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Causes of Unemployment Issue in Malaysia
Words • 491
Pages • 2
Unemployment is an important issue for each country, particularly developing country with an incredible population. High unemployment implies that labour resources don't seem to be being used efficiently. In consequence, financial condition ought to be a serious macroeconomic goal of government. This essential issue usually being enclosed within the government policy or agenda for parliament debate and discussion year after year. Once an extended amount of discussion and debate, it appears no final resolution has been found to completely eliminate…...
MalaysiaSocial IssuesUnemployment
The Rise and Spread of Islam
Words • 555
Pages • 3
The spread of Islam was through military conquest, trade, pilgrimage, and missionaries. Throughout a few hundred years it was able to spread from the Arabian Peninsula all the way to Spain in the west and India in the east (The rise of Islamic empires and states, n.d.). During these hundreds of years and expansion of the Islamic Empire different interpretations of Islam were passed along from place to place. These new societies embraced the new religion as it took many…...
AsiaIslamIslam And Modern WorldIslamic Culture
The Most Popular Religions in East Asia
Words • 1765
Pages • 8
Confucianism Confucianism was developed by Kong Qui, a Chinese philosopher teacher and political figure, in 551-479 BC who was eventually given the name ‘Confucius’ by Jesuit missionaries who were visiting China. He believed in benevolence, loyalty, and virtue so he wanted to steer away from ruling authorities and instead focus on human interactions in everyone’s daily lives. However, the fundamental principles of respect and the well-being of others began before his time during the Zhou Dynasty. Social rituals were introduced…...
AsiaConfucianismPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyReligion
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The Influence Of Confucianism In Asia
Words • 1875
Pages • 8
Asian civilization is always dynamic in nature and shaped from various ancient history, artifacts, and books since its inception. The ways of transmitting texts have been evolving since ancient times. As there is no one alive from ancient times to tell us what really happened in the past, we have to depend on ancient texts to know the truth. We know some of the histories of early Asia through the oracle bone inscriptions, but as civilizations evolved, many people, particularly…...
Buddhism Religion: Basic Beliefs and Practices
Words • 1025
Pages • 5
Buddhism is more than a religion it is a tradition that is focused on one’s own spiritual development and deep insight into the true nature of life. Buddhism originated over 2,500 years ago in 624 B.C by an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama. When he was 29 years old he left his palace in search of a spiritual understanding. For years he sat in meditation until he found enlightenment or a complete awakening of his body and mind. After his…...
Early Life and Education of Muhammad Ali
Words • 1764
Pages • 8
Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25th of December, 1876 in Karachi, Pakistan. At the time of his birth, Jinnah’s official name was Mahomed ali Jinnah bhai. The eldest of his parents seven children, he was under weight and appeared fragile at the time of his birth. Jinnah was ten years old when he went to Gokhul Das Tej Primary school, in Bombay. After one year returned to Karachi and for further studies he get admission in Sindh Maddrassah High…...
AsiaEducationGovernmentLifeMuhammad Ali
Malaysia Automotive Market
Words • 735
Pages • 3
The automotive industry in Malaysia consists of various vehicle producers, with a total of more than 640 component manufacturers. Malaysian automotive industry is the third-largest in Southeast Asia and the 25th largest in the world, standing at over 500,000 vehicles produced annually. The automotive industry in Malaysia contributes 4% or approximately RM 40 billion to Malaysia’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The automotive industry in Malaysia is growing rapidly, capturing the local and foreign markets. Therefore, it is regarded as an…...
Country Report – Japan
Words • 1224
Pages • 5
Introduction Japan, Nippon or Nihon is an island country in East Asia. It borders the Sea of Japan to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the east, and stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea in the south. Part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan is a stratovolcano archipelago of nearly 7,000 islands and covers 375,000 square kilometres (145,000 square miles). Its five main islands, from north to south, are Hokkaido, Honshu,…...
