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My Literacy Journey

I do not really remember when I first began my literacy journey. I was always admired by books and reading when I was younger. I believe my journey began when I was four or five. It was either Christmas or my birthday, and I had gotten a LeapPad. It introduced me to the magic of reading and words. I would spend most of the hours of the day using this tool. I would practice writing the words and stories that were on the pad.

It became a commodity in my everyday schedule. Later, when I began school I started to use it less and less.

When I got to elementary school, I finally got to see the importance of learning, as well as reading. It was in first grade, in Mrs. Howle’s class, where I finally got to go to a library and explore the jungle of books. There were books of many different shapes and colors. There were thick books and thin books.

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I was amazed at all these books. Instead of being like everyone else and going to the easy-to-read section, I went to the chapter book section. I guess picture books never really impressed me. I wanted more than bright pictures and one-sentence pages. I wanted something different. So I picked up Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth. I decided to check it out. With every page, I became doused in new words. Sounding out each new word I came upon. It took me two days to complete my first chapter book.

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After that, I was hooked. During second grade through fourth grade, I became enamored with new words. Always trying to see what words I did not know. It became a game.

During the start of my high school career, my love for literacy slowly started to die down a little. I started to have different interests and hobbies. We began writing essays instead of reading all the time. Writing became like a chore. It was not like reading. I did not enjoy doing it at all. Now that I am a junior I understand that writing is very important and it always is in need of improvement. That’s why I am starting to write more. Maybe I will start to enjoy it as much as reading.

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