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Culture and Tradition of India
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Indian culture is categorized as one of the ancient cultures of the world. It is a very old and unique culture with great historical significance. The cultural diversity is a great feature of India. Different states of India from North to South have their own distinct cultural identity. Comparing different cultures of the world with Indian Culture will allow you to understand the uniqueness that Indian culture possesses. The geographical conditions of this vast nation have lots of varieties also.…...
Ajanta And Ellora CavesIndiaIndian Culture
Understanding the Deterioration of Heritage Monument of Ajanta Cave
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Introduction Heritages are very valuable for every country as it presents the eminence culture of the country. It reflects the history and uniqueness of the place and monument respectively. The monuments present at these sites are made up of various types of materials mainly constitute of plaster, paper, wood, stone, painting materials etc. Now-a-days these monuments are being degraded at high rate. Factors influencing this degradation process are temperature, humidity, micro-organism, insects etc. Among all the monuments, Ajanta cave are…...
Ajanta And Ellora Caves
Ajanta Caves
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Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra, India are a Buddhist monastery complex of twenty-nine rock-cut cave monuments containing paintings and sculpture considered to be masterpieces of both "Buddhist religious art"[1] and "universal pictorial art"[2] The caves are located just outside the village of Ajinṭhā in Aurangabad District in the Indian state of Maharashtra (N. lat. 20 deg. 30' by E. long. 75 deg. 40'). Since 1983, the Ajanta Caves have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Excavation of the caves began in…...
Ajanta And Ellora CavesBuddhismReligion
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