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Places to Visit During October in India
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India has very great diversity. It has so many places to visit. Best sculpture, art, monuments, nature, wildlife and much more. Some places in India which are most suitable to visit in October are given here. Hampi Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site in Karnataka, India. Hampi is seriously one of the top places to visit in India and home to some incredible landmarks. Hampi was once the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. Today, in the area of 40…...
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The Core of the Heart of India: The Most Famous Historical Monuments of India
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India has a very significant place in the list of countries with a rich culture and history. The Indian Civilization also known as Indus Valley Civilization is believed to date back to 3000 BCE. Over time, with a change in the culture and heritage, various sites and monuments were erected by the rulers who ruled our local lands. Today those monuments and sites are cherished by many archaeologists, art lovers and historians. Being one of the most developed ancient civilizations,…...
Historical Monuments Of IndiaHistorical Place In IndiaIndiaIndian Heritage
Introduction to Angkor Wat
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In century 15th-19th, there was 38 empires had reigned their dynasty in Angkor. 11th-13th century, the reign of Angkor reached the peak. Presumably, there was a huge population lived in Angkor at the time. Also, the international trades were in process, especially with the China. The success of Angkor is due to the well-connected water system. Well maintain system had provided the Khmer basely living needed, enable them to live health. But then, as it was very peak, the reign…...
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