Cultural Values Impacting Malaysian Consumers Cultural Studies Essay

The subject we choose for our squad paper is `` Cultural Values Impacting Malayan Consumers '' . The Different states have different cultural. Each of the ethnic has learned their alone civilization from their household and state. So, what is civilization? There are two definitions of civilization that stated by Greert Hofstede and Edgar Schein. Greert Hofstede stated that civilization is the corporate scheduling of human head that distinguishes the members of a group of homo from those of another group. While Edgar Schein stated that civilization is the deeper degree of cardinal premises and beliefs that are shared by a group of members.

As a simple manner to understanding civilization, civilization is the basic beliefs, values, perceptual experiences, wants and behaviours that learned by a member of society from household and other of import establishments from one coevals to the following coevals. It is besides includes the things that have worked in the yesteryear, shared attitude, norms, functions and values found among a group of people who live in a specific geographic part during the same historical period.

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Culture can be a set of behavioural regulations that helps a group of people which are to be together, to cognize what to make in assorted conditions.

Groups, societies, and civilizations have the value that of import for their members who determine the object, status and characteristic. This is called cultural values. Cultural values are the force that shapes the motive, life styles and merchandise picks of consumer. At the simplest degree, cultural values are the shared construct that determines what is possible, impossible, right or incorrect.

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Consumer is an single or family who purchase goods or services for personal usage and non for the intent of resale. In the other manner, consumer can do determination whether or non to purchase a merchandise at the shop. They determination to buy point may act upon by selling and advertizements. Malayan consumer is the individual who lives in Malaysia that purchases or uses goods or services that produce by the company.

Therefore, cultural values impacting Malayan consumers is the values, beliefs, behaviours and conditions that can act upon the person or individual who live in Malaysia to buy the goods or services produced in the markets.

In this term paper, our focus country is merely on Malay, Indian and Chinese consumers in West Malaysia. We are traveling to discourse about the influences of the cultural values of each ethnic in their purchase behaviour. For illustration, how the Malay cultural values impacting the Malay consumers to purchase the merchandise and the same for the Indian and Chinese consumers. Besides that, we are besides discoursing about how the cultural values of each ethnics influences each others. For illustration, how the Malay cultural values impacting Chinese and Indian consumers. The undermentioned pages will deeply reference and discuss about the subject.

Consumer Behavior of Each Ethnic Group toward Their Cultural Value

Malaysia is a multilingual and multicultural community. The community of Malaysia has been recognized as `` Asia in illumination '' . The Culture of West Malaysia composed of Malay, Chinese and India civilizations. Each of the cultural groups remains their separate cultural individualities. These civilizations determine how Malayan consumers make their purchasing determination.

a ) Malay Culture

Malayans are among the largest autochthonal peoples in West Malaysia. The Malay civilizations aredistinguished from Chinese and Indian. This is becausethe faith of Islam is closely associated with Muslim in Malay cultural individuality and culture.Muslim believes in one God, that is Allah s.w.t. For Muslim, Allah s.w.t is the Omnipotent, Creator, and Sustainer of existence. There are nil can compare with Him. Therefore, the sanctum Quran, which record the words of God to human through God 's courier provide the Muslim encouragement and prohibitions that need to obey.

In the nutrient position of Islam, protein intake usually can take from domestic fowl, fishes, lamb meat, caprine animal, H2O American bison, and beef. Malay culinary art must follow Islamic Halal dietetic jurisprudence. The out nutrients for the Muslim compose of porc, alcoholic drinks and any other non-halal nutrient. They will merely buy nutrient with the label of halal logo that approved by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam ( Jakim ) .

While in the vesture position, the Malay cats compulsory wear an Arab manner vestment like baju Melayu, and sarong in the Mosque. However, the Malay lady will have on either western manner apparels or the Malay outfit like baju kurungwith a tudung. The tudung or the hijabis is a symbol for Muslim lady. It represents modestness of a lady 's manner harmonizing to the Holy Quran itself. Furthermore, the Muslim lady must take to have on apparels that cantutup aurat harmonizing to the Islamic jurisprudence. Muslims lady are necessitating demoing their good looking in forepart of community. That 's why, the Muslim lady will buy whole set of fabric that are match in the signifier of coloring material and manner. The Muslim ladies like to do up themselves. They like to buy decorative merchandise like lip rouge, oculus shadow and assortment of perfume type.

