engagement and enhance their reach. I strive to improve my skills every day to serve the community and the world. I have seen people who are living in extreme conditions that need help more than ever. Being able to support people in difficult times motivates me to break barriers that constrain my success.

Granted the endowment, I will continue my dedication in my university studies to a greater extent to what I have been doing up to this moment. I desire to study at UBC’s Computer Science Department and hope to pursue my passion for becoming an Artificial Intelligence Specialist. I want to interact and develop connections with the student community at UBC. Striving to utilize the opportunities that will present themselves will enable me to achieve my goals and allow me to contribute in making the world a better place. Be it for people who sleep in the streets, battle diseases, or work numerous jobs to provide for their families, I strive to utilize the capabilities of computer technologies to enhance the living standards for people around the world.

Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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