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Drake once said “ sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination”. When taking on a journey the adventure is where all your memories will be created. On this voyage new opportunities and blessings will align, preparing you for the destination that will come. The quest begins to matter more than the destination when taking on the adventure to grow as a person, explore new cultures, and be in the view of showing integrity. When having the opportunity to explore new things this promotes personal growth causing one to mature. 

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Journey in The Odyssey

The adventure is more meaningful than the destination when taking on actions that the explorer will grow from. In the epic poem “The Odyssey,” by Homer, the poet explains that on a expedition one should receive personal growth, “tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye Laertes son, whose homes on Ithaca” (458-460). In the Odyssey, Odysseus demonstrates obedience when telling Polyphemus his real name rather than staying disguised as Nobody. When taking on an Odyssey your attitude and actions will result if you’ll reach your destination or not. Without Odysseus’s obedience and honesty his voyage home wouldn’t have been as valuable as it was. The expedition is more significant than the destination when beginning to explore new things that weren’t able to be explores before. When taking on an adventure you don’t always need a destination to do new things.

In the poem “ Gone and Back Again: A travelers Advice “ the author emphasizes the importance of a positive attitude “ Keep an open mind. you’ll be encountering people whose lifestyles are different from yours “ (8). Understanding different lifestyles is important when going on a Odyssey so you’re able to explore new attitudes that you weren’t able to explore before. In the epic poem “ The Return “ by Ngugi wa Thiong’o, A african american man named Kamau was taken to a detention camp and returned home where he finds “his hopes dashed on the ground “ (33). When Kamau was on his expedition home he expects everything to be the same when he returns. While Kamau was taken to the detention camp he had to find ways on how he would live his new life. When on an expedition it’s taking you on a roller coaster that will prepare you for the arrival of your destination. The quest matters more than the destination when growing the character trait of loyalty and integrity.
In the Odyssey, Homer emphasizes the importance of honesty and strong moral principles throughout the epic poem. As Odysseus has been gone for twenty years there are a hundred and twenty suitors in his household waiting to marry to his wife Penelope. Penelope stays loyal and gave the suitors incapable tasks “ Penelope [adds] she will marry the man who can string Odysseus’s bow and shoot an arrow through twelve ax handle sockets “. Penelope gave this task knowing that only Odysseus can achieve it due to his strategy. When taking on a excursion there’s doesn’t always need be a destination because you can take on an adventure and still grow without reaching a destination. In the article “ Back From War, but Not Really Home “ by Caroline Alexander, the author points out that Odysseus on his expedition home keeps “ The real war to himself “ (7). Odysseus believes that he will show an expression of weakness if he shares the pain from his war. While Odysseus on his voyage home realizes his actions in the war were heroic. When taking on a quest your honesty and strong principles turn out to be the most important factor of reaching your destination.

Pros of a Journey and Adventure

Therefore when one takes on a adventure they are able to experience new opportunities in a joyful and adventurous matter. The assets of a quest introduces the capability of personal growth in many different ways. If one takes on an adventure and focuses more on the voyage than the destination, they are able to advance as a person physically, mentally and spiritually. Sadly, most of our time in our lives we are spent doing the same routine in the same place, with the same people. While changing this routine can be a benefit and can cause advancement as a individual. Every individual is meant to step out there bubble and try new things that has a life changing affect.

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