A Muslim which usually belongs to Sunni religious order in pattern speaks Malay linguistic communication, and pattern Malay usage or adat. The word adatshows an single assert harmonious societal relationship with others. The trusters of Sunni religious order are friendly, submissive to power, dear relation among the households, neighbors and the community. The Malay 's cultural values are based on sociological and anthropological. The Muslim by and large is communal instead than individualistic. They treat others better than themselves and willing to do purchase determination based on group involvement instead than personal desires.

They frequently work in a group instead than entirely, non excluded they usually shop together. The Muslim either cat or lady by and large will buy the nutrient or day-to-day necessities with the consideration of their households and friends welfare that come foremost in their head in front a month. Furthermore, the Muslim will travel for a travel with whole household member even though with friends. They usually will buy air ticket or coach ticket whole set.

The ingestion of Malays in Malaysia is affected towards pragmatism and quality consciousness. Malay focal point on buying and possessing high engineering, high quality merchandises, get best value for money and set high outlook for the merchandise without evidently purchase. Meanwhile, Malay consumers ' unable trades with the merchandise and market information that bring to information confuse and overload. They may detect excessively many trade grade and store for which to choose merchandises with small merchandise information, small purchase engagement and ca n't do rational determination. Pragmatism pervades in the field of selling and the sellers in Malaysia have to suit the merchandises so that can outdo suit the Malay 's cultural values.

Malayans starts celebrate Hari Raya Puasa at least a month in front, at the fasting period of Ramadan. The ladies start to orient good looking drapes and purchase new set of same coloring material apparels for the household. Most households will besides do redevelopment for their house so that their house looks better when the visitants visit during the festival. They usually thoroughly clean and decorate with the lightning of oil lamps to believe to be sing the Earth during seven yearss predating the festival in their house. They will alter to new furniture based on their penchant without spend clip on seeking and negociating.

The Muslim is a traditional people. The Malay like to buy traditional house that normally build utilizing tumbled-frame construction with fix roof, porch, high ceiling, window for aerate intent and decorate with wood carving which is a ocular index of the position of Muslim proprietors. Wood carving is a portion of classical Malay ocular humanistic disciplines and the Muslim has traditionally adorn their utensils, musical instrument, grave, arm by vegetations and the cosmic characteristic. Traditional Malay games such as Congkak, Sepak Raga, and Wau are frequently played by Malay. The market for the traditional games is rather demanding in Malay. While the Malay nuptialss which included the akadnikad ( matrimony contract ) and bersanding ( coronation ) are expansive personal businesss that the marry twosome is treated as royalty for the twenty-four hours siting on a phase and scattering them with xanthous rice and pleasant H2O by others.

B ) Chinese Culture

There are many cultural groups in Malaysia and Chinese is the 2nd largest among the cultural. Chinese can be divided into sub cultural such as Hakka, Cantonese, Hokkien and others. Even though there are many sub cultural, they are inherit the similar cultural value. The cultural of Chinese observing many festival such as Chinese New Year, Moon Cake Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and so on. During the festival, there are include many cultural value that can act upon Chinese purchasing behavior. Other than that, Chinese are besides inheriting a batch of life styles and prohibition that carried down from one coevals to one coevals. This can impact the purchase behavior of Chinese.

Chinese consumers are believed in `` Feng Shui '' . `` Feng Shui '' is an ancient Chinese system of infinite agreement and edifice design harmonizing to the regulations of the flow of energy. Its purpose is to accomplish harmoniousness, comfort and balance with the environment. So, the Chinese consumers are doing determinations to buy goods and services based on the regulations of `` Feng Shui '' . For illustration, they will purchase the crystal to forestall from acquiring bad fortune when they feel luckless. Another illustration is when the Chinese consumers decided to purchase a house, they will looking for the `` Feng Shui '' of the house to place whether the house can convey good fortune for them.

Besides that, Chinese consumers are witting on their prohibition and usage. During Chinese New Year, Chinese consumers will buy and have on the ruddy coloring material apparels because they believe that the ruddy coloring material can convey the good fortune for them. Furthermore, during the Chinese New Year eve, Chinese consumers will purchase the Citrus paradisi leaves for bath. The intent is to rinse away the bad fortune to welcome the reaching of New Year. It 's clear that the prohibition and usage of Chinese cultural are act uponing their purchase determinations.

