My Motivation to Study Business At University

Since starting my own e-commerce business at the age of 14, purchasing low cost items and selling them, I have learnt the significance of profit margins and strategies used to appeal to a range of buyers. Over time, I have realized that as a society we revolve around money to survive in the modern world, where we are becoming increasingly surrounded by advertising and greater competition for business: a world in which, I believe, I have the ambitious aspirations to excel, alongside the common-sense and grounding to appeal to the general public.

To further widen my knowledge and appreciation for the course, I enjoy reading the Financial Times and following news to do with big corporations regarding political and controversial issues, such as Brexit and how it affects domestic businesses. Having read books, such as “The Business Book” by DK, I have come to value independent study, bettering my understanding of the practical implications of business decisions, given the A Level curriculum’s limitations.

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For instance, Anita Roddick suggests that decision-making in “entrepreneurship is about survival which nurtures creative thinking”: the business sector is not only about money; it’s about how necessity affects your choices and skills in developing new kinds of thinking. I also watch TED talks frequently, especially those regarding finance, including one by Adam Carroll, who explained how we have changed and everything is digital money. Contactless payment and Apple Pay are described as an ‘illusion’ with very real consequences, where the money is real but not tangible.

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This perspective has helped shaped how I view the dangerous consequences of seeing money as an ‘illusions’ to be frivolously spent. Indeed, I have learnt the importance of working hard towards measurable, meaningful results. Having been disappointed in my Year 10 grades, I became a diligent student in my final GCSE year; my revision strategies were improved and my punctuality reflected my professional attitude to learning, resulting in significant progress, from 3 C grades in Year 10 to 7’s, 6’s and 5’s in Year 11. Now, my A levels, Sociology, Business and Media, inspire me to consider how my actions affect not only my final grades, but also my interactions: in a business, I will be able to use these skills to maintain good public relations with customers.

To gain further insight into a business environment, I did a week's experience at a solicitors’ firm where I learned key skills, such as teamwork and management. I was taught the value of hard work and learned how to follow instructions, as well as use my initiative. For example, when I was given a stack of folders to file through, though it was a dull task, i showed the ability to persevere and accomplish assignments. Together with this, I also worked part-time in Winter Wonderland, where I was dealing with money and improving my customer service skills, even when dealing with difficult customers, demonstrating my determination and dedication. At age 15, I joined a charity event in St Johns Wood where I sold fair tickets and accumulated £120 worth of funding on my own.

This has given me insight into the need help others. In the summer of 2016, I worked in a hotel where I learned how to represent a business by dressing smartly and conducting myself in a respectable manner. Ever since I first started playing monopoly, I came up with a strategy to win: constantly invest in potential, which is why I invest the time and effort into my studies now and will continue to do so in the future. If I were given the opportunity to study Business at university, it would act as a platform for my future endeavors within the business community.

Updated: Feb 13, 2024
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