Top Scuba Diving Destinations in Asia 

Asia is the largest and most diverse continent in the world.

With its waters holding 75 percent of the entire planet’s coral species, it has become the ultimate dream destination for divers. The abundance of assorted marine life in the continent leaves enthusiasts with a seemingly endless list of target destinations. With that said, let us narrow down the list to five of the best scuba diving spots in Asia. Tubbataha Reef, Philippines Discovered in the 1970s, the Tubbataha Reef is a World Heritage Site that has become the best and one of the most sought-after diving spots in the world. Its reef system houses more than 300 varieties of corals and 600 types of fish. To be found on its walls are thresher sharks, hammerheads, and whale sharks while its shallow reefs are bursting with stingrays, color reef fish, turtles, manta rays, and a variety of other marine species.

They say that the most beautiful places on earth are the hardest ones to get to, and the Tubbataha Reef National Park is no exception.

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The marine park can only be reached through a liveaboard boat between March and June when sea behavior is at its calmest. But if you make it to this window, it is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable diving experiences that you will ever have. Kerama Islands, Okinawa, Japan Japan may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to marine life exploration, but the Kerama Islands in Okinawa is guaranteed to change just that.

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It is host to more than 70 dive sites with dive visibility often exceeding 30 meters – a rarity in diving experiences. Every spot is well preserved, thanks to Akajma Island’s Marine Science Laboratory who is responsible for proving data and guidance on the best protective practices for its reef systems.

The most abundant species in the reef are Cuttle Fish, Barracudas, Humpback Whales, and Manta Rays. Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan, Indonesia The stingless jellyfish is one of the defining creatures that can be found in the Derawan Islands. Thousands of years of evolution has made the jellyfish lose their natural defense mechanism, so you may freely interact with these fascinating animals without the fear of being stung. Other rare sea creatures to look out for includes the following: Sea Horses, Jacks, Batfishes, Cuttle Fish, Crocodile Fish, Napoleon Wrasses and many more. 50 different types of coral can also be found here. Another is the Chelonia Mydas Turtle which can be seen hatching their eggs on land – another sight to behold on the beautiful shores of Derawan.

Shark Point, Thailand As the name indicates, this diving spot is surely not for the faint-hearted. Also known to its locals as Hin Musang, Shark Point provides the best opportunity to catch sight of the majestic Leopard Shark and Reef Shark, both of which are considered safe to swim with, together with many schools of sea life and tropical fish. Cuttle Fish, Morays, Scorpio Fish, Snapper, Squid and a variety of different coral are a typical sighting in this spot. Despite having a “danger” factor, Shark point is surprisingly suited to all diving levels.  Andaman Islands, India The Andaman Islands, which were declared as a UNESCO heritage sight in 2002, are the highest points of a submerged sierra encompassing Sumatra in the south up to the Irrawaddy delta in northern India.

The most incredible dive spot in the islands is by an extinct volcano off Narcondam island where sea life is flourishing. It boasts of beautiful species of fish and coral thriving within their healthy environment, making it an ideal place to spot a variety of marine life. The islands are best explored during the off-peak season in February and March. Wet months come during August and September, but diving can still be enjoyed during this time. With an almost untouched marine system, the Andaman Islands is just a paradise waiting to be explored. These are just five out of the numerous diving spots that you can find in Asia. But the sure thing is that no matter where you choose to go, it is certain that each destination will mesmerize and amaze you with its natural beauty, rich resources, diverse cultures, and warm people.

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