My Personal Philosophy Of Life

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As a registered dental hygienist, my primary focus is to educate patients on their oral hygiene for better and healthier lives. My mission is to serve my community and provide the best hygiene services by implementing the skills and knowledge I receive throughout my dental hygiene education courses based on our code of ethics, technical knowledge, and professional goals.

The most important things, I will do to help my community are volunteering and educating. I will achieve that by helping low-income preschools, geriatric homes, and homeless shelters.

Helping less unfortunate people is the greatest deed any person could do and that is my mission in life.

Working in a well-organized dental office as part of a cohesive dental team workplace. With a well-organized office, everything flows smoothly with no complications that can arise with the unorganized office. A cohesive staff also plays a major role in a well and efficient office.

By respecting everyone on the dental team, good motives, and remain united in the pursuit of a

common goal. Maintaining a professional attitude in my workplace is my nature, based on what

I believe in my own personal philosophy.

My standard of care is to provide a good relationship with patients to earn their trust by listing carefully to understand their oral health concerns. Also by employing professional roles such as education, research, advocate, and administration. My philosophy of practice is to focus on principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence. Being able to prove beneficial services to clients is my duty and obligation as a dental hygienist.

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Also causing no harm to patients is one of the top priorities for me and I will achieve perfection through continuing education courses. The more knowledgeable I am about my profession, the better quality of treatment for my clients will be.

It is my obligation to show veracity to my patient by being honest with my patient. An office or a clinician that withholds information from the patient violates the Hippocratic oath. Also, an office that discriminates between patients is a degrading image of our profession and ethics. Hence, the social trust of the community toward the profession would dissipate. In my opinion, hygienists are and should be the most trusted individuals by patients since they are the ones that provide the oral hygiene education and look out what is the best oral care for the patients.

As a hygienist either in the clinic office or outside the clinic, patient privacy is to be kept confidential since the patient trusted clinicians to remain faithful. Every patient has the right to withhold information from society and hence by providing dental hygienists with the information shows great trust in our profession. As the new patient walks into our office we expect them to be truthful with us and provide us with complete and accurate records of their medical and dental history to be able to treat them according to their needs. However, the patient would expect the same with us by providing them with accurate and easy-to-understand informed consent as a contract between hygienists and patients.

I will provide the best oral care and education to my patients to ensure the quality of care. As each day passes, I will enhance and proud to make a change in a person’s life by providing them the education and prevent disease through self-care and regular checkups. Lastly, it’s our philosophy that gives meaning and purpose to our lives. If every one of us accomplishes a great change in someone else’s life, the world will be a better place.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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