Chinese consumers are witting about 'face ' and 'public repute ' . 'Face ' is a personal construct that represents the quality of good name and being better position than one 's equals. The protection of 'face ' is rather of import among the Chinese consumers. So, for those who are good in fiscal status, they are able to purchase gorgeous merchandises to stand for their position. For illustration, they will purchase luxury autos such as Prado King, Mercedes and others to turn out that they are rich among their friends and relations.

Furthermore, instruction is considered of import among the Chinese cultural groups. This is because they are endeavoring to keep 'face ' . The Chinese consumers feel that high instruction can do them proud and be respected by their friends and relations. So for the rich household, they are willing to direct their kids to private establishment such as Sunway College and Taylor College. They do non care about the cost but of import is the quality. This cultural value was impacting them to devour in those services.

The civilization of Chinese nuptials is besides impacting the Chinese consumers in the manner to fix the things they need in the nuptials ceremonial. In their civilization, they are traveling to interchange the gold bands, diamond rings and others jewellery during their nuptials. The bride and groom besides have to purchase gifts such as biscuits and bars for their friends and relations. They besides invite their friends, relations and co-workers to observe their nuptials ceremonial at hotels or eating houses. Due to the demand in marrying, they are be givening to buy those merchandise and services.

Furthermore, most of the Chinese consumers are really concern about their wellness. They are willing to pay at high monetary value to purchase the healthy merchandises which can keep and better their wellness. The wellness merchandises that they will purchase are herb teas, bird nest, ginsengs and others. They will besides utilize herb teas to cook soup, dishes and brew herbal tea. This is because they believe that `` wellness is wealth '' and the healthy life style may take to longer life.

Another value that will act upon the Chinese consumers is their societal norm. Social norm is the behaviour of a civilization, community, or group that seen normal to others. Chinese people easy acquire influence by their equal friend or co-worker on their purchase behaviour. For illustration, when A purchase a new merchandise like iPhone, and A will maintain praising the advantage of the merchandise, eventually B, C will acquire influence to buy the same merchandise or may be buy the more better one.

Last but non rent, Malayan Chinese are really concerned about the cultural value. So, the influence of Chinese cultural value is really strong in determining their purchase determination devising. In another words, the cultural value of Chinese cultural groups affects what they buy, how they buy and when they buy.

degree Celsius ) Indian Culture

American indians are the smallest of the three chief cultural groups in Malaysia. They originally migrated from southern India to Malaysia during the British colonisation. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism known as Indian faiths and convey from India to Malaysia. The Indians brought the Hindu civilization with its alone temples, delightful culinary art and meaningful garments to Malaysia. Religion and civilization plays an of import and unequivocal function in their life. Therefore, the India cultural value has impact Indian consumer deeply.

Indian consumers are celebrated with the high grades of value orientation and household orientation. Some of the value as identified Indian as one of the most analytical and good judgement consumer in the universe. These orientations enlarge to extended household and friends. Most of the sole trade names create a particular selling strategic in order to acquire a bridgehead in the Indian market. Those trade name that suited household values tend to be celebrated and adopted easier in the Indian market.

The values of lovingness and nurturing are related with Indian consumers. These values of aspiration and accomplishment are dominant by these values. Indian consumers prefer those merchandises which can convey their feeling and emotions. Due to the psychological science and economic sciences, history and tradition is plays an of import function in determining the Indian consumer behaviour becomes alone and particular. Indians are more prefer traditional merchandises than the modern merchandises. For illustration, shampoos together with hair oils and toothpowder bing with toothpaste.

In the Indian civilization, they emphasize the cleavage and categorization among them. They can categorise into societies and preservations. For the societies, it is belong to the upper category. They like to pass an sum of money on luxury goods, store in forte shops and travel to clubs on weekends. They prefer the merchandises that are alone and different with others. They are lovers of sole constitution and ever travel for the high value merchandises. Socialites are besides would merely travel for the well-known merchandises in the market because they are trade name witting.

The preservations belong to the in-between category. The true Indian civilization can reflects by the conservative section. They are traditional in their mentalities ; pass more clip with household instead than in partying and dressed ore on nest eggs than disbursement. They seek a batch of information before they make any purchases or determination devising. Most of them prefer high value merchandises, but frequently have to take the more low-cost one. Therefore, it can act upon their buying wonts where they are seeking to purchases the center and upper center degree priced merchandises.