AsiaGovernmentJapan Country
America’s Failed Strategy in the Middle East
Words • 1169
Pages • 5
Why did the USA fail to achieve its primary strategic objectives in Iraq after 2003? The war in Iraq of 2003 was and remains one big controversy that the foreign policy has ever undertaken by two countries the United States and the United Kingdom. The international community was divided into two parts, countries like France, Germany, Russia, and China were against this conflict. It’s been 16 years since the beginning of the most unfortunate episodes of the last century: the…...
AmericaForeign PolicyGovernmentInternational RelationsIraq WarMiddle East
Is Foreign Direct Investment Necessary for Economic Development
Words • 1754
Pages • 8
The economic development is a classic word that we always hear anywhere because of highly demand of human being. This is primary that economic development could make any country the overwhelming power against poverty. On the other hand, the objective of the economic development is to raise the life-standard of ordinary people. Economic development in other aspects is the prosperity of the country as a result of the expansion of investment. Definition of economic development Economic development, according to Harvard…...
Zhou Dynasty’s Society
Words • 617
Pages • 3
81. The rats in the poem from the Book of Songs are referring to the higher class people, such as the aristocratic land owners. Life for the Chinese peasants during the Zhou dynasty was cruel and unfair. The peasants were exploited and the higher class was taking advantages of the low class people. A way the nobles have been taking advantage of the peasants are that the peasants spent a few years growing millet, but the land owners just ate…...
Women, Men and Politeness
Words • 1248
Pages • 5
Culture may be defined as the behaviour and customs of a particular society or organization. However, there are many ways of defining the word "Culture" as according to Gibson, R (2002). Geert, Hofstede(1980) suggests that, culture is "the collective programming of the human mind that distinguishes the members of one human group from those of another. Culture in this sense is a system of collectively held values. " Edgar, Schein (1985), meanwhile, argues that the definition of culture is Culture…...
Chinese New YearMalaysiaTraditionWomen
West Kowloon Cultural District Project
Words • 1118
Pages • 5
After finished the second public consultation on the three models (City Park, Cultural Connect and Project for a New Dimension), West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) project arouse public’s attention again. It was first announced by Tung Chee-hwa in 1998 to develop Hong Kong as the cultural hub in Asia with world-class facilities inside the district including theatres, performance venues, museums, exhibition centers and piazzas. However, after the first public consultation, the government overthrew original proposal due to strong opposition on…...
ArtHong KongProjectTourism
The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires
Words • 856
Pages • 4
The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal societies all relied on bureaucracies that drew inspiration from the steppe traditions of Turkish and Mogol people and from the heritage of Islam, they adopted similar policies, they looked for ways to keep peace in their societies which were made up of different religious and ethnic backgrounds, and they were associated with literary and artistic talents. Military and religious factors gave rise to all three of these empires.The Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman dynasty, in which,…...
AsiaMughal EmpireReligion
The importance of agricultural economics
Words • 1581
Pages • 7
Agricultural PRODUCT SellingTHE IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURAL SECTOR IN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICSIntroductionAgribusiness is an of import sector to the country’s economic development. It was one of the highlighted issues during Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s as Malaysia’s Prime Minister. Abdullah strongly believed that this industry can bring forth wealth and cut down poorness peculiarly among those from rural countries. One of the major pushs of the Malayan economic development since her Independence in 1957 has been and continues to be the rural development…...
The Communication Style In Middle East Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 2180
Pages • 9
In this chapter, an analysis of the communicating manner of Middle Eastern states will be provided, with peculiar focal point on the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Before analyzing our focal point states, it is interesting to supply an overview of the communicating manner in the Middle East compared to that in the West. Merely after understanding the chief differences between these two parts, can inner differences be explained.Western ventures every bit good…...
CommunicationIndividualismLinguisticsMiddle EastSaudi ArabiaSocial Psychology
T’Boli Tribe
Words • 562
Pages • 3
In the year 2000, there are nearly 102,900 T’boli people in the Philippines. Many of the T’boli people can be found at South Cotabato Province of Mindanao Island, which is located in the southern part of the country and has their own way of living. Their educational system can be compared to many other indigenous groups of people in Philippines. They are promoting the education to their community to have progress and to preserve their culture through it. Many of…...
