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Superstructure and tourist attractions in UAE

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There are various superstructures and tourist attractions in UAE that enhances its position in the tourist world. The following research includes the vast variety of superstructures that has helped UAE gain international recognition in the tourism industry. It elaborates on how certain attractions such as the Dubai mall and Burj Al Arab have become the center point of the business world. Furthermore, it explores the fact that how tourism can be used an important tool to connect and introduce Emirati culture to the rest of the world.

Research questions:

  • What are the various superstructures and tourist attractions in UAE that attract the most international tourists?
  • How have these superstructures attracted many more tourists compared to previous years?
  • How has tourism improved the economy of UAE?

The research question revolves around the importance of having superstructures and tourist attractions in UAE. The research question focuses on how building and emphasizing on tourist attractions; the UAE government is gaining an international recognition worldwide along with advertising for its culture and cultural values to the world.

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The research question is thus focusing on the different tourist attractions and its benefits to the UAE economy, cultural identity and global center point.

Importance/ Significance of the studyTourism holds an important position for any country nowadays. Tourism is not by far a means a means of enjoyment for the people coming from countries. It has now become a source of national income for a country. With the rapidly transitional world, the world populations have increased enormously with the enhanced advancement of technology, therefore, the need to travel has increased.

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Especially in a country like UAE, which has become a global village because of its diverse population and success, it is very significant to study the effects of tourism due to its superstructures and tourist attractions. With the aid of this research, we can evaluate the pros and cons of tourism and how to control other factors whilst being an international hub.

How can we improve the current situation of tourism and what should be done to maximize cultural competency of UAE in the world? Also, this research will be helpful to analyze how UAE’s GDP and other economic factors has increased drastically with tourism. Not many people are aware of the different aspects of how tourism plays a pivotal role in the success of country, this paper will tell the readers of how in today’s world, tourism is as important as any other important aspect of the country.

What are the various superstructures and tourist attractions in UAE that attract the most international tourists?

Dubai’s milestone building is the Burj Khalifa, which, at 829.8 meters, is the tallest structure on the planet and the most renowned of the city’s places of interest. According to TIME magazine, the boldest of the majority of Dubai’s megaprojects is the gathering of recovered islands simply seaward. First came the palm-tree molded Palm Jumeirah, which the city charges as the ‘eighth marvel of the world.

The Burj Al-Arab, the world’s tallest inn, standing 321 meters high without anyone else fake island on the Dubai coastline. It was intended to look like a surging sail of the water vessel dhow. The outside of the structure is lit up by an arranged shaded lighting appear at night. The UAE likewise invests wholeheartedly of its Jumeirah Beach, named after its region in Dubai, on the Persian Gulf coast. The portion of sandy white rapture is the No. 1 shoreline goal for guests which being one of the costliest lodgings on the planet, with the richest suites costing more than $15,000 for one night. The Dubai Aquarium is one of the city’s fundamental vacation destinations, lodging 140 types of ocean life in the immense suspended tank on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall. (UAE envoy brings relations with PHL to new heights, 2017).

In the same way as other developing urban areas over the world, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are putting resources into structure social organizations. Oil income and stripped assets are encouraging the development of galleries and a relating recovery of social legacy. The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, through the Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC), has reserved Saadiyat Island as a social focus offering private financial specialists the opportunity to create individual locales as per the arranging guidelines and plan rules.

The TDIC charged five prestigious modelers to plan famous exhibition halls and a performing expression focus on the Saadiyat Island: Tadao Ando for the Maritime Museum, Frank Gehry for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Zaha Hadid for the Performing Arts Center, and Jean Nouvel for the Mus?e du Louver and Foster and Partners for the Sheik Zayed National Museum. The Emirate of Sharjah presents an elective way to developing historical centers as current legacy. While Sharjah’s vestige speaks to hubs associating assorted networks, its neighborhood galleries can possibly go about as ‘foundations’ in the endeavor to moderate contrasts in the present.

