McDonald's Code of Ethics for Employees

The code of ethics that McDonald's employees are expected to abide by is covered in the corporation's Standards of Business Conduct document. Each year, all employees must sign a document certifying that they've read the document and will follow its precepts. Employees also attend training related to the ethical standards. The document is 40-plus pages and covers six themes.

1. Obligations to Customers

McDonald's fosters an ethical obligation to provide clean, hygienic restaurants; child-friendly toys; and a safe atmosphere for all customers.

This means that safety standards for food and toys should match or exceed government standards. The obligation includes ensuring that all advertising is honest and tasteful, and that confidential information is not shared.

2. Obligations to Employees

McDonald's standards booklet includes a section on providing a positive experience for its employees. For example, employees are encouraged to report misconduct without fear of retaliation. The work environment should be positive and fair, free of harassment and violence. Harassment can include sexual harassment, racial jokes and offensive comments.

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The corporation believes in diversity and treating all employees equally, according to the ethics code.

3. Corporate System

McDonald's believes that its corporations and employees have an ethical obligation to act in the best interest of McDonald's itself -- and not for personal gain. Owners and operators of McDonald's restaurants should act independently but with integrity, following all relevant laws and safety guidelines. Suppliers should also be treated fairly.

4. Ethical Guidelines

The corporate standards book includes a section on ethical guidelines for dealing with McDonald's assets.

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These obligations include protecting the intellectual property of McDonald's and its assets. For example, employees shouldn't use company computers to transmit illegal information or use the McDonald's logo for personal gain. Any conflicts of interest should be immediately shared with the company's Global Compliance Office. This includes working with family and friends. Bribery is strictly prohibited.

5. Helping Out Communities

One of the cornerstones of McDonald's employees' ethical obligations is giving back to the community. Employees donate millions in money and hours of service every year, the company says. However, political donations made by the company must be approved by the government relations department. An employee who wants to donate time or money to a political candidate is free to do so, but only on his personal time and at his own expense. McDonald's also focuses on environmental health, such as investing in climate change innovations and conservation efforts.

6. Seeking Profit and Improvement

While seeking profit and growth is of utmost importance to McDonald's, its corporate standards book stipulates that no employee should engage in such actions if it violates antitrust or fair competition laws. Competitive advantages shouldn't be gained through unfair or illegal trade, but through research, marketing and quality service. An independent Board of Directors provides monitoring and communication to the shareholders and internal investigations will be ordered to look into any potential employee misconduct.

Starbucks Code of Ethics
Our Starbucks Mission
To inspire and nurture the human spirit—one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time. Here are the principles of how we live that every day:
Our Coffee
It has always been, and will always be, about quality. We’re passionate about ethically sourcing the finest coffee beans, roasting them with great care, and improving the lives of people who grow them. We care deeply about all of this; our work is never done.

Our Partners

We’re called partners, because it’s not just a job, it’s our passion. Together, we embrace diversity to create a place where each of us can be ourselves. We always treat each other with respect and dignity. And we hold each other to that standard.

Our Customers

When we are fully engaged, we connect with, laugh with, and uplift the lives of our customers—even if just for a few moments. Sure, it starts with the promise of a perfectly made beverage, but our work goes far beyond that. It’s really about human connection.

Our Stores

When our customers feel this sense of belonging, our stores become a haven, a break from the worries outside, a place where you can meet with friends. It’s about enjoyment at the speed of life— sometimes slow and savoured, sometimes faster. Always full of humanity.

Our Neighborhood

Every store is part of a community, and we take our responsibility to be good neighbors seriously. We want to be invited in wherever we do business. We can be a force for positive action— bringing together our partners, customers, and the community to contribute every day. Now we see that our responsibility—and our potential for good—is even larger. The world is looking to Starbucks to set the new standard, yet again. We will lead.

Our Shareholders

We know that as we deliver in each of these areas, we enjoy the kind of success that rewards our shareholders. We are fully accountable to get each of these elements right so that Starbucks—and everyone it touches—can endure and thrive.

Code of Ethics of Pizza Hut

There are specific rules and principles, which are being involved in the code of conduct at pizza hut. Each employee which is working at pizza hut has to sign the code of conduct documentation which ensures that he/ she will observe all the rules.

Raw material ethics

According to the given percentage the head office located in Karachi provides 90% of the raw materials that are being used at pizza hut. The raw material, which is being provided, is tested for quality and hygienic measures and then it is provided to the end users. For the rest 10% raw material pizza hut is using the JIT (just in time) concept. It is done on the basis of fair transactions with vendor and suppliers. The transactions are credit based. The issue regarding the raw material is some time payments get late according to the fixed schedule.

Opportunity and growth ethics

Opportunity and growth are the basics, which an organization must follow to earn the future success. At pizza hut opportunity and growth is considered as the basic right of the employee. The employees are given the opportunity in the form on training courses, which help them to enhance their speaking, managing, cooking, maintenance and dealing capabilities. I.e. the manager has done 6 courses in time period of 6weeks all being sponsored by pizza hut to enhance his managing skills.

Security ethics

The security ethics are being observed in many ways. There are 4 guards, which are performing their duties at pizza hut. One guard is at the entrance making sure the no body is carrying a prohibited thing with him and its also being aided by a metaldetector installed at the entrance door. Others are in the parking area to keep the vehicles safe. Pizza hut have also installed cameras in the sitting areas, everyone is being monitored for the sake of the security. All these arrangements have made pizza hut a safe place to dine-in.

Recruitment ethics

The recruitment which is being done at pizza hut is under the HRM department .the employee are recruited on the basis of their education, personality, speaking style, and facial expressions because they have given a very strong importance level to their customers so employee are selected on the basis with whom the customer feels comfortable to talk and deal with. The manger level recruitment is done by the headoffice n lower employee recruitment is done on the third party basis.

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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