The nutrient in Indian culinary art is classified into three classs which are Sattva, Rajas and Thamas. Sattva which stand for balance, Rajas stands for passion and Thamas stands for indulgence. Food is consumed harmonizing to the life style of the people. When a individual wants his life lead to self realisation, he would prefer the Satvic nutrient which can assist him maintain his head in balance. Thamasic nutrient which known as Inactive nutrient is to be taken merely if its required such as ingestion of intoxicant. This is besides the ground why many American indians like to abstain imbibing.

American indians are the community who like to utilize the spices and herbs to cook their day-to-day repasts every bit good as in festivals. Multiple utilizations of spices and herbs are the demand in nutrient readying and are used to enrich the spirit of a dish and create particular spirits and gustatory sensations. Most of them expert in utilizing the spices to cook assorted type of curry such as poulet curry and mouton curry. Therefore, they buy many sorts of spices as spirit in their homemade dishes. Due to the fact, most of the demand of spices in market is purchased by the Indian consumers instead than other cultural groups.

For vesture, the celebrated manners of frock include cloaked garments such as dhoti or lungyi for work forces and saree for adult females. In add-on, Indian community besides celebrated in have oning sewed apparels such as kurta-pyjama and European-style shirts and pants for work forces and churidar for adult females. In Indian civilization, a individual 's societal position is symbolized by his or her garb and visual aspect. For the Indian frock etiquette, it discourages the exposure of tegument and have oning those apparels that are crystalline or tight. Most Indian apparels are made by cotton due to the fact of hot conditions. So, Indian consumers are more likely to sponsor seamster stores to sew their garbs. Besides that, Indians do non like those apparels that are black in colour and for the individual who widowed ; they prefer those apparels that are white in colour.

Furthermore, the nuptials rites and apparels are the most of import things for the Indians nuptials. For the invitees that go toing to the nuptials, they besides dressed up to the dentition, but non merely the twosome. The folks go toing the matrimony are decked up with gilded jewellery including the bride and groom. Both look first-class and expansive in their gorgeous apparels. The ladies are fancifying with Henna patterns all over their thenars, custodies, forearms, legs and pess. Due to the different rites and the assorted garbs, Indian consumers choose the apparels and merchandises that need in the nuptials carefully.

Malaysia is a state that is good known with its rich and cultural heritage. Populating in a multi-ethnic society, it contains assorted types of faiths and civilizations. The cultural values of each cultural groups was impact themselves profoundly in their purchasing behaviour. For the Malay consumers, their cultural values based on sociological and anthropological. Their purchases determinations are more concerned about others than themselves. In the other manus, Chinese are more likely to the construct of 'face ' . They bought the merchandise that can stand for their high societal position and household 's name. Besides that, tradition and imposts of Indian has act upon them in their purchases behavior. They more prefer the traditional merchandises than modern merchandise.

How The Cultural Values of Ethnic Influence Each Others

The Malayan civilization show diverse civilizations of different person of Malaysia. The earliest individual to last in the part were autochthonal community that still remain until now, followed by the Malay community. Chinese and Indian cultural influences begin at their states, and rose with the in-migration to Malaysia. The legion distinguishable ethnics that presently occur in Malaysia have their ain particular and distinguishing cultural individualities, follow with some crossing over.

a ) Malay Cultural Influences Other Cultural Groups

The Malay people are the dominant group in Malaysia. Their civilization have a clearly affect in Chinese and Indian purchase behavior. The music and humanistic disciplines are the tradition in Malaysia since long clip ago, with the Malay art dating back to the Malay sultanates. Traditional art include the wave, carving, and silver Smith. Carved wood is used as ornament or many things, like doors and window frame. Wood carving may different from traditional, flowered motives to abstract forms. While, the Chinese wood carving composed of wood furniture sculptural and wood carving of art. That consists of bamboo carving, horn carving and even paper-carving. The Indian craftsmen carve a assortment of wooden handcrafts such as gem boxes, vases, cosmetic panels, wooden screens, and toys.The Malay besides know good do traditional art include the manus woven basket that made from vine. This make the Chinese people like to buy vine-made furniture.

Malaysia is a rather conservative state. This is due to the belief of Malay people to the Islam faith, they belief toward one God, that is Allah. Allah tells its trusters particularly female ca n't demo their whole organic structure except for the face and two thenars based on tutup auratrules. The female Malay usually wear baju kurungand baju kebayawhen attend formal juncture. This influence the Chinese and India have to obey the erosion garb that besides close the whole organic structure when attend Malay juncture, visit the authorities bureaus, and even university country in order to esteem the Malay civilization. This have oning garb consider as formal garb in Malaysia. Besides, the epicurean fabrics known as Songket are made every bit good as the traditional form batik cloths.