AsiaCultural IdentityCultureCulture And TraditionPhilippinesTradition
Shopping in Hong Kong
Words • 1582
Pages • 7
Hong Kong People like shopping; they spend lots of money on buying things. According to the survey that made by the government, the value of total retail sales in June 2000, estimated at $15.3 billion. Every person approximately spends $2350 on shopping. Online Shopping Nowadays, the rapid development of the Internet advances the online trading. The customers do not need to walk on the streets, they just have to browse the website of that company, and the shop will provide…...
EconomyHong KongPublic TransportShoppingShopping Mall
Regional Products In Malaysian Culture Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 1374
Pages • 6
Regional nutrients are characterized as `` regional merchandises '' ( high-value, forte or handmade merchandises ) and `` regional formulas '' ( dishes readily associated with place readying and cookery ) . ( British Food Journal, 99/6 [ 1997 ] 199-206 ) . Malaysia has a broad scope of alone cookery manners consequences of assorted cultural civilizations that people ever portion and seek the spirits, ingredients and cooking methods from or with each other. Malaysia 's population truly love and…...
Pest Of Honda In Malaysia Economics Essay
Words • 1452
Pages • 6
Malaysia is a underdeveloped state. From the twelvemonth 1960 to 1971, the state 's economic system was dependent on agriculture and primary trade goods such as gum elastic and Sn. Nowadays, Malaysia is a middle-income state with a multi-sector economic system. The GDP growing rate was 5.8 % in 2006 and 5.9 % in 2007. Domestic demand and dynamism in exports are the chief grounds for the economic stability in Malaysia. Malaysia 's economic is now depending on industry, agribusiness,…...
Overview Of Japanese Housing Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 3372
Pages • 14
Housing plays an of import function in a state 's economic system, typically accounting for 10 to 20 per cent of entire economic activity. In add-on, lodging is frequently an person 's biggest plus. The handiness of lodging finance is, hence, important for overall economic development every bit good as for a family 's public assistance and its quality of life.With the large-scale denationalization of the lodging sector, a demand for lodging finance systems arose in the states with economic…...
ArchitectureHomeHouseHousingJapan CountryMalaysia
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited –
Words • 1464
Pages • 6
OASIS HONG KONG AIRLINES LIMITED – WHAT WENT WRONG AND WHAT SHOULD HAVE DONE TO SAVE IT FROM BANKCRUPTCY Table of Content 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Company Background Liquidation Timeline Causes of Failure Impacts of Oasis’s Case What Should Have Done to Save Oasis from Bankruptcy Conclusion Company Background Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited • Long-haul budget airline • Hub at Hong Kong International Airport • Founder Mr. Raymond Lee Ms. Priscilla Lee • Started operation – Oct…...
AviationBritish AirwaysHong KongTransport
Malaysian Film Industry Construct Malaysian Identity Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 4842
Pages • 20
Malaysia is a Multiple ethic state, but the interesting state of affairs is, the race that dominant the state are all imigrant, the Malay was come from the Javanese. The Chinese is come from China and Indian people come from India. but nowadays they all citizen of the state, with these alieness history, how should Malaysian specify their national individuality?'We have merely celebrated the twenty-fifth day of remembrance of our independency. During this one-fourth ccentury we have reached a degree…...
Malaysia Airline
Words • 3370
Pages • 14
Choose a current marketing campaign in any industry. Study the campaign and analyze the use of the marketing mix in the said campaign. Give a critical review of the effectiveness of the communication and any recommendations on how it could be improved. Introduction Malaysia Airline started on 12 October 1937. On 2nd April 1947, Malaysia Airlines took its first commercial flight as national airline. Malaysia Airlines changed it name to Malaysian Airlines Limited after the formation of Malaysia in 1963.…...
