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Goa: My Favourite Place In India
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Goa is undoubtedly one of the best beach destinations in India. However, this exquisite destination is much more than just the beach and white sands. People from all over the world visit this vacation hub to get the taste of its culture, food, and the unique feel it offers. Food experience in Goa can be categorized into two parts – Local Food and Fine Dining. It is suggested to get the taste of both to enjoy your vacation to the…...
Indian TourismMy Favourite Place GoaMy Favourite Tourist PlaceTravel And Tourism In India
Places to Visit During October in India
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India has very great diversity. It has so many places to visit. Best sculpture, art, monuments, nature, wildlife and much more. Some places in India which are most suitable to visit in October are given here. Hampi Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site in Karnataka, India. Hampi is seriously one of the top places to visit in India and home to some incredible landmarks. Hampi was once the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. Today, in the area of 40…...
Historical Monuments Of IndiaHistorical Place In IndiaIndiaIndian HeritageTravel And Tourism In India
Travel to India
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Pages • 1
This is affordable tours. affordable tours means Delhi, Utter Pradesh and Rajsthan tour packages. Our affordable tours provides services of Go India Journey, Affordable Tours, Travel to India, Tour to India, Golden Triangle Tour,We have our set packages on these sectors on very reasonable price. Just try once and have the good experience of your India Tour in all the respect....
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Travel insurance with medical conditions for overseas trip from India
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A travel plan is incomplete with .When you , you keep yourself protected from all kinds of health related and other emergencies when on a trip. With globalisation all across the globe, it is no surprise that the world is getting smaller and more accessible place. The statement is not metaphoric. It is a truth that has resulted in decrease in physical distances. It is also true that the transport system across the globe has gone better in the last…...
DiseaseIndiaInsuranceMedicineTravel And Tourism In India
India Tour Packages – Travel to Top Four Enchanting Destination of India
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Pages • 2
India is known as an incredible land all over the planet. Each part and corner of India is amazing to travel and getting experience visiting natural beauties. If you are nature lover then opt for India tour packages which are customized to adventure destinations. For adventuring surfaces India offers you the top four natural destinations in each direction like East to West and North to South. Visit Darjeeling in Easy, Goa in West, Shimla in North and Kerala in South…...
IndiaTourismTravel And Tourism In India
Medical Tourism in India
Words • 1808
Pages • 8
After the silicon rush India is now considered as the golden area for treating patients mostly from the developed countries and Far East for disorders and procedures of reasonably high cost and complexity. India is also strongly promoting medical tourist in the present years -and gradually now it is moving into a new location of "medical outsourcing," where subcontractors offer services to the overloaded healthcare systems in western countries. India's National Health Policy states that treatment of foreign patients is…...
Dental AssistantsIndian TourismMedical TourismTourismTravel And Tourism In India
Who Was Ibn Battuta?
Words • 1693
Pages • 7
Abu Abdullah Ibn Battuta was born in 1304 in a household of Muslims in Tangier, Morocco during the Marinid dynasty. Much like the household in which he was born, he studied law at a young age and became a Muslim lawyer who invested the 2nd quarter of the fourteenth century crisscrossing the Eastern Hemisphere and writing a substantially long account of what he had seen and did with the help of a literary partner. Throughout the world there is a…...
ChinaImportance Of Travel And TourismIndiaIslamReligionTrade
Sport Tourism in India
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Pages • 35
1.1 INTRODUCTION Tourist is a travel for leisure, leisure or service function. The World Tourist Company specifies tourists as people travelling from one location to another and staying in locations outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, organisation and other functions. The importance of tourism, as an instrument of financial development and employment generation, especially in remote and backwards locations, has actually been well acknowledged the world over. It is a big service industry…...
Indian TourismLearningResearchSportsTourismTravel And Tourism In India
Indian Tourism Development Corporation
Words • 375
Pages • 2
India is really a gorgeous place of beaches, amazing monuments, breathtaking temples and architectural mosques, ash smeared sadhus and beyond the entire of magnificent Taj. Thereby, why can’t write your tourism in India essay conclusion by describing the beauty of the place and how it is unique for the visitors? If needs you can also write about the amazing traditions and culture about India. The Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) initiated 'Incredible India' campaign in 2005 to support and promote…...
CorporationDevelopmentDevelopment Of IndiaIndian TourismMedical TourismTourism
Eco Tourism in India
Words • 5553
Pages • 23
Chapter Eight Ecotourism in India Mohan Krishen Khanna Introduction India, a country situated in south Asia, is of subcontinental dimension with a population of over one billion people. India is primarily an agricultural economy with a vast range of crops. The livelihood of over 60% of the population continues to be based on agriculture. Of late, there has been a growing trend of urbanisation and diversification away from agriculture. The industrial sector is now playing a larger role in the…...
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Who Was Ibn Battuta?
...The geographical location of Spain and China also enabled Ibn Battuta’s journey. Most of the countries in which he traveled are separated by water mass. According to the literature given by Dunn about his adventures, most of his means of transport ...

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