Malaysia 's culinary art is usually divided among the moralss, but some mixtures have existed, made the particular dishes. Most of the dishes is due to Malaysia be the portion of ancient spice path. Particularly the Malay people like to cook spicy nutrient such as nasilemak, satay, keropoklekor, laksam, beef rendang. Traditional spices like Chinese parsley and Cuminum cyminum are used in Malay cooking together with Indian and Chinese spices like Greek clover, star Pimpinella anisum, cardamon and Piper nigrum. These nutrients are rather demanding among the Malay, Chinese and Indian.

B ) Chinese Cultural Influence Other Ethnic Groups

The cultural value of Chinese is non merely impact the purchase behavior of Chinese consumers but besides impacting Malay and Indian consumers in their purchase determination. The influences of Chinese cultural value include the extent of Malay and Indian consumers ' life styles such as festival usage, eating behavior, wonts of have oning accoutrements and others. Even though there is different cultural value in each cultural group, the Malay and Indian consumers still can accept the Chinese cultural value and pattern it in their life particularly their purchase determination.

In the festival usage, the Chinese used to give 'angpau ' to the kids during Chinese New Year. 'Angpau ' is a ruddy envelope that contains money and this represents the approvals of the seniors to the kids. The Malay cultural began to accept this usage and get down to give 'greenpau ' to the kids during Hari Raya. To pull the Malay consumers, the providers will get down bring forth the Hari Raya merchandises with green envelopes as a gift. Therefore, if the Malay consumers want to acquire the green envelopes, they will purchase the merchandise. This is because the Malay consumers want to larn the Chinese imposts.

The Chinese eating behaviour is besides impacting the purchase determination of other cultural groups. The Chinese are concern about their wellness and concentrate onto a healthy diet. For illustration, they are used to cook poulet soup, ginseng soup and herbal soup to keep their wellness. The Malay and Indian ethnic are so appreciate on this attitude. Therefore, they are influenced by Chinese and get down to cook herbal soup as a portion of their repasts. They will purchase the ingredients they need and cook the soup in their ain manner.

Besides that, Malay and Indian consumers are besides will purchase the Chinese nutrient such as mandarin orange and Moon bar. These are some of the celebrated nutrients that Chinese will devour during festival. Malay and Indian consumers will take this chance to purchase these merchandises. This means that the cultural value of Chinese indirectly influences the purchase determination of Malay and Indian consumers. Due to the fact that Malay and Indian consumers are traveling to purchase such nutrients, the nutrient merchandises in the market are symbolized with the word of `` Halal '' .

Other than soup and festival nutrient, Chinese traditional nutrient such as `` Pao '' is besides become celebrated in Malay and Indian community. `` Pao '' is a type of steamed, filled roll or bread-like point in assorted Chinese culinary arts. Malayan Chinese used to eat `` pao '' as their breakfast or high-tea. Malay and Indian consumers attracted by the form of `` pao '' and get down to seek it look there is `` pao '' s produced in `` Halal '' in the market. So, to let the Malay and Indian consumers easy to acquire this nutrient merchandise, some of the Malay and India community start selling `` pao '' in halal in their eating houses since the demand of `` pao ' for other cultural groups is addition.

Furthermore, the Chinese are besides impacting the Malay and Indians cultural in footings of their wonts of have oning accoutrements. They like to have on jade watchbands and crystal. This is because Chinese believe that jade watchbands and crystal can forestall from acquiring bad fortune. They besides believe that it can better one 's fortune. Malay and Indian consumers are attracted by this accoutrements based on the belief of conveying good fortune and the beautifulness of the jade watchbands and crystal.

Last but non rent, Chinese likes to sing karaoke at amusement Centre during their free clip. They used to sing karaoke for the intent of assemblage and release tensenesss due to work and analyze. This is a sort of amusement that is legitimate and healthy for the youngest. It has influences the Malay and Indian consumers to bask this sort of service. As an illustration, Red Box Karaoke Company now is non merely concentrate on Chinese consumers but besides focus on other cultural groups. The company has established Red Box Ria to supply a antic karaoke singing environment to carry through the demand and market demands of others cultural groups.

degree Celsius ) Indian Cultural Influence Other Ethnic Groups

Indian civilizations are act uponing the Malay and Chinese ethnic in purchasing behaviour and non merely merely Indian community. Those influences can see through assorted sorts of position in Malay and Chinese ethnic such as their life style, eating behaviour and garb. Due to fact that every ethnic 's civilizations are alone, they can accept other 's civilizations easy. Therefore, Malay and Chinese community are larning and absorbing the Indian civilizations in their day-to-day life style.

