Passion for Intelligent Systems

My fascination for intelligent systems started from my childhood when I saw the tv series named “Team Knight Rider” where a group of five people fight against evil with the help of artificially intelligent super vehicles. I was mesmerized and dreamed to be a hero with a that kind of intelligent vehicles. As I grow older, I realized that artificially intelligent vehicle was a sci-fi concept and didn’t exist at that time. But I didn’t stop dreaming because deep down of my heart I believed that everything is achievable if someone is arduous, patience and dedicated.

Also reading technological articles and magazines, I learned the simple but effective definition of intelligent system which is integration between mechanical and electronic devices along with programming.

These all three disciplines are taught in robotics or mechatronics which is a branch of applied mechanical engineering. I also possessed the knowledge that the excellence of automation and robotics can be applied in solving our day-to-day problem in every field to make the solution human friendly.

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So, after getting GPA 5.00 out of 5.00 both in Secondary School Certificate examination and Higher Secondary School Certificate examination, I enrolled myself into BSc in Mechanical engineering program in Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST). After completing my bachelor studies, I realized that I have learnt only a little portion of knowledge. So, I decided to devote myself for the research of mechanical engineering specially in robotics.

I have already taken the first step towards my goal as I am pursuing my Master of Science degree in the same discipline and conducting research on autonomous vehicle.

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To reach my destination, I am determined to pursue my doctoral studies in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is a vast filed which touches almost every aspects of our daily life from home to industry. Machines are advancing towards automation which will eventually lead us to autonomous machines. With the help of advance sensors technology, data analysis and IoT, it is now possible to create autonomous and intelligent machines. As my dream is to work on intelligent autonomous system, I carried out my research both in bachelor and master degree in robotics and intend to do research in the field of robotics during my doctoral study which will give me ample opportunity to accumulate required knowledge to fulfill my dream.

I always grab the opportunity whenever I get a chance to gather the knowledge and experience of robotic. That’s why I had chosen “automatic rail signaling system” as my 3rd-year project. While working on that project, I realized the necessity of a platform where the students from various discipline can gather and share knowledge. So along with few friends, I started “MIST Robotics Club” to increase collaboration between mechanical, electrical, computer science departments and I was the founding Vice-president of the club. I took classes on mechanical design and simulation software. Later on, I did my thesis on Humanoid Robot name ‘MISTBOY’. The robot had the capability of walking, self-balancing and image processing.

I had published 2 publications on my undergraduate research with other members. In 2013, I participated in the “Inter-University Design Competition” organized by Engineering Student Association Bangladesh (ESAB) and Bangladesh System Change Advocacy Network (B-Scan). The challenge of the competition was to design a universal public transportation network for the disabled person. We stood 2nd among 42 teams. Also, I worked on a team to design and assemble a fuel-efficient vehicle project to participate in “International Go-kart Championship” organized by Lovely Professional University. Currently, I am doing research in autonomous vehicle as a member of vehicle engineering laboratory of Beijing Institute of Technology. I am implementing SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) system with the help of RGB-D camera for an outdoor unmanned ground vehicle.

I was also successful in participating various extra-curricular activities as an influential team member. I, as a sub-editor, had published the departmental magazine of the mechanical department in 2013. My poem was also published there. Because of my candid communication and managing skill, I successfully arranged and participated in several departmental cultural functions like ‘Celebration of Bengali New year’, ”Farewell Program’ etc. From my childhood, I am always aware of public and social issues. This led me to join “Child journalist program” by Mass line media center which was governed by UNICEF. I was working on publishing news about violation of children rights in our area.

While choosing my study destination, I have considered many criteria such as educational standards, career aspects, research facilities etc. West Virginia University is one of the renowned universities in USA. Highly qualified faculties, vast research opportunities, diversified cultures, students from many countries and high standards of education has established the fame of School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of West Virginia University. I have intended to pursue my Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering. Through-out my doctoral study tenure, my research will be focused on robotics and automation which is one of the key research areas of School of MAE and the doctoral course is designed to provide the skills and specialized knowledge to prepare one for the upcoming days. Specially, Interactive Robotics Laboratory (IRL) has seized my attention.

With 1.5:1 robot to human ratio, IRL is ready to provide the vast opportunity to learn and experiment the knowledge of robotics than other labs. Also, Catagphylis, the winner of the NASA Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge proves the excellency of this lab. Though I am applying for Ph.D. program, I have a plan to continue my research on this topic after completing my Ph.D. I know this is very challenging and keen dedication hard work is needed. I firmly believe that the excellence of your program, along with my motivation, previous works experiences, capabilities and research will help me to reach my destination.

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