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Tourism in Goa: Places and Tips For Travel
Words • 880
Pages • 4
Goa is a beautiful tourist place in India, treasured with gorgeous beaches, churches, shopping, nightlife and many more. Goa offers a couple of other attractions that you could explore and keep yourself amazingly entertained for weeks. But what if we have very less time to quench our wanderlust? Sit back and relax. In this guide, we are going to show the best places to visit in Goa itinerary. You can use these tips to spend your best 3 days to…...
My Dream DestinationMy Favourite Place GoaTourism
No Journey Without Destination
Words • 483
Pages • 2
Oftentimes, people put together the courage and strength to create a journey to reach their goals. Said goals may include working hard to achieve gratifying grades in order to get into an exceptional college. Everyone has an intended purpose; to get somewhere in life, often known as a destination. While making the definitive decision of whether the journey or the destination is more meaningful, the destination has more value. This is due to reaching the specific goal thus making the…...
JourneyMy Dream DestinationTourism
My 3 Top Dream Destinations for Travelling After Retirement
Words • 498
Pages • 2
Being able to travel after retirement undoubtedly belongs to the high lights of the third part of life. Finally, going to wherever I want to be without having to look over my shoulder to rush, to be somewhere else but best of all, not having to go back to work. Indeed, a dream come true! My first destination would take me to Queens Town to catch up with my younger son. As a true child of nature, he is facilitating…...
JourneyMy Dream DestinationTourism
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Dreams And Aspirations vs Predestination of Dr Faustus
Words • 488
Pages • 2
Dr Faustus is a german scholar who shuts himself off from human normal life to achieve his aspirations, he is not only willing to to sell his soul to the devil but also to be the devil himself " to be a spirit in form and in substance",Dr Faustus is born to an ordinary family in germany in a small town called Rhode , he was educated at wittenberg a famous German university and obtained a degree in theology. Faustus…...
Doctor FaustusDreams And AspirationsMy Dream Destination
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