In the Indian civilizations, they like to utilize the spices and herb to heighten the gustatory sensation and spirit of their dish every bit good as in the festival. The delightful of Indian nutrients has attracts the Malay and Chinese learn to utilize the spices and herb in their cooks. Presents, the repasts in Malay and Chinese community besides consist along with the spices and herb. For illustration, we can see through the 'Mamak ' stables, most of the dishes such as fried poulet and poulet curry are cook with spices.

American indians are besides the community that likes to eat spicy nutrient. Coriander, Cuminum cyminum, turmeric and curry characteristic to a great extent in dishes along with rich ingredients such as yogurt and chili. The best manner to depict Indian dishes is luxuriant, fragrant and hot. The cooking behaviour of Indians has impact Malay and Chinese ethnic in their diet and dishes excessively. They start to larn to eat the spicy nutrient and now, most of them are adept in eating spicy nutrient such as mouton curry and tandoori poulet.

For position of garb, henna is a type of organic structure art in Indian civilization. It is used in making modern-day designs and alien forms on assorted parts of the organic structure. For the particular ceremonials such as nuptials, henna is traditionally applied to the custodies and pess of adult females to heighten their beauty. It is wholly natural and painless. Nowadays, henna is the modern design among the Malay and Chinese cultural which applied as a portion of their manner and tendency every bit good the accoutrements to custodies or pess.

Besides that, Indian civilization will besides act upon Malay and Chinese consumers in behaviour of purchasing gold. Indian is the 1 of the largest sum of the client in buying gold among the states. The attitude of Indians have oning the gold as one portion of their accoutrements has besides influence Malay and Chinese consumers to purchase the gilded jewellery. However, they will besides purchase the gold to adorn their house and room. Besides that, another intent the Chinese purchasing the gold is to resell it to acquire the net income.

The cultural values of the cultural in Malaysia non merely merely impact their ain community but besides influence each other in purchasing behaviour. Most of the influences can look at the position of eating behaviour, costume, festival usage and their life life style. Although Malaysia consists different cultural values but every ethnic is willing to larn about it. They can digest decently in their day-to-day life styles until now.


In decision, cultural value is made up of thoughts, attitudes and rules which are inherited by members of a society. In another manus, civilization is the basic beliefs and values that handed down from one coevals to another coevals. Peoples in every society hold a alone civilization and cultural value. Each of the civilization and cultural value influences the consumers in their ingestion forms and attitudes toward the market.

Malaysia is a multi-racial state with the three largest cultural groups of Malay, Chinese and Indian. Each cultural group has its ain cultural value. For illustration, the Malay civilization emphasizes on the values of pragmatism and quality consciousness and concentrate on high quality merchandises ; Chinese civilization emphasizes on the value of 'face ' and 'public repute ' , health-oriented merchandises and the construct of 'feng shui ' ; Indian civilization emphasizes on the value of traditional, family-oriented and categorization among them. All of these cultural values act upon their ingestion form.

Besides that, the cultural value of every cultural groups in Malaysia besides impacting other cultural groups in their buying behaviour. They portion their cultural value with each other and each group is besides willing to accept it and pattern it in their day-to-day life particularly in the buying determination.

Cultural values impacting Malayan consumers regardless it is impacting the members in the same cultural group or other cultural groups. Due to the fact, this is the alone characteristic of Malaysia compared to other state. Even though there are many civilizations in Malaysia, the cultural still can populate harmoniousness sing the tolerance of each other.

Besides that, the cultural value of every cultural groups in Malaysia besides impacting other cultural groups in their buying behaviour. They portion their cultural value with each other and each group is besides willing to accept it and pattern it in their day-to-day life particularly in the buying determination. Cultural values impacting Malayan consumers regardless it is impacting the members in the same cultural group or other cultural groups. Due to the fact, this is the alone characteristic of Malaysia compared to other state. Even though there are many civilizations in Malaysia, the cultural still can populate harmoniousness sing the tolerance of each othe

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