Who Moved My Cheese Book Review?

The story tells the tale of four characters of which two are mice Sniff and Scurry, and the other two, little people Haw and Hem-they who are humans, the only difference is their size which is similar to that of the mice. These four characters routinely search for their cheese everything day as way of life. At some point in time, they all find what they are looking for. In this, they bask in the happiness and comfort of their cheese for a very long while.

One faithful day, their cheese has been moved and it is no longer in the location they find it every day, their routine has been changed. For the two mice, they quickly embrace the change that has happen and quickly set off looking for a new cheese so that they can continue to bask in their enjoyment.

Not very long the mice find new cheese and their happiness continues. On the other hand, the littlepeople refuse to accept the inevitable change which has occurred, they keep living in denial and complaining that it is not fair that their cheese has been moved.

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It takes a very longtime for self-realization to come into the mind of Haw one of the littlepeople to back into the maze to look for new happiness rather than hopelessly wait for their old happiness to come back to them. He sets off on his journey which is long and hard, along the way, he learns a lot of life lessons which keeps him going.

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Finally, he finds new cheese, new happiness, fresher and more than he ever hoped for. In his closing wishes, he hopes that his fried Hem sees the light and also takes up the new challenge.

Reflectively, it is interesting how the human mind can be so disadvantageous despite the praise heaped on it. We claim to be the smartest and wisest species in the universe, yet we go on to overcomplicate things for ourselves. This story has clearly indicated that, because we like to analyze situations a lot, it gets to a stage where we allow fear to creep in, thus preventing us from challenging ourselves. From the story, I realized that I am kind of Hem-ish; but like he said, “it’s better late than never”. So with situations where I have over analyzed, I will accept the changes which have occurred, embraced the challenges and move with the cheese or even better still, look for a New Cheese.

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Who Moved My Cheese Book Review?

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