A Reflection of My Job Experience as a Cast Member at Chuck E. Cheese

During my senior year in high school, I worked as a cast member at Chuck E Cheese. As a cast member, my main job duty was to make sure that every guest had a wonderful time. My job responsibilities were: birthday party hostess, cashier, kid check, “make magic,” maintain the prize counter and other duties that every cast member had to do. My work experience at CEC shares many parallels with the ideals described in the job characteristic model. The perception that my work was meaningful, the number of responsibilities associated with myjob and the knowledge of the results of my effort were big motivators for me at work.

  The skill variety at CEC is unmatched by any job I have ever worked before in life a cast member, especially a party hostess, had to use a variety of skills and abilities in order to complete job-related task. Each party hostess had to possess a likeable, high energy personality and some type of interpersonal skills, I loved that characteristic of my job.

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The fact that there was never a dull moment as a birthday host because I always had something to do was a big motivator for me on one particular Saturday in January, I was assigned to host a birthday party for a girl named Jasmine who was turning five years old I greeted Jasmine, her mother and a few other party guest at the door. Before I could open my mouth to tell Jasmine “Happy Birthday,” she was already telling me “it’s my birthday!” with the cutest smile on her face.

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Just by Jasmine’s reaction, I knew that this would be a fun party to host Jasmine’s mother, Crystal gave off a very nervous and stressed vibe. After I was done explaining the schedule of the party to Crystal, she told me that majority of her guest would not be able to make it and that Jasmine‘s father was in Iraq.

While Crystal was on the verge on tears, I explained to her that I would do any and everything in my power to make sure her daughter had the best birthday and enjoyed her day despite the fact most of her guest couldn’t make it. I was so motivated to make sure this party went off without a hitch. The task signification of this party made it different from any of the other parties that I hosted in the past, this party meant a lot to Jasmine and her mother Jasmine’s mother just wanted to be sure her daughter thoroughly enjoyed her birthday. Although there was a set schedule that every party followed, there wasn’t a script how I kept me guest entertained was fully up to me this aspect of autonomy or degree of independence and freedom gave me a high sense of responsibility.

For Jasmine‘s party, the aspect of autonomy played a big partr For example: all of the party hostesses usually waited until after the majority of everyone’s party had arrived before giving out tokens. By doing this, we avoided making party parents angry and jealous because one party had tokens and theirs doesn‘t. For Jasmine’s party, I gave her mom the tokens earlier than the other parties I did this because I figured it would stop Jasmine from jumping off the walls and that it would help to take Crystal‘s mind off of the lack of guest. Periodically throughout Jasmine’s party, I would check on them and see how they were doing Jasmine would smile and tell me she‘s having so much fun. Crystal’s attitude seemed to shift as the party progressed she didn’t seem as stressed as she did when she arrived.

The importance of the aspect of task identity was exemplified by the change in Crystal’s attitude. Crystal’s calmness and growing smile served as an observable outcome or product of my efforts it was indication that I was handling my responsibilities and performing my job in an efficient manner. I disagree with the motivating potential score (MPS) formula because I think task identity should be a separate entity just like autonomy and feedback. I feel that without seeing an observable outcome or product of one‘s work efforts – a job automatically has no motivating potential. If I can’t see the results of my effort, I would have no motivation towards my job no matter if feedback and autonomy is present. Feedback is has the same importance as task identity and anatomy.

At the end of each patty, the party hostess give the paying party guest their receipt and a comment card to leave feedback. The top of the card asks the guests to rate the quality of their party and the bottom asks them to leave a comment on Crystal’s comment card, she rated the party as “excellence” and at the bottom she wrote: “Klara was amazing! My daughter is in love! Jasmine and a great time and I truly appreciate Kiara’s hard work Will request her in the future” Crystal’s feedback affected me beyond just being a work experience it made me realization the passion I have for helping people achieve happiness Crystal also gave me an $80 tip and a hug! That was the most I have ever received from a party.

I feel that my comment card and tip experience with Crystal exemplifies the power of feedback in how it influences the worker’s experience of work results. Using the job characteristic model and looking back on my work experience with Crystal and Jasmine, I understand how each characteristic influences work motivation, I now understand that: skill variety, task identity and task significance all affected the meaningfulness I had for my job; autonomy greatly influenced the sense of responsibility I associated with job and feedback influenced my experience of work results, I feel that myjob at CEC promoted growth, I consider myself high in the growth need strength and I felt that CEC met my needs and desire for personal growth. I gained interpersonal, time management and problem solving skills from my work experience at CECI.

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