Honda Malaysia

In this Honda analysis, we have explained about Honda internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external environment (opportunities and threats) as above. Honda is a successful automobile company in this industry. Honda can improve their strengths to compete with competitor and new entrants, Honda should implements differentiation strategy in their products and services. Differentiation strategy defines as the integrated set of actions taken to produce goods and services that customers perceive as being different in ways that are important for them (Das and Joshi, 2006).

Honda can specialise their product brands, design, technology, features, dealers, and network or customers services. Furthermore, it also can earn above average returns in a specific business as customers are less sensitive to price when they are loyal to your company brand. Honda can improve their brands positioning (strengths) and increase demand for hybrid car and electric vehicles products (opportunities). Honda Motor with strong brand image along with unique product differentiation strategy has been able to create demand for its products and the sales can increase through entire value chain (Hero Honda Motors Ltd 2008).

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With this strong image, Honda Company can use better technology to create different products compared to their competitors. For example, Honda manufactures hybrid cars which are fuel efficiency, do not emit much carbon dioxide, uses environmental friendly material and the price of hybrid cars are affordable. This is Honda Company’s strength or competitive advantage towards their competitors. Furthermore, Honda Company has the resources and capabilities to create better design or unique product to satisfy customers with acceptable price (win-win situation).

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Also, with its strengths, Honda Company differs from other automobile manufacturers as Honda produces hybrid car with a reasonable price. For example, Hero Honda Motors has seized the market of motorcycles in India by offering an affordable, fuel saving with 4-stroke engine, 100cc motorcycles. Hero Honda Motors is offering superior product with inexpensive price and good customer service. This differentiation strategy makes them to be successful dominant market leader with over 50% of market share and ahead of their competitors such as TVS-Suzuki (Hero Honda: Is It Honda That Made It A

Hero? http://www. oppapers. com/essays/Hero-Honda-Honda-Made-Hero/129504). Furthermore, Honda Company has a good image and reputation in the automobile industry and customers are confident with Honda company products and services given. For example, Honda always improves their weakness through the customer’s feedback about their products. Honda’s design alters in a certain period and can satisfy customer’s preferences. Honda differentiates its products through their innovative design compare to Volkswagen and so on.

Besides that, Honda Company can implement differentiate strategy to improve threaten such as. TOWS Matrix Strengths/ Opportunities (SO) It impacts how the strengths can be used to take advantage of opportunities (Jain n. d). Honda Motors has a good reputable brand name and strong innovation in research and development for theirs products. For example, positive image of Honda Company can help it to increase its sales in rural and town areas due to the growth of road network.

Besides that, Honda Company can manufacture the fuel efficient vehicles with low cost and produces more hybrid vehicle models to attract existing and potential customers. Weaknesses/Opportunities (WO) It is how the Honda company to overcome their weaknesses to take advantage of their opportunities (Jain n. d). Honda Company can bring more new technologies with new model to the market. For example, Hero Honda has developed several advanced technologies in their product such as 4-stroke engines and less emissions of carbon dioxide (Hero Honda: Is It Honda That Made It A Hero? ttp://www. oppapers. com/essays/Hero-Honda-Honda-Made-Hero/129504). Honda Company should recruit more professional engineers and researchers in research and development to design new and unique products. This can make Honda Motors to bring out new age design to cut down their competitors. It can attract young generation to purchase their products. Strengths/Threats (ST) It implies how the Honda company strengths can be used to overcome threats (Jain n. d). Honda Company has diversified their operations in Asian market and European market too.

So that, they have more markets in the world and compete with foreign companies. Honda Company has fulfilled the government policies’ requirements when they produce or export their cars to the certain countries. Honda has improved their emission standard and preserves the environment from pollution. For example, Honda has produced hybrid cars that can fulfill these requirements such as fuel efficient, do not have much emission, using environmental friendly resources and more. Weaknesses/Threats (WT) It implies how Honda Company overcomes their weaknesses to avoid threats (Jain n. ). Honda Company should employ more qualified employees to produce their products. For example, in America, Honda has employed good designers and engineers to improve their commitment to higher standard at Ohio (Job Opportunities, 2010). This can ensure that at Ohio, Honda has less market competitors and save company capital and resources from wasting them. Honda management should give retirement benefits to those employees already reach the requirements because this can save company financial flow. |Strengths (S) |Weaknesses (W) | |Opportunities (O) |SO Strategies |WO Strategies | | |Honda company has a good reputable brands name. |Honda company should employ more professional | | |Honda company can use this opportunities to |engineers and designers to improve their | | sell off their products at rural areas and |products in technologies and able to compete | | |create more new products. |with foreign countries. | |Threats (T) |ST Strategies |WT Strategies | | |Honda has diversified their products over the |Employ better engineers and designers to save | | |world and follows the government sequences on |cost and time when producing new vehicles. | |emissions standard to import and export their |Retirements benefit only gives to those reach | | |vehicles to their countries. |the certain ages. | References Job Opportunities. 2010. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. http://www. hondaresearch. com/jobs. cfm. (accessed 1 May 2010). Jain,A. , A,L. Ipe. , A,Nautiyal. , Garima, I,Singh. , K,Singhal. , R,Jain and S. Bhatia. n. d. Final Project on Honda Siel. http://www. scribd. com/doc/20244703/Final-Project-on-Honda-Siel. accessed 30 April 2010). Hero Honda: Is It Honda That Made It A Hero?. n. d. OPPapers. com. http://www. oppapers. com/essays/Hero-Honda-Honda-Made-Hero/129504. (accessed 1 May 2010). Hero Honda Motors Ltd. 2008. Hem Research. http://myiris. com/shares/research/HSL/HERHONMO_20080426. pdf. (accessed 1 May 2010). Das,S. R. , and M,P. Joshi. 2006. Process Innovativeness in Technology Services Organisations: Roles of Differentiation Strategy, Operational Autonomy and Risk-taking Propensity. http://www. sciencedirect. com. dbgw. lis. curtin. edu. au/science?. accessed 2 May 2010). http://myiris. com/shares/research/HSL/HERHONMO_20080426. pdf http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Porter_generic_strategies http://www. oppapers. com/essays/Hero-Honda-Honda-Made-Hero/129504 http://wwhttp://www. oppapers. com/essays/Hero-Honda-Case/291363w. scribd. com/doc/19776510/Differentiation-Strategy tows http://www. shahzadtc. com/pdf/SWOTTOWS. pdf http://www. scribd. com/doc/20244703/Final-Project-on-Honda-Siel http://www. scribd. com/doc/18829715/Managmen-Perspective-on-hero-honda-and-bajaj-Report http://www. hondaresearch. com/jobs. cfm

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