Land use Strategy for hotel development in Hong Kong
Words • 1491
Pages • 6
  Chapter 4 Land Use Planning & Land and Building Controls on Hotel Development 4. 1 Introduction Looking at the existing Building and Planning Ordinances, there are two major issue related to hotel development. "One relates to the intensity of development permitted on a particular site for hotels compared to other forms of land use. The second relates to the zoning system and the zoning designations which enable the development of hotels. Under the existing legal framework, hotels are treated…...
DevelopmentHong KongHotelStrategyTourism
International Business Assignment
Words • 3407
Pages • 14
Contents 1. 0 Introduction3 1. 1 Company Profile3 2. 0 Statement of Originality and Declaration Form4 3. 0 Objectives5 3. 1 To expend our business into international market. 5 3. 2 To promote our home country (Malaysia) culture to foreign country5 3. 3 To increase sales and earn more profit from foreign country5 4. 0 Situation analysis6 4. 1 Market Place6 4. 2 Legal and Political7 4. 2. 1 Legal and Political of Malaysia7 4. 2. 1. 1 Political system7…...
AustraliaGovernmentInternational BusinessMalaysia
Inspiration Of Sherpa Adventure Gear Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 5518
Pages • 23
Sherpa Adventure Gear was inspired by the many obscure Sherpa heroes of Everest. From the start, our end has been to make outstanding out-of-door vesture and pitch you can depend on. Whether you 're trekking around Europe, prepping to mount Everest, or merely heading out for a hiking stopping point to place, our complete line of base beds, travel vesture, shells and winter-worthy insularity has got you covered. But more than this, we want to demo you a glance of…...
AdventureInspirationMount Everest
Impact Assessment For A Malaysian Airport Project Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 5477
Pages • 22
The first system to measure the environmental impact was developed by US in 1970, Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIA ) has been used widely over the universe and it has become the most important tools in enforced any undertakings or be aftering procedure. Until now, about 55 states have get downing to utilize formal EIA system measuring, non merely that approximately 100 states have implement the EIA steps system ( Haklay et al. , 1998 ) . Compared to other…...
Air PollutionAirportEnvironmentMalaysiaNoiseScience
Honda Malaysia
Words • 1131
Pages • 5
In this Honda analysis, we have explained about Honda internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external environment (opportunities and threats) as above. Honda is a successful automobile company in this industry. Honda can improve their strengths to compete with competitor and new entrants, Honda should implements differentiation strategy in their products and services. Differentiation strategy defines as the integrated set of actions taken to produce goods and services that customers perceive as being different in ways that are important for them…...
History And Culture Of Singapore Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 3349
Pages • 14
In the early century Singapore was known by many different name. It is besides called as trade port. This Island was ruled by many lands. The name of Singapore supports on altering as the Kingdom alteration But in 13 century the monetary value Sirivijaya landed on this island and he saw a really Strange animals that was Lion. Then he thought to call this island 'SINGAPORA ' which means land of king of beastss in Sanskrit linguistic communication. Then in…...
Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product
Words • 725
Pages • 3
GAP tanks for Gross Domestic Product by adding Consumption, Investment, Government, Export and Import. Some of Malaysia's economic indicators include GIF (gross fixed investment), private consumption, government consumption, and import and export of goods and services. Malaysia's imports and exports have decreased steadily, from 19. 6% and 16. 1% respectively in 2004 to 2. 9% and 2. 0% in the year 2008. Year 2004 Factory outlet store macroeconomic report By counterattacking spending and business investment, aided by brisk global demand…...
Exploit the Paris of the Middle East with Dubai Holiday Packages
Words • 547
Pages • 3
Entertainment, gold and timeless deserts in Dubai are as endless as they are allure, with a wide range of cultural and modern activities, heavenly deserts, and the purest gold in abundance traveler in Dubai are sure to cherish their vacations in this astounding and shimmering city. Soak up the warm sun early in the morning or enjoy playing golf, for those with children, the water park is an ideal way to wear off excess energy and cool off at the…...