Sharjah’s exhibition halls together utilize more than 450 experts of both genders and an assortment of nationalities, and are spread out over the city. Rather than a solitary, solid establishment, these exhibition halls, over a scope of areas, permit free as worldwide voyagers, national guests, staff and individuals from the neighborhood networks. 33% of these galleries are deliberately situated inside the legacy zone, which right up ’til the present time works as the city’s Central Business District. CITATION Sam13 l 1033 (Rabb, 2013) There are other destinations that are cheap and affordable and at the same time very fun for thr tourists. For instance, Zabeel Park; maybe one of Dubai’s most prominent recreational ideas as far as greenery near the downtown area. Head there to chill and have a ton of fun this end of the week be it the grills, the play areas, the amphitheater’s air or to see the Dubai Garden Glow close by, Jabel Hafeet, Hatta pools, Sharjah national Park, Al Mamzar Park, Saruq Al Hadid Museum. For the cultural lovers, there are, Shaikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House, Al Ain Classic Car Museum, Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, Sharjah Arts Museum, Qaryat Al Torath Heritage Village, Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Gold Souk in Dubai, Jumeirah Mosque and Masdar City.

How has tourism improved the economy of UAE?

Regardless of local difficulties, the travel industry in the UAE over the previous year has stayed solid and prosperous. As indicated by figures, Dubai will stay stable with continuous development and Abu Dhabi is probably going to stay under strain with proceeded with development in inn supply. “While some customarily famous goals, for example, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and so on have been influenced by security concerns and tourism warnings, different goals, including Dubai, have demonstrated versatile and even flourished in the ongoing months, mostly profiting by the emergency,” said Christopher Hewett, Consultant with TRI Hospitality Consulting in Dubai. As indicated by TRI Hospitality Consulting’s figures, Dubai’s inns gross working benefit per accessible room (GOPPAR) expanded 14.1 percent to $160.07 for the January to September period. (UAE TOURISM INDUSTRY, 2012)

The complete commitment of movement and the travel industry to the UAE GDP was Dh133.8 billion ($36.42 billion – 8.7% of GDP) in 2015. This was conjecture to ascend by 4.4% in 2016, and by a further 5.4% per annum to over Dh236 billion ($64.2 billion – 11.2% of GDP) in 2026, with experiential the travel industry credited as a key territory of development. ATM is considered by many travel industry insiders as a regarded marker for the travel industry division in the MENA area. The gathering has encountered a year-on-year guest participation increment of 9% to more than 28,500 of every 2016, with 2,785 showing organizations, marking business bargains worth more than $2.5 billion more than four days. (Writer, 2017).

The travel industry assumes an essential job in the development of the UAE’s economy, and its significance shows up prone to proceed in the years ahead (John, 2018). Over the most recent four decades, the UAE and other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nations have relied upon oil incomes as an essential wellspring of salary. The UAE utilized oil incomes to construct propelled foundation and money industry ventures. Be that as it may, so as to verify its financial advancement and certification its encouraging and thriving over the long haul the nation chose to broaden its pay sources and create administration parts, including the travel industry (UAE Business, 2016). currently, the travel industry is the most significant non-oil monetary segment in the UAE.

In 2016, the movement and the travel industry area contributed $44 billion to the nation’s GDP. It produced 10.4% of all out business or 617,500 occupations, including in a roundabout way upheld employment, and straightforwardly made 317,500 employments, which was 5.4% of the nation’s all out work. Interests in the movement and the travel industry area totaled AED 26.2 billion (US$7.1 billion), 7% of all out speculation. Relaxation travel commanded the travel industry spending, which represented 77.4% of direct travel and the travel industry GDP (AED 115 billion), contrasted and 22.6% for business travel spending (AED 33.6 billion) (Dubai Tourism News, 2017). As of now, the UAE is the most the travel industry aggressive nation in the Middle East and North Africa area. Notwithstanding, the nation lingers behind the world’s most aggressive the travel industry goals, for example, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland which pulled in 620 million of the 1.2 billion global guests worldwide in 2016 CITATION Mic19 l 2057 (Michael, Reisinger, & P.Hayes, 2019).

How have these superstructures attracted many more tourists compared to previous years?

As indicated by the month to month traffic report issued by the air terminal administrator Dubai Airports, Dubai International Airport saw a 12.8 percent in traveler number for September contrasted with that month a year ago, arriving at 4,780,390 travelers. The solid execution during the initial nine months – seven of which recorded twofold digit development – has helped the year to date traffic by 13.4 percent to 42,565,340 contrasted with 37,547,744 recorded during the comparing time frame a year ago. (UAE TOURISM INDUSTRY, 2012)

