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What motivational strategies does Sainsbury’s use with its employees to maximise their overall performance? Essay


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Sainsbury is a Private Limited Company. It is a leading UK and US food retailer with interests in financial services and property. The group compromises Sainsbury’s Supermarkets and Sainsbury Bank in the UK and Shaw’s Supermarkets in the US. The Group employed 172,90 people at the end of the year

The Groups objective is to meet its customers’ needs effectively and thereby provide shareholders with good, sustainable financial returns. It aims to ensure all colleagues have opportunities to develop their abilities and are well rewarded for their contribution to the success of the business.

It also aims to fulfil its responsibilities to the communities and environments in which it operates.

In order to be a productively successful company Sainsbury’s has to make sure that their staff are motivated. If their staff feels motivated in the work practice then the employers can expect a higher output per head. This will explained further later on.

I have chosen to analyse the motivation techniques of the managers at J Sainsbury plc.

I want to find out how they aim to motivate their staff and if they are aware of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and if they implement them in the workplace. In order to do this I will need to research, both primary and secondary. I will need to get a hold of annual reports and accounts to find the number of workers employed at J Sainsbury and the labour turnover. This will help me find the approximate output per head. From this I will be able to work out if the employees are motivated at work. However this will not be enough, I will also need to carry out questionnaires to the employees personally to gain their individual experiences. I also intend to interview the human resource manager to find out how they seek motivate their staff and keep them satisfied. The Websites of J Sainsbury will also be used to gain extra information about their policies.

Background Knowledge

First of all I will show my background knowledge of motivational strategies and motivational factors used in businesses.

F.W.Taylor believed that people only work for one reason-money. However we now know that this is not the only satisfaction that people get out of working. There are many factors, which may affect the motivation of an employee and money is just a primary one of them.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows the needs of an average worker in order for them to be motivated at work. At the base of his hierarchy are the physical needs such as food, shelter, and warmth. These would be an individual’s factors of motivation if he were deprived of these physical things. However when these needs are fulfilled employees will need other things to motivate them. People become motivated to achieve needs such as security and stability, which Maslow called the Safety needs. See Appendix 1 for more details on Maslow’s Hierarchy. However there also a few problems that rise with his theory. Does everyone have the same needs? Do different people have different degrees of need. Can the needs ever be fully satisfied? To answer these questions I hade to ask the employees themselves.

Managers may not be aware with Maslow’s hierarchy but still utilize systems, which will motivate staff. It is obvious that if employees are happy at work they are more likely to produce more good quality products or treat customers in a better way and generally be more productive. Managers notice this and try to use techniques to

motivate their staff to increase productivity.

Analysis of Secondary Research

Sainsbury’s try to offer as many benefits as possible to satisfy their employee needs. I found out that Sainsbury’s employ around 150,968 out of which 64% are women, 10% are store managers and 13% are ethnic minorities. 5% of the ethnic minorities are managers. This is quite a small amount. This means that either Sainsbury’s is not employing an equal amount of ethnic minorities for the management post or less likely, ethnic minorities are not applying for this post. This is an unfair distribution of work. However according Sainsbury’s equality and diversity policy, their aim as an employer is to employ ‘the widest range of people to work.’

Their aim is that all colleagues should be able to work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and bulling. The policy states that all colleagues should e treated fairly regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, disability, and age (see appendix, 2 for more details). This would come under Safety needs in Maslow’s hierarchy as the policy deals with the safety of the workers by making sure everyone is treated equally. This will in turn make the employees more motivated as they do not have to worry about discrimination at work.

Sainsbury’s also have fair treatment policy, which deals with all aspects of colleagues’ treatment in the work place and is available for workers on the Sainsbury’s Intranet. Managers are all trained on diversity issues. Sainsbury also offer Staff counselling which means that employees can voice their opinion. This is a good way of motivating staff because it makes the workers feel that they are free to give their opinions and secure within their work place. This will help fulfil the employees safety needs further. Sainsbury feel that they are doing their best to make colleagues feel a part of the community. The first two stages of Maslow’s hierarchy are easily fulfilled. The jobs at Sainsbury’s provides enough income to meet physical needs

The third stage in Maslow’s theory is Social needs, this includes things like social gatherings. It means that the workers will be able to fit in easily and make friends. This will give them a sense of belonging, which will help their performance on a whole. The only social skills scheme that Sainsbury’s offers is The Sainsbury’s Staff Association (SSA). They provide social outgoings for colleagues and their families. This association also negotiates discounts for colleagues for insurance, motoring costs and banking. However only 89,000 out of the 150,968 Sainsbury’s employs are members of the SSA. This is because most of the employees do not know about these organisations and it usually gets around by word of mouth. This evidence I have obtained by doing field research.

Employees are not offered pay on their performance but just the minimum wage. However middle and senior management have a bonus scheme when they will get paid bonuses in terms of sales, customer and colleague satisfaction and targets that are set at the beginning of each year. Employees are not offered this bonus, which mean that their ‘esteem needs’ will not be fulfilled. Sainsbury’s does not offer much in terms of this stage in Maslow’s hierarchy. It concentrates on the immediate needs of the employee needs more than the esteem needs.

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