BeachDubai TripMiddle EastParis
Everest Base Camp Trekking
Words • 462
Pages • 2
The Mt.Everest base camp trekking is a most desirable trekking destination in Nepal. From here Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha in Nepali), the highest peak in the world, can be viewed. This peak should be respected as it is the abode of many “Gods”. Trekking to base camp you will encounter many Sherpa communities (famous for mountaineering) and many Buddhist Monasteries containing some incredible remnants. trek to Everest base camp trekking is one of the classic treks of the world with surprise…...
Mount EverestTrekking
Did Britain Betray Australia
Words • 1962
Pages • 8
The ongoing debate whether Britain has betrayed Australia in February 1942 has been going since the fall of Singapore, until today very few would agree that the British betrayal is nothing more than a myth, that was invented by the Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating, as he needed a distraction from domestic political issues (A. Meaher 2010). Additionally until today, according to a new poll, the British are actually proud of the British Empire and its colonial past, after all…...
Ebay and asian markets
Words • 829
Pages • 4
There are several reasons why EBay failed trying to enter and get a foothold into the Asian Markets. American companies as a whole have had difficulties trying to get into the Asian Global market beginning in the year 2000. The biggest reason is the cultural differences. EBay was an outsider and did not understand the cultural market there. By understanding the cultural differences we will understand why EBay was unable to successfully enter the Asian market. Entering a foreign market…...
Differences Between Travelling In Malaysia Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 3464
Pages • 14
Malaysia has tropical clime. The conditions of Malaysia is the hot and humid, capable to the monsoon rains. Malaysia has the warm yearss and reasonably experience cool when the dark ( Climate: WHEN TO GO TO MALAYSIA '' , n.d ) . On norm, the temperature clasp at 86of of which is 30oc with the ice chest temperature in the upland which the norm daytime temperature twelvemonth about at Kuala Lumpur which is 82of of 27oc. ( `` Weather in…...
Persona of Cyrus the Great
Words • 767
Pages • 4
“I am Cyrus, king of the world. ” (From the Cylinder of Cyrus). In the world of great kings, great empires, and great wars lived the greatest warrior, conqueror, and king, Cyrus the great. Who is this Cyrus the Great and what made him so “great”? Cyrus the Great is a Persian king who defeated many groups, but perhaps the beginning is the best to start. Explaining his very amazing life includes his early life, his victories, and his death.…...
Cultural Values Impacting Malaysian Consumers Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 5226
Pages • 21
The subject we choose for our squad paper is `` Cultural Values Impacting Malayan Consumers '' . The Different states have different cultural. Each of the ethnic has learned their alone civilization from their household and state. So, what is civilization? There are two definitions of civilization that stated by Greert Hofstede and Edgar Schein. Greert Hofstede stated that civilization is the corporate scheduling of human head that distinguishes the members of a group of homo from those of another…...
BehaviorCivilizationCultural ValuesCultureIslamMalaysia
International investment in modern world
Words • 74
Pages • 1
International investment is a popular management discussion in this era of globalization. Companies are no longer limited by domestic boundaries, causing international trade to be an everyday occasion. Nevertheless, international investment contains factors that are different to domestic investments. Managers believing the two contains similar factors often failed in internationalization progress. Some other believed that controlling international investment require larger funds, expertise and affiliates. There are actually several different stages of internationalization. (more…)...
Countries With The Brain Drain Issue Economics Essay
Words • 1458
Pages • 6
IntroductionMalaysia is one of the affected states with the encephalon drain issue. `` Malaysia aims to go one of the large high income states by 2020, but the increasing rate of encephalon drain restrains it to make that purpose. Malaysia 's population as of 2009 was 27.5 million, where at least 800,000 and up to 1.5 million Malaysians were populating abroad '' that is about 2.9 % to 5.6 % . Most of these Malaysians `` migrated to Singapore and…...
EconomicsMalaysiaThe Problem Of Brain Drain
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