Traveler development in Abu Dhabi expanded by 14.5 percent in September contrasted with a similar period a year ago with 1.2 million travelers going through the air terminal’s offices, as per the ongoing traffic report discharged by Abu Dhabi Airports Company. Flying machine development likewise developed by 8.4 percent for September contrasted with that month a year ago, an expansion that is basically because of Etihad’s new administrations and increment in flight frequencies. In Dubai, air ship development in September expanded by 3.9 percent. The air terminal took care of 193,261 tons of payload in September, an expansion of 9.1 percent more than 177,128 tons recorded during a similar period in 2011 and marks the most elevated month to month increment since October 2010 (UAE TOURISM INDUSTRY, 2012)

in the travel industry report titled Middle East Macro view, Citi said that Abu Dhabi, in the meantime, saw a 17.3 percent drop in normal room rates, implying that regardless of a three percent expansion in inhabitance, in general incomes were down in the UAE capital’s inns in March by 13.7 percent, “we trust Dubai and Abu Dhabi will keep on driving the development in the travel industry division, supported by conceivable continuous political vulnerability somewhere else in the district,” the report expressed, it included that while the GCC nations that were unaffected by the disturbance – UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait – differently demonstrated some proportion of development in the travel industry, Dubai and Abu Dhabi were by a long shot the “best entertainers”. (UAE TOURISM REMAINS A GOING CONCERN, 2011)

Research directed by UK-based Knight Frank shows an inspirational standpoint for the accommodation area in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, driven by the opening of amusement parks and new vacation spots in the nation. The exploration additionally guaranteed that from an inventory side, in spite of outstanding ongoing openings, the two urban areas remain underserved as far as mid-market and spending lodging contributions. “The normal conveyance of the amusement park complex, Bluewater’s Island, the Opera District and real retail goals in Dubai, alongside Abu Dhabi’s promise to creating excitement and social regions of its own, will invigorate appearance and keep up the aggressive situating of the two urban communities.

These interest drivers are underscored by the proceeded with interest in aircraft framework, which will further expand the openness of the two emirates.” Dubai is set to invite four amusement parks and Dubai Opera before the year-end, and stage one of the Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi amusement park will open in 2018. “The presentation of increasingly reasonable cordiality alternatives will at last balance the lodging supply, which is vigorously weighted towards the top part of the arrangement in the two emirates, and will enlarge the nation’s visitor base,” the report said. The report additionally states, on a less hopeful note, that difficulties seen in 2015, for example, a solid US dollar, lower guest numbers from Russia and CIS nations, more slow financial development in China and the Eurozone are relied upon to proceed all through 2016, and are required to have momentary effects on interest and productivity. (Staff, 2016)

The current year’s Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2017, will concentrate on the developing pattern of experiential the travel industry. As per a report from Colliers International, this subject of is set to be one of the significant the travel industry drivers in the UAE this year and for a long time to come. The report from Colliers stated: “The normal length of stay stayed at 3.6 evenings in 2016 and it is normal that this will further develop as the city expands its amusement parks and diversion contributions. A more prominent family bid is relied upon to drive generally speaking spending also.”

A rising number of worldwide explorers to the UAE are settling on longer remains in the nation, mostly determined by the 96-hour visa for any aircraft voyager in Dubai. Forward Keys, in its most recent report, said the quickest developing gathering is currently those remaining between six to eight evenings in the nation. Its conjecture of future travel examples depends on its examination of 16 million booking exchanges a day.

With short remains of – one to three evenings – speaking to 67% of landings during the most recent a year in the UAE, by and large short stay appointments for April and May 2017 keep on staying more grounded than that months a year ago, determined by appointments from the UK, France and Indonesia. June, in any case, is slacking on the grounds that to the Ramadan time frame.

As indicated by the organization, the UK, the US and Kuwait added to the development of both short-remain and long-stay voyagers to the UAE. Chinese entries for long stays blasted when the for nothing out of pocket, visa-on-landing was presented in November 2016, it included. Appointments for long remains in Dubai are right now over 28% in front of a year ago, determined by European and US voyagers making arrangements for Easter and spring occasions. Russians will likewise be landing in expanding numbers, for the Easter weekend, yet in addition in late April and early May for spring occasion, Labor Day and Victory Day, the organization said. (Writer, 2017)


To conclude, superstructures and tourism attractions in UAE, plays a pivotal role in building the economy, attracting more international tourists, and building the overall tourism reputation. Throughout the paper, we discovered certain destinations like the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Garden Glow close by, Jabel Hafeet, Hatta pools, Sharjah national Park, Al Mamzar Park, Saruq Al Hadid Museum are among the various destinations that are visited by the tourists.


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