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In the novel “Peak” written by Roland Smith are conveyed the important of themes adventure, friends and family and betrayal. The novel “Peak” is a story about a young boy who began climbing and tagging, but this all changes when he is caught and is sent to juvenile detention. But when he gets to choose his sentence to either go to Thailand with this real father or stay in jail, his life changes. Firstly one of the important themes in the novel is friends and family.

Friendship and family plays a very important part in the story. Peak finds and makes many friends while traveling to Thailand and also climbing the mountains with his real dad Josh, The family back home in America also played a important theme in the text and peak soon finds out that his mum, step dad and two sisters really do care about him, This is shown in the book from ‘Rolf’s letter’ when Peak finally realized that Rolf cared about him and his family.

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This is shown through “you don’t get to pick your name or your parents” changed peaks thoughts on family because he knew that they care about him and love him forever and always. The Friendship and family theme plays a major part in the book by allowing the characters to feel accepted loved and form friendships forever.

The novel Peak focuses on the theme of betrayal throughout the book. When Peak finally realised that his real dad was using him for his climbing business to promote it because peak was over the news and popular in the climbing world.

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Through this experience of betrayal Peak realised whom he really loved. Again “you don’t get to pick your name or your parents” relates to this moment in the story. Betrayal is a major theme in the novel through Peaks dad josh not loving him and using him to promote his climbing business “Peak experience”. Finally peak plays a big part of one of the themes adventure all through out the book. The theme adventure is focused on a lot through the novel. The theme adventure is shown when Peak started to climb the skyscraper and began tagging buildings. Peak’s adventure had a disadvantage when he is caught tagging a skyscraper.

The theme of adventure is shown when peak travels and goes on adventures to climb the ice mountains. Adventure is an important aspect of this book and is shown is the text in many different ways but mainly touring and climbing. Overall the book “Peak” is a story with major themes involved that are important in the novel “Peak” because it brings the readers interest, understanding and many thoughts going thoughts there head. In audition friends and family relate to being an important theme because it creates a good feeling all the way throughout the book but also allows sadness through the story line. Betrayal is also a very important theme because it addresses conflict and disagreement. Adventure in the novel is also shown all the way through the book; this shows courage, bravery and a very creative and fun Character.

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