The Effects of Job Rotation on Employees on Organizations in the UAE

The study is about the effects of job rotation in public or private sectors at United Arab Emirates. The sample taken from all employees of both private and public sectors at UAE is 100 including males or females using simple random sampling. Results show that job rotation has a positive impact on all dimensions according to the UAE organizations except for the “increased stress”.

What do we already know about the immediate area of concern? Literatures considered job rotation to give positive effects to the employees.

Job rotation is a practice with which the management assigns an employee to a different job position or task not within his/her job description and the same is also employed as a training scheme for new employees. Numerous studies were made to measure its importance. The study about job rotation is often linked with the employees’ job satisfaction. Job satisfaction, on the other hand, is often measured in terms of motivational theories that formerly existed and conceptualized by previous researchers.

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What are the characteristics and relationships between key concepts and variables? The dependent variable is the job performance of the employees which is affected by the following independent variables: Build social relationship. When an employee is transferred to another department with different co-employees and a new superior, the employees may show a different attitude towards the job if he is in good or in not so good terms with the new people he will have to deal with. Broaden job knowledge and skill, increased job opportunity.

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This is one of the factors, which makes job rotation desirable to be instituted inside the working area. An employee will have an increased competitiveness and the employee will feel that the management’s trust thus the productivity will increase.

Decreased routine work and improved performance level.. Dissatisfaction may increase because of monotony, which allows the management to decide towards employing job rotation. Decreased stress. All employees even those who declares they have a high job satisfaction experienced stress. When employees were job rotating, some tasks may increase or decrease, the workload may be more challenging or interesting, and the amount of stress experienced at this particular job may be different from the stress experienced during the employment in the previous job position.

What are the existing theories, inconsistencies, shortcomings in our knowledge and understanding? The “optimistic performances” is only limited with the sample UAE employees. To measure the job satisfaction of rotating employees of the entire UAE labor market, 100-sample respondent is too limited to derive conclusions.

What evidence is lacking, inconclusive, contradictory or limited and unsatisfactory? The respondents for the study are too limited. We cannot always conclude that it is positive without the consideration of variables such as the limitations of the locale, sampled population, how satisfaction is measured, the industry of the company, the job position of employees and if all the sampled employees experienced job rotation.

Why do we need to study the research problem?

This issue lacks greater focus on the perspective of employees. The policies implemented when employing the rotation scheme is not clearly analyzed as to the protection of employees being rotated if their rights, security and satisfaction were being observed.

What contribution can the present study are expected to make?

Future studies will be provided with empirical data that will help them not generalized by using limited sources. The study will help organizations especially UAE to improve such a scheme with positive effects on the productivity of the organization. Thus, the other organizations that are not yet employing this kind of Human resource strategy will be enlightened and use it to provide employees with greater job satisfaction.

Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction Among Academic Staff in Some Selected Private Universities in Southwest Nigeria

CHAPTER 1: The Problem and its Background


The study contains no Introduction when it is supposed to be different from the Background of the study. The Abstract seems to serve as the introduction but it contains the summary of the entire study including the methods of research, the population and sample used as well as the empirical evidences based on the results of the investigation. The introduction supposed to contain the study in the global perspective not just in Nigeria. There should also be the issues locally and what is the status of organizational climate and job satisfaction of in Nigeria as other local researches suggest.

Background of the Study

The researcher emphasized that there are several studies about job satisfaction but only few focused on the job satisfaction and dissatisfaction of university teachers, which shows how this issue should be investigated and noted that the last study that focuses on the job satisfaction of educators a university was dated 1996. The scarcity of literature about the subject matter in Nigeria is the reason why the research is of importance. However, the researcher is not able to clearly state that there is a problem encountered by the universities or the educators with regards to the satisfaction in local or global scale. There are literatures provided but it simply discuss about the concept of job satisfaction.

Theoretical Framework/ Conceptual Framework

The researcher is not able to identify a theory to where the research will be anchored but he did include a motivation theory in the review of related literature that presumably is the theoretical framework of the study. The theoretical framework should be the foundation of the research and the conceptual framework should be designed in accordance with current discipline and practices as suggested by the theory. However, there is no theoretical framework indicated in this study. The design of the framework conceptualized by the researcher also suggests that he uses the Herzberg Theory. The conceptual framework also shows the hypothesis to be tested and it explains how the entire research is really derived from this framework.

Statement of the problem

The questions to be answered, which were supposed to help the investigation, were derived from the conceptual framework of the study including the hypothesis given. The researcher placed the question on a sub topic named Research Questions. The statement of the problem contains literatures that support the relevance in conducting the study about the issue of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among university educators.

Scope and Limitations of the Study

The research was conducted in (5) five selected private universities within southwest Nigeria but did not include any public schools. The generalizations in this research is only limited to employees of private schools. Names of the schools, addresses and the relevance with the literature that supports the chosen locale of the study were not stated but the information regarding the school and their names are included in the Chapter 3. “The focus of this study is centered on academic staff in some selected private universities within the Southwest zone of Nigeria.” This is supposed to be included in this particular sub topic but the researcher sited it in the significance of the study.


There is no definition of terms. The method of research is supposed to be in chapter three but is included in chapter 1. The significance of the study indicates just two stakeholders for the research and is not chronologically organized. The theoretical framework of the study is not clearly emphasized although the framework of the study is conceptualized.

CHAPTER 2: Review of Related Literature and Studies

The review of related literature comprises subtopics that emphasizes each relevant topics related to the study. It is not indicated if the literatures are local or global issues. Some of the studies are not relevant because the publishing dates are not focused on current issues.

CHAPTER 3: Research Methodology

An introduction is indicated for the readers who may not know the importance of Chapter will be able to identify the objectives and purpose of this topic. The reasons why the researcher employs cross sectional method from descriptive research and the significance of this method to further investigate a common topic with uncommon participants are not stated. The chapter three clearly explains how the data will be treated.

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The Effects of Job Rotation on Employees on Organizations in the UAE

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