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Most Valuable Thing

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In today’s society, people steal, cheat, gamble, kill, and do just about everything for money and material things. We overestimate the power of money, but in the end the things we most value are not store bought. The one thing that I value the most that money can’t buy is my family because they always support me, guide me through life, and love me unconditionally.

I came home one day, lay down on my bed and sulked. I had had a terrible day at school and was very upset.

My mom came in and asked what was wrong, but I didn’t want to talk about it. My mom could tell that I was dismayed, so she went out of her way to go out and rent my favorite movie. The whole family sat around the television, watching a movie, eating popcorn and having an enjoyable time. Just being with my family that night made me feel so much better.

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I know that no matter what problems life throws at me, I can always count on my family for support and solace.

Furthermore, I greatly cherish my family because the guide me through the paths of life through their religious and moral guidance. My parents have been Christians since birth and my dad is a pastor at our church. Because of this, they have greatly influenced me to go to church, pray and read The Bible. Also, they have always taught me to do the right thing and not be negatively influenced by the behavior of others, for example, in going to parties or drinking.

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Their guidance has definitely molded me into the person that I am today.

I also greatly treasure the love that my family and I share. My family demonstrates their love by the many diverse things they do. For instance, the way my mom always comes into my room and kisses me before I go to sleep, or how my sister always helps me with my English homework, or how my dad gets me exactly the present I want for my birthday, or even by my little brother saying that I look nice in my new dress. It’s the everyday little things that they do that demonstrate their love for me. Without their love, life would be meaningless and empty.

The support, counsel, and love my family gives me makes them more precious than any material object. I know that whenever I have an issue, my family will comfort and guide me through it. Money may be able to buy nice clothes, food, and other costly material goods, but no amount of money could ever equal the love that my family and I share.

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Most Valuable Thing

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